Unique Gender Essay Topics for Students for the Year 2023

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It is an undeniable fact that despite being nearly half of the global population, women continue to endlessly struggle due to lack of proper representation and opportunities. To fight against the gender based discrimination, proper awareness is created right from the college and university level by including gender essay topics in the curriculum program.

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    The students who frequently seek our assignment help complain that they struggle to frame good gender essay topics for effective research, writing and submission. That is why, we have prepared the list of the following unique gender essay assignment topics on which you can write and submit to find awareness against discrimination still prevalent in the 21st century.

    Unique Gender Essay Topics for Students for the Year 2023 - ThoughtfulMinds


    A good number of students reach us requesting to prepare the well-researched topics on various subjects. One of the most frequent requests that pops on our message box is related to unique gender essay topics. If you are searching for a relevant topic to write an argumentative essay on gender equality, then you are indeed at the right place.

    Well, before coming to that, let us understand what gender equality is all about in a layman’s point of view. Gender equality is arguably more than a mere right. It aspires for an ethical foundation of the modern society, where the citizens can avail equal opportunities, rights and resources irrespective of gender, class or creed. These fundamental rights can revolve around educational options, employment opportunities and political representation. It is not just about gender equality, and while researching for the questions it is pivotal to realize that both men and women are both victims of gender inequality!

    Yes, it is a multi-faceted issue which covers multiple aspects, such as wage gaps, health care access, gender roles, representation and bias in education opportunities.

    Trending Gender-Related Essay Topics for 2023

    Are you feeling confident about selecting your next assignment gender essay topic? If professors have not given you a custom-made list already, then the whole onus of hand-picking a unique essay topic lies over your shoulder.

    Does the task actually feel too overwhelming? Then you can pick one out of the list of gender essay topics prepared by our assignment writing services expert. The list focuses on some of the trending subjects across the world.

    Essay Topics on the Issues of Women

    1. Rights of women in the 1970s United States vs. rights of women in the 1990s India: A comparative study

    2. Analyze how the sex-selective abortion issue in rural Southeast Asia actually skewed the male-female sex ratio

    3. Love marriage v/s arranged marriage: A comparative study

    4. How does the gender discrimination with respect to wage gap impact the workplace motivation in the United States?

    5. Explore how the single-sex schools teach the female students to conform with respect to the age-old gender roles

    6. Discuss the instances of gender inequality faced by women in the field of broadcast journalism

    7. The history of women’s movements in the United Kingdom: A critical assessment

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    Essay Topics on Gender Inequality

    1. Discuss the policies introduced by international companies in the United States to combat gender inequality at the workplace?

    2. Analyze how the problem of gender inequality has been ingrained into the minds of educators

    3. Analyze the association between economic development and gender inequality in the African countries

    4. Higher education statistics on the role of gender discrimination in the participation of women in the United States and Iran: Compare and contrast

    5. Explore the struggles of women writers in early Victorian era in the efforts to get their manuscripts published

    6. What is the role of gender inequality in the staggering rate of violence against women?

    7. An assessment of the gender inequality in the military services globally

    Essay Topics on Social Gender

    1. What do you think are the fundamental reasons for the society to look down upon same-sex marriages?

    2. How do the advertising agencies reap benefits out of conventional gender norms to spread their social message?

    3. Explain how the women of color confront double discrimination on the basis of their gender and race

    4. Gender is merely a social concept: Do you agree or disagree?

    5. Assess the role of the social media in spreading the awareness regarding gender equality

    6. Assess how the society has gender-coded toys and colors for children

    7. The role of media in encouraging the gender violence?

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    Argumentative Essay Topics About Gender Roles

    1. Evaluate the evolution of gender roles with respect to contemporary society and culture

    2. Do you believe the family structure showcased in the sitcom ‘The Jeffersons’ conforms to the gender roles?

    3. Advertisements turning traditional gender roles in the society upside down to generate a shock value: Do you agree or disagree?

