All Eyes on Me Part II: A Guide to Special Occasion Speech Types with Examples

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Welcome back! As you have reached the second part of our online guide to special occasion speech, it is anticipated that you have went in detail through the first part of the series. We as a professional speech assignment help company are morally committed to end this special series on a high note. Earlier, we discussed about the categories of special occasion speech and what are the dos and don’ts that we are required to take care while preparing for the same. We also threw light over the preparation of a to-do checklist so that nothing important shall be overlooked at the crucial juncture. Last but not the least, how we can help present an excellent speech with the help of our speech writing services.

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    Now here, we are going to delve down further into our special occasion speech guide tirelessly prepared by our experts and discuss the speech types along with detailed examples. By the end of this piece of writing, we will understand how to write both detailed and short special occasion speeches with pertinent examples. Thereafter, we will have a crystal clear idea about how to prepare the speech for the special occasion with perfection. So, let us begin by….

    All Eyes on Me Part II A Guide to Special Occasion Speech Types with Examples - TMWS

    Understanding the Forms of Special Occasion Speeches

    There are moments in our lives where we have to mark our presence and partake in the gatherings to cherish the special moments. There is always a possibility that we have to say something about the person or the occasion in honor. However, to deliver an outstanding speech, it is pivotal to understand the purpose. You cannot provide a presentation speech at an event arranged to lament the loss of someone dear. Therefore, it is essential to realize the significance of the types of special occasion speeches and the art of delivering the same.

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    Speeches of Introduction

    A presentation speech is generally a brief speech conducted by the host of the dedicated event. It is meant to introduce the speakers and their respective speeches. In absence of a strong speech regarding introduction, the respective audience would not be interested to listen to the speech of the guest person. So simply like any other speech, here the speaker ought to be prepared with an initial speech clubbed with an introduction, a body, and a conclusion within two minutes of speaking time. It would highlight the background of the speaker, the context of the delivered speech, the concerned event, and not to mention, the audience itself.

    A hook is indeed necessary to make the audience interested in terms of listening to the speaker as well as getting engaged in terms of the context. The body of the introductory speech should prominently highlight why the speaker is the perfect person to deliver the speech and why audience should listen to the same. In the conclusive section of the speech, we can provide cue to the audience to together join in while welcoming the speaker.

    If we are someone who is getting introduced, we can quote something like,

    “Thank you for your gracious words.”

    “I am truly humbled by such a warm welcome.”

    “I am really grateful to your welcome to such a grand event. I am feeling indebted to become the part of the same.”

    To cut an instance of awkwardness, we can add a pinch to humor to break the ice right away! For instance, “Well, the introduction was truly heartwarming. However, only by the end of the speech, I realized that it was about me…”.

    The art of sentence framing is as important as the words that we choose for our special occasion speech. Read the below article to learn the art of sentence framing to make your speech more powerful.

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    Speeches of Presentation

    A speech of presentation is yet another common form of special occasion speech. One such speech is delivered while bestowing an honor or an award. There are times when speeches of presentation are really simple, for instance like “The Employee of the Year award goes to Diana Johns.” Or rather, the speech presenter could elaborate why the specific nominee deserves the award.

    The prima facie objective of the speeches of presentation is meant to elaborate the meaning of the bestowed award and the reason why the recipient deserves the same. Additionally, it should emphasize on the significance of the title and why it had been introduced. While mentioning the individual coveted with the award, his/ her work ethics and special attributes, how the entire process had been carried out, etc.

    Speeches of Acceptance

    As per the definition of the acceptance speech, this sort of speech does compliment the speeches of presentation. The acceptance speech denotes that it has been delivered by the recipient of an award. The speech of acceptance incorporates three key components-

    • Expressing gratitude towards the one offering the award
    • Expressing gratitude towards the groups and individuals who helped in achieving the goal
    • Completely focus on the award or the honor

    Let us have a glimpse of an acceptance speech meant for a leadership position-

    I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the voters, my colleagues and my mentors to help me reach this team leading goal. Currently, I am feeling immensely honored, grateful and blessed for the new avenues of opportunities and express my resolute to deliver the absolute best at par with all the requirements and expectations of the new job role.”

    In case you are already informed about the fact that you are about to receive an award, it is always good to develop an acceptance speech outline. Even in case of a surprise, always be calm and react in a genuine manner. Accept the award with humility and tell the audience why it is an important milestone for you. Express a sincere gratitude towards all those who helped you throughout the journey to achieve the same.

