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A famous writer once said that “you can edit a bad page, but you can’t edit a blank one!”. It was that humble beginning in the year 2006 that gave us the courage to pen down down our thoughts for the world and transform its ideas brick by brick into a ‘positive revolution’.

A revolution that transformed India into a powerhouse of digital writing in the past one decade. A revolution that reflected its impact on each and every segment of the Indian society by imparting knowledge, creating jobs, empowering self-reliance in women and adding new dimensions to the social welfare. It is that revolution that catapulted Thoughtful Minds Web Services Pvt Ltd into the horizon as a flag-bearer of digital content marketing and SEO outsourcing in India.


About the Founder

An epitome of sheer talent, knowledge and leadership; Mr. Swadesh Rohilla is the founder, director and chief executive officer of Thoughtful Minds Web Services Pvt. Ltd, Stone Mart India and SEO Content Online, established in the year 2006.

Mr. Swadesh Rohilla started his professional career working in Germany for the first few years in the natural stone industry. During his work tenure in Europe and Asia, he also visited countries like France, Austria, Russia and China. Due to this plethora of global work culture knowledge, he entirely transformed the digital writing and outsourcing industry of the country upon his arrival back to India.  

He was the person to establish the first company in India solely dedicated to the writing services. He redefined the corporate leadership quality with the “we” concept instead of “I” and introduced a culture of inclusive growth for everyone in the chain of command including clients, employees and other stakeholders. He pioneered the international 24×7 customer support standard and sublime management techniques to match deadlines, leading his company to outshine all contemporaries.

He is currently providing his services to the society as a business leader in international marketing, academician, social entrepreneur and writer of several articles, journals and e-books on industrial and social aspects.

About Thoughtful Minds


With toddling footprints in the year 2006 to a colossal company spanning its wings up to the clientele of 15 countries worldwide, Thoughtful Minds Web Services Pvt. Ltd witnessed an epic journey. The company was established with a mission to nurture a business model that can aid both small and medium scale enterprise and large organizations to attain an outstanding online presence with ethical marketing tools and tactics. It helps these companies procure legit inquiries from prospective clients to run their businesses for a long term.

In the past 14 years, Thoughtful Minds Web Services Pvt. Ltd has successfully played the role of a bridge between the export of quality Indian content outsourcing and the ever increasing demand for best digital marketing content in the international markets.

Currently, our company is a pioneer in outsourcing the content creation services and digital marketing, website development, search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization (SMO), reputation management, etc, in some of the major countries of the world including USA, UK, Australia, Germany, UAE. Besides, we are also offering world class academic writing and dissertation submission services to the international students of the foreign universities who are also attending part-time jobs apart from studies and reasonably require professional help to submit their projects on time.

One of the key reasons due to which we have made a distinctive place in the Indian IT industry is because of consistently making formidable business models for our clients. In order to ensure path breaking success in the online market, we offer a comprehensive business model to our client at an affordable price, instead of creating a website or an app for them. As all the components right from creation to the marketing of the business model is controlled by us, it leads to a complete peace of mind for our client.

About Stone Mart India

The journey of Stone Mart began in the year 2009. With a proven track record of unmatched quality and reliability, the company became a pre-eminent supplier of both raw and finished natural stones and stone articles in the world market.

What makes Stone Mart India a distinctive name among several natural stone suppliers is the way the company understands its accountability towards the nature and the environment. That is the reason why instead of giving more importance to the paving stones, the company has emphasized on the creation of richly artistic stone sculptures and stone articles with utmost panache in creating every niche and curve. It is that way the company has generated immense numbers of job opportunists in the stone industry for the artists and safeguarding the forgotten artistic legacy of our country, simultaneously preserving the stone pieces carved out of nature in the nature itself.

It is true that people wonder what is the secret behind the untainted track record of Stone Mart India in the journey of past one decade. The seeds of success were laid down by the year 2005 when while pursuing his masters, Mr. Rohilla started his career with Jona Stones as Quality Inspector in the German stone industry. His passionate approach and hard work swiftly promoted him as Manager Indian Operations.

