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Covid 19 has opened doors for a number of online businesses. There are possibilities of putting more than 80% businesses online. See the list below to know which all businesses can go online. Also get known to the cheapest and the most effective ways to promote your online business.

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Online Business is a good solution for:
1. Educational Institutions
2. FMCG Products
3. Pharmaceutical Companies
4. Consultancy services
5. Grocery
6. Electronic goods
7. Repair Services
8. Clothing and Textile businesses
9. IT Companies
10. Real Estate Sector

Before taking these points one by one, let’s have a look at how Content writing services can help in the promotion of Online Business:

Infographic showing importance of content writing services for online promotion:

Why To Promote Online Business With Content Writing Services Infographic - ThoughtfulMinds

1. More than 80% prospective customers are using Internet and prefer reading
2. Each high quality blog a day increases engagement
3. Quality articles result in brand building
4. Unlike advertisements, you can describe your products or services properly
5. Article writing is considered best way to build organic traffic
6. Chances of bringing a website up by quality content writing services is more than 90%
7. Websites with updated content are preferred by search engines and users both
8. Quality content makes conversion easier
9. Compared to SEO, Digital Marketing, promotion by content writing services is Cheapest
10. The results from content writing services are long lasting

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Infographic on tips for online business promotion with content writing services:

Ways To Promote Online Business With Content Writing Services Infographics - ThoughtfulMinds

How to promote your educational website offering online courses?

The best part with this segment is that, here conversion is very easy. The reason is those looking for online classes, tutorials are well updated and spend good amount of time reading articles/blogs and announcements on the Internet. Students and parents both are keen in finding good institutions offering online courses. By offering free demo classes initially and offering articles on useful topics, traffic can be easily attracted. The only thing you need to remember is to keep your blog updated. Regularity is very important as then only you can expect returning user.

How to get customized blogs?

There are top institutions already using blog writing services to help them get quality, SEO friendly and 100% plagiarism free blogs on the regular basis. You can also try article writing services to get articles in bulk to see your website in ranking with ease.

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How to promote FMCG websites online?


FMCG websites have a mix of all those who prefer reading and seeing. Here you need to post offers or blogs with attractive discounts to attract users. Here the role of product description writing is very important, which is also a part of content writing services offered by reliable content writing agency. For promoting FMCG products selling websites online, original product descriptions are must, hence your e Commerce website should be well updated and mention everyday what is there in stock and what not. If you don’t have a good e Commerce website, then you may ask free quote for e Commerce website with product descriptions.

How to promote pharmaceuticals companies/ websites online?

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Since Covid 19 impact is likely to last long, the demand for pharmaceuticals or websites selling medicines and medical equipment is on hike. But just like other online sources, here too the competition is very tough. In order to promote your website, it is must to have features of all medical equipment written by expert content writers. In addition to that, blogs must be there showing CSR move i.e. how your medical equipment are important for the safety of people and their family members. Once you have good content and quality blogs, you can use social media to share that.

How to promote consultancy services online?

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There’s a very big segment covered in consultancy services and it’s easier for them to go online and offer services in a good manner. Consultancy services like recruitment, Finance, risk assessment, security, counseling etc can have good business online on the condition they have great reading stuff with presentation. Recruitment companies must have original articles with facts related to specific industries and how they can help companies and manpower by fulfilling their requirements. If placement companies are of the opinion that due to Covid 19 there wont be job requirements, then they are totally wrong. The demand is now increasing for online sources, institutions and IT sector as they have now burden of developing e Commerce websites, create virtual environment and so on. Similarly, financial advisors or companies involve in selling shares, offering Dmat services are required to put quality stock market related articles with infographics. So, content writing services in this regard too are useful.

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How to promote your website selling grocery online?

Ecommerce Seo Benefits - ThoughtfulMinds

Here too, just like the FMCG sector, discount, offers play a very important role. In addition to that, you must have blogs on topics like benefits of organic vegetables, why grocery sold by you is different and safe. Here too your website needs to be updated and you may take help of ECommerce website development company in case you are finding it hard to update product descriptions or want to have a completely new website with all important features.

How to promote your website selling electronic goods online?


Electronic items are purchased after reading features, reviews, comparison articles and then prices. These websites too face tough competition and their promotion is only possible by good technical content writing services. By regular posting blogs on new launched products, how they are better than the old versions and why user must buy them creates an urge to buy them. During lockdown, these websites are now allowed to sell products online, if you already have a website then you may go for content writing or particularly technical content writing services. However, if you don’t have a website, then you should get a free quote for e Commerce website development services in India.

How to promote website offering repair services?

Urban Company

Urban Company has made it very clear that there’s a good market for repair services. The advantage of Urban company is that, new businesses too can think of stepping in this segment without any doubt. Here too, you need a good amount of quality, SEO friendly content to describe what kind of repair services and why the technicians at your company are good enough to be hired. Web content writing here is important with profile writing to show which technician is good in which area. Regular blogs are again very important here to keep your website up in search engine rankings. If you don’t have a website yet, get a free website quote today.

How to promote clothing or textile businesses online?

clothing website content writing services in India-Thoughtful Minds

Although right now, the demand for clothes or textile is very less or almost nil, but that doesn’t mean it won’t arise. Now is the time for these businesses to establish themselves online and try to secure position on top keywords. Yes, clothes with features, prices and why they are exclusive should be mentioned on the website. You can promote your website with quality web content writing and regular blogs. Blogs should be like top 10 trends in summer wear for women, designer clothing from reputed fashion designer etc are sure to catch attention. Thus, a good e Commerce clothing website must be there with quality content and regularly updated blog. If you already have its good, else you may ask for a quote.

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How to promote your website with IT services?

WordPress Website Development For E-commerce - Front Image

If you are running an IT organization, you must be well aware of SEO, digital marketing and content marketing services. Now is the time to promote your website, so as to improve your visibility over the Internet and secure top ranking in major search engines like Google, Yahoo or Msn. You must have regular blogs to showcase your area of expertise and keep traffic coming to your website. If you already have team offering content writing services then its perfect, else you can hire content writers to help you rank your website without spending much on SEO or digital marketing services.

How to Promote real estate business online?

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website development for real estate

It is a misconception, that real estate business can only run by brokers and there are now sufficient evidences. With RBI announcement of giving boost to real estate sector, chances are quite high that a good demand can be seen in this sector too. Already real estate companies are offering virtual tour of their projects and sale is possible by presenting properties in the best possible manner. For this, web content needs to be very good and useful, informative articles should be there targeting potential clients looking for investment opportunities to save their tax. So, you must have an updated blog and make use of professional content writing services to rank your website.

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