Content Writing Services Only Resort To Revive Dying Online Businesses?

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Covid19 has made it very clear not just for India, rather for other countries also that the need is to think about options. Possibilities to do business effectively, revive dying business and for that Content Writing Services are Must. Here’s Why:

  • Promotion in the form of hoardings, pamphlets won’t work
  • Online Promotion is important but people don’t want ads
  • You just can’t market yourself when world is tensed about life
  • Calling is the worst form of promotion now
  • Marketing mails are forced in spams immediately
  • With less funds, offline promotion may kill business
  • Social Media too is trending with off topics
  • With little or no staff, SEO is not at all helpful
  • Digital Marketing Services may prove to be expensive for dying business
  • People are not interested in promotion, rather keen for survival
Online Promotion Vs Offline Promotion

Why Online Promotion is preferred over Offline promotion?

Why Content Writing Services Are Considered Important For Online Promotion?

Why To Promote Online Business With Content Writing Services Infographic - ThoughtfulMinds


Today, psychological problems, depression and fear has brought a number of changes in human behavior. It is evident not just in Covid 19 worst affected USA or Italy or Belgium but India and other countries too like Australia or Spain etc. Depression is growing and that’s the reason if you call or write mail promoting your product or service, it gives a prompt reaction of ‘Get Lost’.

Under such situation, only content writing services can do wonders. Yes, you can write about the problems and suggest solutions to ease situation. World is not coming to an end and this has to be focused in every promotional article you write. The phrase ‘promotional article’ is itself a wrong phrase but it is used here to explain we are talking about articles that you are using for informing people about your product or service.

What Kind Of Article Writing Service Is Needed?

Article Readers Worldwide Stats

Articles or better White Papers are now required suggesting solutions to ease tension. The dying businesses need to make a fresh start by  at least working on bringing a website up in SERP ( Search Engine Result Pages). This requires professional article writing services with a new mindset. The article writer must know, how to write, for whom to write and how effectively promotion can be done without hurting feelings.

  • Articles must be informative
  • Marketing pitch should not be there
  • Articles must contain problem and solution
  • Price must be mentioned with products or services
  • Aggressive marketing pitch has to be strictly avoided

Why Whitepapers Are Important?

White Paper Vs Case Studies

White Papers are considered very important for medium and big organizations where a case study is considered helpful for highlighting a problem and solution. Whitepapers are preferred choice for marketers, researchers, business analysts, strategists and those working on solutions for any problem. Therefore, Whitepapers must be offered by organizations to bring traffic, put their business upfront and bring the website or online business up in ranking. If you wish to know how whitepapers are written or Do Whitepapers work then you may ask for a whitepaper writing service and this is going to solve your problem.

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Which Companies Require Online Presence And Promotion?

Infographic on Companies that require online promotion

Ways To Promote Online Business With Content Writing Services Infographics - ThoughtfulMinds

Almost all companies now require not just an online presence rather a good online presence. Physical businesses who don’t have a website, must have a website. The need today is not of growth rather survival. Coronavirus fear has made it very clear that we need to think of alternatives to survive amidst unfavorable consequences. IT sector is the only sector that is able to anyhow work, for the simple reason the infrastructure was developed quite a long before.

Here’s a blog on the list of companies that require a website and effective online promotion during Covid 19 lockdown and afterwards. The blog with the link shared above contains all information about industries that require online promotion not only at this time, rather in the future too. The industries include Educational Institutions, Real Estate Sector, FMCG Products, IT Companies, Consultancy Services, Repair Services, Pharmaceutical Companies, Clothing and Textile Business, Grocery and Electronic goods. It is important to add name of Automobile Sector and Insurance as well.

Why Affiliate Marketing Is Must For Every Individual?


Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has given a statement that now we need to be self independent. It applies not just for organizations to emphasize on more exports than imports rather individuals as well. Yes, today when every sector is fearing job loss not just in India, rather USA, Germany, Australia, Spain and other countries its more important for individuals to focus on self employment. Yes, there are a number of options that most of the individuals can do. One such option is to get an affiliate marketing website and start promoting sales to get affiliate commission. Though it may sound an option with little or less returns, but here you are totally wrong. It is possible to earn huge commission, if your affiliate website is bringing good amount of traffic and sale.

Here’s A Blog That Show Why Affiliate, Content Writing Services Are On Boom Amid Covid19

What all you need for starting an Affiliate blog?

  • A good website
  • Impressive content for affiliate website
  • Right information of high commission earning products
  • Good online presence
  • Promotion of your affiliate blog
  • Regular Blogs to promote your affiliate website

Infographic Showing Essentials For Starting An Affiliate Marketing Blog

Infographic on affiliate marketing

Thus anyone can start an affiliate blog and you can get all kind of affiliate marketing guidance here including affiliate content, information on products with highest affiliate commission etc.

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For those residing in countries in USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand etc there are other good options other than affiliate marketing. For instance you can work as a content writer and earn real good money while sitting peacefully at your place.

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How To Promote Your Business Using Content Writing Services?

For promoting your online business, you need to have regular blogs, infographic, videos and sharing on social media platforms. However, you must write or get professional content writing services or blogs for promoting your online businesses. It is only professional content writers from experienced content writing agency, who are well versed in writing articles that are of great value to the readers. If the content is informative and carries value, it is able to attract immediate attention and this is what required, at this point of time.

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