He derived unique German work ethics during this time that resulted in no compromise policy over the quality. His game changing managerial tactics at Stone Mart India ensured the presence of top notch field experts at every checkpoint right from the selection of materials to the dispatch of finished product. He also realised that English language is the main barrier hindering the stone artists of our country to communicate and showcase their talents to the world market. In order to conveniently bridge the gap between the talent and the language, Thoughtful Minds was brought into existence.

It is due to this unparalleled success story of Stone Mart India that Mr. Swadesh Rohilla was invited by the Government of India to speak on the development of stone industry in Gujarat in the year 2015.

About Net Markers

The inception of Net Markers happened with a unique idea that crossed the mind of Thoughtful Minds think tank. An idea of making a portal where everyone can contribute with original stories, articles and blogs. It doesn’t matter which piece of information is trending over the Internet, you can access it at the Netmarkers online portal.

Netmarkers is a melting pot of information based on everything! And with everything we means everything including the culture, art, lifestyle, nature, sports or anything that you believe exists over and you wish to access it with a simple click. The submission of original works ensures more opportunities for the writers to express themselves and earn while sharing their assembled knowledge.


Achievements that Forged Our Legacy


While working at Thoughtful Minds, we understood the fact that the power of writing is something which is boundless. It is not merely a tool to market businesses online, but to assist several units and organizations that are tirelessly working for the betterment of the society.

These are the organizations which penned their legacy over the Internet to reach millions through the arsenal of writers teamed up with us:

(I) Bhoruka Charitable Trust:

Thoughtful Minds partnered with Bhoruka Charitable Trust to reform the remote parts of rural India. We helped spread the information about the educational and healthcare programs conducted by the trust by providing the best platform over the Internet to reach millions of people not only in India but across the world.

(II) Rajasthan Powergen:

Established in the year 2011 in Karola, Rajasthan, this medium size enterprise was keen to reach thousands of people to demonstrate their world class speciality transformers. We understood the needs of this enterprise and how much important its role is in the developing economy of Rajasthan, especially in the power sector. Our powerful yet affordable digital marketing package helped Rajasthan Powergen to touch the new horizons of success in the market.

(III) Great Steel Metal:

After celebrating 25 years of success in the market, Great Steel Metal was struggling to sustain its identity in the stainless steel, alloy steel and carbon steel fitting market due to ever increasing competition from the new entrants. Our teams of excellent writers and marketing managers controlled the damages within a few months and brought two-and-a-half decades old company back into its former glory in both online and offline market.

(IV) PSC India:

Transformed the digital presence online for Public Service Commissions in India with dynamic and impactful content to attract the youth as well as the stakeholders. The government has also acknowledged the role played by us to broaden the reach of PSC in the modern world.

(V) Hand Block Print:

To preserve the heritage of our hand block printing art and the livelihood of thousands of hand block artisans, we took this project as a personal challenge. It was basically because the success of our efforts directly dependent on safeguarding the future of these artisans and their families who were gradually losing their share of bread to the western fashion and technology. Our digital marketing efforts made this Indian art an Internet phenomenon. With our superior writing skills and tirelessly planned ethical SEO strategies, helped Hand Block Print reach millions of customers just in one click!

(VI) Art Nouveau Studio:

Art Nouveau is an international style of applied art, and Art Nouveau Studio has introduced this form of art to the Indian consumers on the fashion outfits made by Indian artists. The consumers in this market demand something new and trendy in every short span of time and we strategised the business of our client accordingly. We understood the challenges faced by this art studio and devised our services to surmount the competitors in ruthlessly competitive fashion garments world. Today, Art Nouveau Studio is one of the paramount choices among the customers in the online world.

(VII) Tushar Handworks:

With ever increasing wholesale garment portals over the Internet, the survival of wholesalers living in bricks and mortars has come under a big question mark. Tushar Handworks, an over 3 decades old garments wholesale company was facing heat from online giants like Amazon and Flipkart and could not understand how to match up with the ever expanding Internet bazaar. It was with Thoughtful Minds that this offline wholesaler dreamt to think beyond a traditional wholesale business and develop a new market online through networking. Currently, Tushar Handworks is a renowned name in both physical and virtual market.

