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    No one can deny the fact that pricing strategy is one of the most crucial components of the marketing mix of any company or enterprise. The submission of the right assignments is decisive for the students to get hired in corporations at the most reputed designations in the departments dedicated to the formation of marketing and pricing strategy.

    When you are pursuing a career in the field of marketing and business management from a reputed b-school or university, then they are assigned with several pricing strategies tasks to deal with. These pricing strategy assignments when submitted professionally would built the very foundation necessary to formulate the brand service or product pricing in the most competitive marketing environment.

    It is a fact that a pricing strategy assignment can easily turn out to become a hectic and daunting task. To determine the correct price as per the surrounding, it is imperative to have strong analytical abilities to precisely comprehend the issue as well as the principles that are responsible for governing price determination. As most of our writers are former academicians with absolute clarity of the concept, they can deliver you pricing strategy assignment help based not upon hypothesis but pertinent and concrete information and figures. All the necessary calculations are taken into account to determine the right pricing strategy based upon constant market research.

    It is always recommended that you opt for pricing strategy assignment writing services from an agency that has maintained a solid reputation for ages. Thoughtful Minds is one such agency offering premium assignment writing service at the most competitive, student-friendly rates ever. We offer the services of the distinguished writer who never skimp on the standards of the content submitted and delivered students crisply polished, thoroughly researched, and pertinently organized assignments with each and every order. Our service and support representatives are always there to assist you out whenever you face trouble with your assignment homework tasks.

    What is Pricing Strategy All About?

    This strategy is one of the crucial elements of marketing mix, as a technique of promoting the goods and services in a competitive market arena. It is one of the most decisive strategic tools meant for product placement and indeed has the potential to impact other components of the marketing mix. The pricing tactics of an enterprise or an organization are based upon numerous circumstances and goals. The key goal of the provided pricing strategy is to produce significant profits.

    However, the pricing strategy may vary or depends upon the entry of a competitor in the market. In case the competitor is offering the same service or product at a lower price, then it is the high time to bring your pricing strategies in order to bring your existing and potential customers under check. At the time when you are entering into a new market, the pricing strategy would be a totally different game and get heavily influenced by the tactics that are being implemented by the market rivals to fetch a decisive market share for themselves. An enterprise or a company ought to decide the pricing by taking into consideration all the associated expenses and resources.

    Pricing Strategy Assignment Help

    The strategy to determine the price cannot be a fluke, and has to be based upon the knowledge base to realize the problem and opt for the right mechanism to determine the prices. As we employ the services of the writers who have been the former professors of business administration, marketing and economics, they always are well-versed in all the necessary calculations that are necessarily listed in the assignment guidelines.

    We employ our own fully updated knowledge bank to fetch the timely upgrades and assiduously cross-checked from authentic sources to leave no scope for contradiction or dispute in the final submission. The precise pricing plan is indispensable for the generation of strong profitability, as an enterprise or a company cannot set the prices of goods so low that it unable to churn good profits. Nevertheless, if an enterprise or a company does not feature a robust brand value, then it would not be feasible for it to set the price for its goods and services too high.

    The market penetrative pricing strategies are integrated to the assignment writing of our agency in the following ways -

    •    Penetration Pricing Assignment Help: The term ‘penetration pricing strategy’ denotes the plan of an enterprise or a company to introduce a new product or service to the market. The price of the product or service is maintained cheap at the initial phase of its launch to draw in the customers. Once a significant traction in the market is gained, the producer or manufacturer can increase the price of the service or product.
    •    Competition Pricing Assignment Help: The pricing which is based upon the competition is determined by the prices that have been set by the market rivals. For the individuals dealing in identical products or services, this tactic can turn out to be extremely productive. When it comes to competitive pricing, then an enterprise or a company would decide the price after the comparison of the product or service is made with comparable products or services.
    •    Cost-based Pricing Assignment Help: Here, an enterprise or a company primarily utilizes a pricing approach where they base the pricing decisions on the grounds of the entire cost involved in the product or service. The total cost of the product or service is associated with all the expenditure related to manufacturing, advertising and delivery of the final goods or services. The maker would establish a cost, and then set up a margin above the same to sell it on a profit. For the businesses that do not wish to complicate the pricing strategy, a cost-based pricing strategy could turn out to be a prudent approach.
    •    Product Line Pricing Assignment Help: Manufacturers who create multiple products and trade them to employ the product line pricing approach. In that case, the manufacturer applies a product line pricing approach to boost sales and revenue by positioning different products as complimentary to one another.
    •    Limit Pricing Assignment Help: Limit pricing is a market strategy where the pricing is set by the incumbent firm to inhibit or deter the entry or expansion of the fringe firms. The limit pricing is below the short-run profit-maximizing strategy but above the competitive level.
    •    Absorption Pricing Assignment Help: Absorption pricing is a form of pricing strategy which is also termed as full costing. It entails on capturing the variable cost and fixed costs related with building a specific cost per unit of the concerned product or service. Alike other strategies, absorption pricing is simply directed towards determining the cost effectiveness to ensure a good, decisive profit margin.
    •    Premium Pricing Assignment: Premium pricing, which is also termed as image pricing or prestige pricing is basically the practice of quoting and keeping the price of one of the services or products artificially high so as to encourage favorable perceptions among the buyers, based solely upon the price. It creates an impression that high price is synonymous to the luxury goods of high quality. Higher prices denote higher profit margins that would eventually result in yielding higher profits.
    •    Marginal Cost Pricing Assignment Help: In the language of economics, the practice of setting up a price of a service or product to equate the additional cost of producing an additional unit of output. As per this policy, the producer would charge for each and every product unit sold, only the addition to the total cost resulting out of the materials and the direct labor involved.
    •    Dynamic Pricing Assignment Help: It is the pricing strategy to determine the price of a flexible service or good. With the help of dynamic pricing, a business enterprise that sells services or products can alter the prices in response to the consumer demand. If you are attaining assignments related to one such question or topic, then we can offer you the services of pricing strategy assignment writers dedicated to the specialized understanding of dynamic pricing.

    Whether you are looking for essay help, case study help, coursework help, dissertation help, thesis help, pricing strategy report writing help, research paper writing help, or PowerPoint (PPT) presentation help, Thoughtful Minds can help you with diverse assignment writing format. In case you are seeking expert help to customize your pricing strategy assignment order with certain unique sets of instructions then that too can be accomplished well within the deadline.

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    Why Hire Online Pricing Strategy Assignment Help from Thoughtful Minds?

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