    Speeches of Dedication

    This form of speech is dedicated to inauguration events, like opening a store, opening of a corporate building, completing a new library building, etc. Such speeches tend to highlight the inauguration of a project, especially highlighting the importance of a project, especially to all those related to the project. For instance, you inherited money from the family and wishes to open a public hospital in the name of your grandfather or father. Under such situations, you may be requested to deliver a speech of dedication.

    Commence such speeches by explaining your involvement with the cause and why you have chosen to tribute the same to your grandfather or father. Subsequently mention the names of all those involved with the project and the contribution made by them to fulfill the goal. Finally, end your dedication speech by emphasizing on the importance of the hospital for the community and the overall growth of the society.

    There are certain taboo words that can ruin your special occasion speech in no time. Read about them at the below article and prepare your writing smartly and cautiously. 

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    A toast is generally a form of special occasion speech delivered to congratulate, appreciate or to cherish the memory of someone. The speech is delivered to someone for the new job role, being bestowed with an award, or commencing a new journey such as a marriage. Toasts are also delivered to appreciate kind actions or remembering people for accomplishing something remarkable. Toasts are generally short and delivered during a festivity or an event. Always make sure that the whole focus is on the individual you are toasting and not yourself. Always maintain eye contact with the audience as well as the individual you are toasting. In case there are inside jokes, it is better to avoid them. Conclusion of the toast should be like, “Please raise the toast with me and wish Anna and Shane the best of luck for their journey ahead,” and courteously lift your glass. The act will give the cue to others to follow and drink up for their happy and good health.

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    Roasts are a funny way to take a dig at someone without serious insults or allegations. It is a kind of humorous tribute to an individual or entity with praises and goodhearted insults simultaneously. Roasting shows are common in the United States, where the hosts invite renowned personalities to roast themselves, friends, colleagues or relatives. Well, how to write a roast? First of all, consider the individual you are planning to roast and pen down some of his/ her amusing habits. One can also share some interesting stories without divulging too many personal details. Always prefer to choose the jokes that the audiences are well aware of and they can relate and laugh about. Finally, conclude the roast on a positive note as a mark of care and appreciation for the roastee.


    Eulogies are the special occasion speeches that are delivered in the honor of the deceased. Even though we are rarely asked to deliver a eulogy, it is essential to be familiar about how to ink a compelling eulogy for the departed soul. Here, more than getting the attention of the gathering, it is pivotal to respect the emotions of the friends and relatives. To make a personalized speech, gather as much information as possible. Talk to everyone close to the departed individual to get more information. One can always mention one or two lighthearted jokes to lighten the atmosphere but they should always be in praise and shall never dent the dignity of the deceased individual or his or her relatives. Eulogy should always be like telling a story and it should reflect the fact that how the deceased person shall always be missed. The more personal the eulogy would be, the more friends and family members would appreciate the same and cherish the memory of the beloved one.


    Using praises and compliments in a speech can help boost the morale of someone. It would also improve the state of mind as well as the work efficiency and productivity. Not to mention, it develops strong rapport and enhances the status in the present situation. However, the application of the correct vocabulary is pivotal while praising or delivering the speeches of compliments. In case you are keen to bring smile on the face of someone, the appreciation can be shown in the following ways-

    “Great job!”

    “You are fabulous!”

    “Your hard work is noted and appreciated!”


    “That is a phenomenal work!”

    “Well done!”


    A lament speech is delivered to express sorrow or regret. Such addresses normally focus on the regrets harbored by an individual for failing to do something or suffering endured over losing someone. Following are some of the key examples-

    • The audience listened to the lament of the speaker over his lost lover
    • Engulfed by pain and lament, his last letter brought her to her knees
    • The Mayor is bothered by the lament of the public over his new social policies

    While speaking about the lament and grief, please acknowledge the challenges and emotions of the audience to successfully endure and overcome the tiring times. One can always talk about something that you would not be able to do to express your lament, for instance, “Now that Rocky is gone, no one would find half-chewed slippers scattered across the house anymore.

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    A console speech is meant to comfort and support someone amid the period of grief. The phase of losing someone near and dear comes with an unbearable anguish and pain. But while giving a eulogy speech, your focus should always be on consoling and comforting the audience. Always plan to end your console speech on a positive note and never hesitate to reassure that the deceased individual would live forever through the legacy and memories that he or she has left behind. Here is what a consoling line would appear like:

    “Martha is now with the Divine entity and looking down from heaven with utmost love and affection.”

    “We all may miss Martha’s presence deeply, but let us reassure that she will never be forgotten. Her never-ending fight for the community is an inspiration for us to love one another and we shall never let it go in vain.”