(VIII) Mamta Stone

Helped the traditional stone supplier to showcase the exquisite art work and finesse of both machinery and hand work on e-pages over the Internet and attract thousands of prospective buyers from India and overseas.



We have conducted career oriented seminars across Rajasthan reaching students and professionals in various colleges encouraging them to become an integral part of our crusade of transforming lives. Our seminars primarily focus on the digital era of 21st century, how is it shaping the new online business scenario and how would it impact a nation of millions of youngsters. The seminars helped both fresh out of college and working professionals to nurture their persona in a global work culture assuring 100% success in their lives.

Our seminars helped an immense numbers of students to look beyond self-doubt and make a challenging yet ambitious career in writing. It is through numerous seminars conducted, we have given job opportunities, internships, and on-job trainings to an incalculable number of young minds in the country.

Campus Recruitments

Thoughtful Minds has conducted successful campus recruitment drives in some of the prestigious institutions and colleges of Jaipur including Poornima Group of Colleges and Kanoria Mahila Mahavidhyalaya.

Our campus recruitment drives provided an opportunity to freshers to assimilate themselves into world class professional culture right from their initial steps into the corporate lives. The best part of these recruitment drives is that the hiring of talent is not merely confined to writing, but also web designing and development, project management, SEO analytics and human resources. We cherish the examples of numerous young ignited minds who joined us through recruitment drives and are still a part of our ever expanding family, learning and growing with us every second, every day!

I Wish I Can- Campaign Program

The motto of our ‘I Wish I Can’ campaign is to break certain myths. A myth that my poor socio-economic class will not let me make a successful career in the field of writing. A myth that the zeal and passion for learning is not enough to make it big in IT sector. A myth that content writing is all about flawless fluent English and not about ethical research, values and integrity.

‘I Wish I Can’ breaks all these myths and help one realize that if you have the passion to pursue a career in this field, the upright integrity to work within a team and the hunger to learn each moment then there is no power on this Earth that can stop you from becoming what you wish to become. It is under this campaign we have provided free training to over 100 underprivileged students and safeguarded their career in the most promising way one can vouch for.

Our Contributions to Skill India Movement -

  • • Employment for Literate/Graduates/Post Graduates of any Stream

    Thoughtful Minds is the only company which does not discriminate among its workforce in terms of education, stream and qualification degree. Anyone having a knack for writing can contribute in terms of articles, blogs and technical information and get paid most generously as per best industry standards.

  • • Employment for Senior Citizens, Lecturers, Academically Sound Student

    The passion for writing is not bound by age. That is the reason why we offer our senior citizens an opportunity to be self-reliant and earn handsomely even after the age of sixty. We have also included lecturers and academically sound students to write the content related to their area of expertise (or specialization). It not only delivers them the opportunity to share their knowledge with rest of the world but also ensures a good alternative source of income contributing to their improved standard of living as well as boosting the per capita income of the nation.

  • • Work From Home Options for Females

    The contribution of women in developing the economy is unparalleled across the world, and India is also not an exception to it. The women in India is symbolized as Shakti and it is true without any room for debate. The only area where Indian women were struggling was balancing an ideal home and work life balance. Why women have to sacrifice one for the other? We at Thoughtful Minds realized the central role women play at both home and professional world and that is the reason why we have provided work from home options for numerous female writers of our formidable team. It enabled them to handle both family and professional life in a more convenient manner and channelizing both in a way we never witnessed before.

  • • Content Which Revolutionized the Entire Nation

    In the remarkable journey of the last 14 years, we can proudly say that Thoughtful Minds revolutionized the culture of positive writing in India. In an era, where a large of chunk of present generation eluded the habit of reading and writing, we have prepared it back to not only express themselves in words but also opt for it as a career. There is not a single topic or subject that has remained untouched by the content penned down by our writers till date and for us it is just a beginning!