    4. Should companies offer more special benefits to single mothers to raise children?

    5. Is it really ethical to refuse down a position of high physical labor to a woman?

    6. A matriarchal society would lead to a better societal development in contrast to a patriarchal one: Comment

    7. Women do not enjoy the same rights as men irrespective of what the law actually promises on gender equality: Agree or disagree?

    Essay Topics on Gender Stereotypes

    1. The impact of gender stereotypes in schools and their long-term psychological damage on children?

    2. Women pursuing the field of STEM have to work harder in comparison to male counterparts to achieve recognition: Agree or disagree?

    3. Evaluate how Indian dramas about women empowerment actually fall back upon usual stereotypes

    4. How gender stereotypes are actually prevalent in the field of fashion industry?

    5. Write a critical assessment about how ‘The Hunger Games’ defies the gender stereotypes

    6. Explain how gender stereotypes actually lead to toxic relationships

    7. Explore how the educational institutions can actually nip gender stereotyping in the bud

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    Essay Topics on Interesting Gender Roles

    1. How do the movies of Marvel go beyond the societal gender roles while depicting female superheroes?

    2. Evaluate the psychological impact of the gender roles on the people who deemed as non-binary

    3. How do the stereotypical gender roles impact the mental growth and development of children?

    4. Assess the ambitions of parents’ for their children and how they revolve around the prescribed gender roles of the society

    5. How do the gender roles vary on the basis of the cultures around the globe?

    6. Study the role of our classic literature in perpetuating “damsel in distress” sort of stereotype

    7. Most of the “witches” who were burned to death after Salem Witch Trials did not conform to the established gender roles within the society: Elaborate

    Hardest Gender Equality Essay Topics

    1. Evaluate the relationship between gender equality and educational opportunities within the rural and urban setup of the United States

    2. What kind of policies should universities opt for to maintain gender equality across the campus?

    3. Men and women suffering from AIDS labeled differently in the society: Comment

    4. Study how the term ‘gender equality’ has actually evolved across the ages

    5. Evaluate the role played by literature in propagating an era of gender equality

    6. Analyze the primary reasons behind gender-based violence on women

    7. Why there is no equal opportunity for women in sports?

    Essay Topics on Women Rights

    1. Only women should have the right to say anything on anti-abortion laws: Comment and Elaborate

    2. How genital mutilation severely violate the individual rights of women?

    3. Critically evaluate the backdrop of the suffrage movement of women in the United States

    4. Explore the journey of the evolution of the rights of Muslim women in Saudi Arabia

    5. Analyze the link between the women’s education and the women’s rights

    6. Women’s rights in the 18th century v/s women’s rights in the 21st century: Compare and contrast

    7. How did the technological evolution impacted the rights of women across the globe?

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    Women’s Studies Topics on Gender Roles in Society

    1. How did the formation of gender roles in medieval Victorian society influenced the mental health of women?

    2. Critically evaluate the history of gender inequality and how it is reshaping the modern society

    3. How do gender, sex and society play their parts in dictating the gender roles?

    4. Discuss the gender aspects taken into account by the society while framing the gender roles?

    5. The seed of gender respect should be sown from the early childhood: Comment

    6. What are the aspects of gender roles in the Elizabethan society found identical to the modern Japanese gender stereotypes?

    7. How the gender roles in the society carry a negative influence over the upbringing of the new generations?

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    Essay Topics about Women’s Portrayal in the Media

    1. Explore the concept of gender sexuality in Bram Stoker’s novel ‘Dracula’

    2. Discuss how the media idealizes and portrays the concept of motherhood

    3. Analyze how the “ideal woman” portrayal of the media promotes body image issues in women

    4. The anticipation from women is absurd, and the media has a major role in propagating such unrealistic ideals: Comment whether agree or disagree?

    5. Stereotyping African women and what is the role of media in propagating such an image?

    6. Portrayal of women on the basis of skin color by the cosmetic brands

    7. Acid attack victims and the role of media in encouraging gender based crimes against women

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