    Speeches of Farewell

    A farewell speech is an act to bid goodbye while moving from one phase of life to another. It could be leaving the college campus after the graduation or leaving an old job to join the new one. Such transitions usually result in farewell speeches. The following are certain factors that one needs to take into account amid the preparation of a farewell speech-

    Such transitions often lead to farewell speeches. Hence, consider these factors while preparing a farewell speech:

    • Thank each and every individual involved in the journey and tell them know how grateful you are for their esteemed support.
    • Mention your experience with the core team as well as the organization and how the entire experience transformed you into a better human being.
    • Always prefer to conclude the speech on a high note.

    For instance: Nick concludes his farewell speech by quoting, “The time has arrived to wish you all well and get set to voyage into new endeavors.”

    Examples of Short Special Occasion Speeches

    One of the easiest ways to develop special occasion speech is to consistently practice writing dummy speeches. Here we are going to provide you the examples of special occasion speeches and how to mould the writing style as per different occasions and get a better insight about the basic format and style of writing.

    Example of Tribute Speech

    “As the life goes on, there arrives a time when I would not feel the pain of forever losing you sooner than anyone could imagine. I may grow up in strength and look at the time that we spent together and smile at the memories that I have. Until then, let me find comfort in our son, Alan. Anything that comfort me at this moment is that I have someone really special who looks just like his mother, loving and caring, ready to live his life to the fullest.

    Example of Speaker Introduction Speech

    “Hello, our esteemed audience! It is a matter of immense pleasure for me to introduce you to our distinguished speaker for the evening, Mr. John Hopkins. He is one of the most respected marketing gurus and here would share his insight on the ins and outs of forming formidable marketing strategies.”

    Example of Birthday Speech

    “It is a matter of immense joy and happiness to have all of your presence to celebrate my birthday. I am really feeling blessed and lucky enough to have an abundance of well wishers standing next to me. I am truly indebted to my family, colleagues and friends for always watching my back during this rocky and bumpy ride called life. I will surely not be where I am without you guys, so, love, support and prayers.”

    Example of Award Acceptance Speech

    “I am feeling extremely humble and honored to be bestowed with the coveted Best Employee of the Year Award. I am truly obliged to each and everyone who helped me reach here. I promise you that this award will be the driving force to propel me harder to achieve bigger aims.”

    Example of Farewell Speech

    “Working here was not merely about honing my expertise but availing an experience of a lifetime. Apart from a bucket full of professional skills, I am leaving this place with plethora of fond memories associated with my colleagues and coworkers, who are now indeed become my extended family. Stay tuned with me, as we have a lot of catching to do beyond these concrete walls. I am extremely indebted to your thoughtful gesture, and wish you all the best life has to offer!”

    Example of Graduation Speech

    “To my parents, teachers and friends and all those who have helped me get here, thanks a ton for everything that you have done for me. I certainly not be standing here if it was not for you. I am extremely grateful, honored and humbled by your support at each and every step to reach this milestone. It was only because of your dedication and the efforts to groom me that I eventually transformed to become the best version of myself.”

    Example of Motivational Speech

    Here, one can take the example of one of the finest motivational speeches ever delivered by Charlie Chaplin in the movie “The Great Dictator”. What is important about this speech (as well as the movie) is that Charlie motivates the viewers to break the traditional norms of the society and do something that they actually wish to do with their future. Besides, he urges the viewers to never give up on their dreams. One should never give in to what the others have opinion about it or how would the others feel or act about it. To quote one of the famous dialogues in the movie:

    “You, are the people, you have the power to make up this life free and beautiful, and to make up this life a truly wonderful adventure.”: – The Great Dictator

    Our special occasion speech also sometimes comes along with PowerPoint presentation to create more of an impact. Learn some of the smartest tricks of creating a powerful PPT presentation only at the below link and increase the impact of your speech tenfold.

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    What Did We Learn?

    In this second and final part of the guide to special occasion speech, we have covered nearly all types of occasion speeches. We have also elaborated their way of writing with examples for a better insight and understanding. So whenever the next instance of appearing in front of a public to deliver a special occasion speech, we hope that you will find yourself ready enough to make a monumental impact. But here, the major bulwark is that you have to tirelessly practice to hone your speech writing skills. Does most of us have that much amount of time in our daily lives? Surely not! Then what is the most prudent solution? Well, let the most professional experts bear the responsibility on their shoulder and pen down an influential and inspirational speech for you to orate or recite on the special occasion.

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