  • • SEO: Bringing Results with Integrity

    It is a universal fact that the path of truth and integrity is hard but always rewarding. There cannot be a better example of that other than the tireless efforts that we put in the ethical white hat SEO practices to bring our clients on the top results of every popular search engine in the most desired keywords. With the help of customized SEO strategy as per the audience and industry, accurate keyword research and usage, correct indexing in search console and seamless link building have bought thousands of our national and international clients onto the zenith of success.

  • • Developing Website with Desktop and Mobile SEO Tactics

    Having a website never assures business. It is the designing and development of a website as per the changing needs of the users is what promotes brand loyalty. The development of smart websites that can effortlessly work over smartphones and loaded with fresh pages of information and dynamic tools to bring in the business in a quick span of time. It also enables us to powerful Mobile SEO tactics.

  • • Educational Assistance to International Market

    Academic Writing and dissertation is one of the most popular services that the writers of the Indian market offer. We offer educational assistance only to selective students who are unable to complete their dissertation due to study and job routine and does have a legit reason to take the professional help in completion of the same. While offering educational assistance to the international students, we ensure that they learn and thoroughly understand the answers that we have prepared for them and gain some expertise out of it instead of passing it down as a formality. We have successfully completed dissertation services for numerous international students including the ones from the Ivy League Universities.

  • • Demand Creation for Sick Units/ Traditional Organization/Backward Sector

    We have contributed significantly in the progress of New India by uplifting MSME sick business units, and traditional organizations from the backward zones of our country. We created the demand for the business units that were unable to cope with the modified tactics of conducting business as well as the traditional organizations that were consistently doing an exemplary work but did not know the right way of showcasing the same to rest of the world. With the help of excellent digital marketing techniques, we lifted these sick units from non performing asset (NPA) category and thus, boosting the overall rate of economic growth in the country.

  • • Promotion for Artisans from Less Developed States

    The advent of digital era obscured the sheer talent of artists and artisans of our country. Even the most talented sculptures and artists are struggling to get the recognition they deserve and reform their livelihood. We, through our Stone Mart India venture discovered the most talented sculpture artists from the Indian state of Odisha and provided them with platform to attain the respect and recognition they deserve across the globe. Being a company which is most sensitive towards its corporate social responsibility, we chosen the state of Odisha due to its low ranking in multi dimensional index (MDI) scores with low employment opportunities for the natives of the state. It has been a humble attempt by us to preserve the rich legacy of art and culture of this state and simultaneously contribute to enhance the living standards of artisans in the state.

  • • Environmental Welfare Awareness/ Welfare for Animals

    We believe that our profession has bestowed us with great power and responsibility. The power of words to reach millions and influencing them for the right cause and the responsibility of becoming ‘the voice of the voiceless’. That is the reason why, we at Thoughtful Minds have taken the matter of ecological balance and animal welfare very seriously and substantially contributed in it. We have built eco-friendly offices with much emphasize on greenery, encourage the least use of paper to safeguard our trees and prefer the usage of recycled materials wherever possible.

    Additionally, we have worked with some of the most respected animal welfare organizations of Rajasthan like Help In Suffering for the well being of street animals. We have also created awareness about environmental issues and animal rights through numerous articles and blogs that have fuelled thought-provoking discussions and debates across the globe.

  • • Benefits to NGO's

    We at Thoughtful Minds have always encouraged the culture of supporting the NGOs that have worked selflessly for the betterment of the society. We have substantially contributed to the NGOs dedicated to free healthcare for underprivileged and successfully conducting life saving operations for the children suffering from heart ailments.

    We have also supported such NGOs with effective branding and promotion online to help them reach more people every minute and partake in the noble cause of serving humanity.


The words penned by us as a responsible content writing company were not merely the words but the seeds that transformed millions of lives on the way. Whether it is making an underdog business successfully visible in the online market, or writing words as an oxygen for sick micro, small and medium enterprise units, we played a decisive role to forge their roads to success.

 We as a team, introduced one of its kind HR policies forming the vulnerable workforce of housewives and senior citizens, as the pillars of the most trusted content writing services not just in India but around the globe. We as a team, valued our corporate social responsibilities and provided equivalent weightage to integrity and professionalism.

It is our journey! A journey always committed to nation building!