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    Admission Essay Help Skyrocketing your Ambitions to Enter the Best Universities of the World

    If you are aspiring to play in the big leagues, then you are required to plan out things very tactfully in advance. Allow our top academic writers to perform the role of admission essayists and ignite your wingspan to soar higher. Aspire the fulfilment of all your career goals with us and dare to dream big!

    The stages and yardsticks set to prove the admission eligibility have their own share of conundrums. Most of the students even fail to understand where to begin with! The admissions circle requires you to surpass numerous rounds and the preparations for all these rounds are required to be kickstarted well in advance. Some of the conventional rounds for admission in premier colleges and universities across the world include eligibility test cum entrance exam, statement of purpose (SOP), and not to mention, the final interview round.

    Meanwhile, we can prepare strategically for the entrance test as well as the personal interview round as per the traditionally set pattern. But it is the admissions essay writing (also termed as SOP) that comes as a surprise! We cannot prepare a long-term strategy or act tactfully for the same, as the evaluator sitting in the admissions office demands honesty and transparency in whatever we are penning down in one to one-and-half page draft. And trust us, these admissions officers do carry enormous expertise to smell the truth from fiction.

    Why Admission Essay Round is a Game-changer for any Student Aspirant?

    The college application essay is as good as it is done. When we compare the admission essay round with other rounds of the selection process, then we would find that it is the sole chance to influence an admissions officer by sitting thousands of miles away from his or her office. It would give him or her the chance to peek into you to realise the kind of human being you are before shortlisting you for the final round of face-to-face interview. Now, the ball is in your court! You have been given a shot to prove yourself how your experiences, knowledge, surroundings, socio-economic and cultural backdrop made you a person deserving a seat at their campus.

    Here, the admission essay help offered by a trusted essay writing agency can turn the table in your favour! The writers of a professional admissions help agency know the right chords to pull to positively influence an admissions officer right away! Momentarily, we are talking about the veterans of the academic writing industry credited with the successful writing of thousands of admissions essays till date. Their sweat and pain is the reason behind thousands of smiling faces realising their aspirations of stepping the foot inside their dream campuses.

    Your admission essay work is primarily evaluated on two principal criteria. What you are writing and how you are writing. That is the point where the admission essay writing services from the experts can help your submission get the attention it deserves. Trusting the services of a professional essay writing agency will not only make sure that all the assignment guidelines are met with perfection, but also submit the final work well within the deadline.

    The best part of hiring the services of the experts is that they add value with each word that they pen down right from the beginning till the end. They never beat around the bush and get to the main task right from the word one. They deal with all the serious questions for which the admissions officer would like to see a positive and pertinent answer on the paper.

    Admission Essay Help

    For example -

    •    What is the life changing experience of your life that transformed you into the person you currently are?
    •    What are the key characteristics and values your presence would add to the campus?
    •    Why admission to this college or university is important for you and how would you contribute to the society once you pass out of the campus?
    •    How your qualities as a person and the degree that you choose to pursue would make you an asset as an alumnus of the campus?
    •    What will be your role in the melting pot of students from diverse cultures, religions, races, languages, and ethnicities?

    A professional admission essayist will make sure that the answers provided for all these questions would carry enough weight to get you over the line.

    The Application Process and How Thoughtful Minds Can Help you in that?

    There is not a universal formula of making your admission essay a sure shot to success. But enough amount of groundwork is extremely critical to enhance the chances of building a better impression once the envelop is pulled and your application is unfolded.

    The in-house admissions writers at Thoughtful Minds prepare the essay help after thoroughly understanding the admissions policy of the university or college you are applying. For that, our research team conducts plethora of investigation about all the information that they provide. It shall incorporate the information given on the website, discussion forums, and the legit experience shared by their alumni.

    It delivers the basic package of ideas to develop a framework of what the university culture and admission policies anticipate out of the aspirants. Later, it is the job of our writers to plan how smartly and eloquently they can amalgamate those qualities in the submitted draft on the behalf of the student.

    The Two Parts Featured in Admission Essay Process

    In the initial part of the essay, you are required to discuss about your academic success so far and how well it went in the high school. Admissions committees opt for a comprehensive approach while evaluating this segment of your essay work. It would include your academic performance and grades in the class, your social participation and volunteering experience, and what are the invaluable lessons you fetched out of your life. It helps the evaluator to know how sensitive and responsive you are to the events in your surroundings.

    Obviously, every reputed campus across the educational arena would like to pick smart, proactive, and meritorious students. That is the reason why, if you are still having a few months left in your junior years, it is never too late to start participating more to gain some additional points.

    The later part of the application deals with how it is presented and would feature the documents that we are enclosing. The first part displays your academic prowess, and the second part tells the university or college why you are eligible for admission to the campus. The enclosed documents might feature a single document reflecting SOP and application essay or attaching them as two separate papers. The composition of the documents is required to be done as per the guidelines put forth by the admissions office.

    We at Thoughtful Minds are committed to deliver you the best in business admission essay writing help. All you are required to do is give us your inquiry, make 100% payment in advance as per the service policy, and meticulously dispatch all the instructions on our service portal and get the job done with absolute peace of mind!

    Attending to All your Service Needs Step-by-Step

    Let us look at the process of admission essay step-by-step right from researching to submission below -

    Step I: Once the service representative at Thoughtful Minds accepts the order, all the instructions and 100% payment are required to be made in advance. Our researchers explore the university website, and their admissions specifications are verified. If we have a native essay writer who have successfully submitted the essay of the same university in the past, then the task is assigned to him or her.

    Step II: When all the requirements associated with the research wing are fulfilled, our in-house online essay writer will sit down calmly, borrow a piece of paper, and draw a mind map for the given job. A brainstorming session is conducted by him or her and he or she will never hesitate to pen down even the most ridiculous idea crossing the mind for once. The paper would then assimilate at least 20-30 such ideas and the writer would dare to delve against all the boring and ludicrous ideas to dig deeper and find the real gold.

    Step III: As soon as the mind map is ready, the framework of the essay is formulated as per the given SOP instructions. Then a detailed outline is created to help the writer to navigate seamlessly without getting lost either way!

    Step IV: Here, all the answers to the respective questions are delivered diplomatically and diligently. The sole objective of the writer will remain to convince the admissions officer that you are best of the best candidates rightfully deserving a seat in his or her campus. The writer will invest his or her lifelong expertise to turn the table in your favour.

    Step V: Once the writing part is addressed, the final essay draft is sent to the editing and proofreading departments, respectively. It is worth mentioning that our paid admission essay help would remain inclusive of all the services, including the editorial and proofreading work.

    So, even if you have a custom essay writing requirement, then also do not hesitate to get in touch with our service representative. You can reach our most courteous service staff via phone, SMS, email, or live chat!

    So, what are you waiting for? Fill out the order form and get ready for the most assured results now!

    Paving the Road for a Less Bumpy Ride to All Our Admission Aspirants

    One of the key secrets of writing a strong admission essay is to be the person you are. As an admission aspirant, no one can deny the fact that each one of us do feature our own merits and all we are required to do is link them to the prerequisites of the admission criteria. Introspect oneself and express the side that one’s audience would like to see and admire.

    The crisp editing and proofreading of the work are as critical as writing down the entire essay draft. When both these elements are dealt with professionally, then it overcome all the blunders associated with syntax, typos, punctuation, and grammatical errors. Of course, we put our sweat and pain to make our admissions essay worth reading, do not let a few silly mistakes ruin your chances. Always go for the most trusted online admission essay help of Thoughtful Minds with a formidable legacy of goodwill vouched by thousands of students worldwide.

    So, do not waste your precious time pondering about what to do next! Sit in the safety of your home amid Covid-19 pandemic and get a free quote from our representative now. The special offers for a limited time with special perks are waiting for you just a click away! So, register your request for our admission essay help and get your passport to some of the best college/ university campuses in the world that you always dream and deserve.


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