Top 150 Strong History Essay and Dissertation Topics for Assignment in 2023

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History is a subject that might appear exciting or mundane the way in which you cover the given topic. It demand a considerable amount of time, plethora of research and the right mental approach and tactics to submit the given assignment homework on time. The correct research methodology, the analysis of the inference and eventually the correct citation as per the instructed referencing style, each and every step of your history assignment writing plays a very decisive role.

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    Top 150 Strong History Essay and Dissertation Topics for Assignment in 2023 - ThoughtfulMinds

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    Here, we are going to address your history assignment topic selection requirements and what are the various ways through which you can opt for the most pertinent assignment writing topic.

    The first option features a list prepared by you compiling all that interests you in your respective field of research.

    The second option is relying upon the browsing capability over the Internet to conduct thorough research and properly go through all the potential subjects. Here, the major drawback is that we may come across both the reliable and unreliable information sources and there is always a thin line to distinction between them that is not identifiable from the surface.

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    Top 150 Strong History Essay and Dissertation Topics for Assignments in 2023

    The following is the list of the history topics prepared by our expert academicians for your reference. You can choose them directly or custom modify them as per various assignment writing requirements. So, let us begin and explore them one by one-

    Medieval History Essay and Dissertation Topics

    • Cultural exchanges that happened during the Middle Ages

    • The spiritual transformation of Rome during the Middle Ages

    • Manorialism’s evolution and feudalism during the Middle Ages

    • The Catholic Church and the Black Death amidst the 14th century

    • The history of Jews and Muslims in the medieval Spain

    • London in the Roman Age: A critical overview

    • The causes of the first Crusade between 1095-1099

    • The 12th century Renaissance, and how Franciscans responded and benefited from it

    • Business and empire: The British dream

    • The expansion of Mongolian empire

    • The demographic crisis, and the controversies over the standard of living

    • The position of the church on the lives in the Middle Ages

    • Siege warfare in the medieval times

    • An analysis of the Middle Ages defensive strategies

    • The lives of women in medieval India: A Hindu and Islamic viewpoint

    • What are the reasons behind the failure of the Crusades?

    • Water clock by Ibn Al-Mechanical Haytham, along with his theory of empire rise and fall

    • Cultural, economic and political influences of the Renaissance

    • The Dark Ages as the golden ages of European history

    • Edo/Tokugawa Shogunate and the historical roadmap of Japan’s development

    • Byzantine iconoclasm and its theological and historical context

    • Medieval Convivencia: A case analysis

    The topic selection in the subject of humanities can be trickier than it appears from the surface. Select your humanities assignment topic from a carefully prepared list and make your submission more relevant than anybody else.

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    Modern History Essay and Dissertation Topics

    • Franz Ferdinand and the events that spiralled into the WWI

    • Industrialization and the decline and eventual fall of the Ottoman Empire

    • A Caribbean Assault- How the United States invaded one of the smallest islands of the Caribbean

    • The 19th Century and the history of nationalism

    • Decolonization and propagation of independence as well as republicanism by the Commonwealth

    • Strange Bedfellows: How the Nazi-led German government and the Japanese became political allies during the World War II

    • Analyzing the loss of America in Vietnam: Losing the war that could not be lost

    • The French Revolution: the other side

    • How Haiti reaped benefits present anti-humanism stance in France

    • Neo-colonization: The attempts of Russia to annex Crimea as well as its hostile invasion of Ukraine

    • Land possession and the commoners: The evolution of the land ownership and its ground impact on the European poor

    • The impact of the Industrial Revolution on the Western Civilizations

    • The principles of Liberalism and their association with conservatism and enlightenment

    • The history of Cuban revolution

    • Royal Inbreeding: How Hapsburg jaw transformed from a unique feature to a handicap?

    • Myth v/s Fact: Chinese history records and distinguishing the actual events from the fictionalized ones

    • Deep Buried Indigenous Genocide: How aborigines of Australia were nearly exterminated to set up a more Europeanized society

    • Abraham Lincoln and his historical significance

    • The role of women in the Spanish civil war

    • The conquest and the colonization of America by the European countries

    • Restoring the balance between Asia and the West through manufacturing and by birth rates

    Art History Essay and Dissertation Topic

    • Getting a deep insight on the ancient Greek art

    • How imperative is art from the historical study and learning perspective?

    • A deeper look into one of your most coveted expressionism artists

    • The history of the emergence of Cubism and its eventual impact on the art world

    • Techniques for conserving ancient artworks

    • An insight into Dadaism art movement, which eventually short-lived

    • The most influential artist of the history

    • An analysis of Western and Eastern artworks spread across the 18th century

    • The history and inception of the modern art

    • Who were the masters of the Dutch Golden Age?

    • How the medieval Cathedral reflected the need of humanity to touch God?

    • In medieval architecture form, how does Gothic is associated with Romanesque?

    • Byzantine v/s Egyptian artistic production: A case analysis

    • How does the modern feminism unveils new perspectives on different Egyptian art forms?

    • Examining how the human body and its physiology evolved in the ancient Egyptian art and architecture

    • Study how the holy worship of the virgin inspired the Golden Age art and style

    • While throwing some light over the Spanish Golden Age painters, study what was actually going on in Europe at that period of time?

    • How does the portrait of Gertrude Stein by Picasso represented a step forward in his painting career as a successful artist

    • The Russian art an extended branch of the communist state amidst Cold War?

    Are sculptures being used to attain political motives? Sociology is a subject that is somehow connected to history and have the broadest number of topic ideas when you look with the right source. Visit the below link and make your next assignment submission highly worth reading!

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    European History Essay and Dissertation Topics

    • How British Euroscepticism impacted and the EU Integration

    • The Lisbon Treaty and the present aspects of institutional change in the European Union

    • Analyzing the ground consequences of the British colonization

    • How nationalism influenced the World War II?

    • The Industrial Revolution and how it impacted the World War I

    • The economic integration of Europe and how it impacted the contemporary welfare state?

    • The challenges of Greece’s economic integration to Europe

    • Is the Eurozone under political or economic crisis?

    • Discuss the factors that contributed to the eventual abolition of slavery

    • The historical importance of the ancient achievements in the ancient European history

    • How European countries faced negative economic development post the events of the Second World War?

    • What are the contributions of the Soviet Union that eventually lead to the union of the European countries?

    • There are significant variations among the ancient and modern political systems in the European history: Comment

    • Status of women: Present Europe v/s ancient Europe

    • Did the member countries of the USSR accomplish their final objectives?

    • European Perception of Islam in the Early and Middle-Century

    • The consequences of the Cold War on the European countries’

    • Discuss Third Reich doctors with special emphasis on Mutated medical professionals in the Third Reich

    • Was the Holocaust a major failure of the modernity or an end product of it?

    • How the lives of early modern Europeans’ changed with the advent of print?

    African History Essay and Dissertation Topics

    • The colonial office and the formation of the British West African National Congress

    • Indirect rule in Mendel and Abuja and its transformation politics

    • How the World War II impacted Kenya: The role of ex-servicemen in the Kenyan nationalism

    • The roots of an indirect rule of Northern Nigeria

    • Slavery on the Guinea Coast and the involvement of the Dutch in the African slave trade

    • Political violence in South Africa happened between 1985 and 1989

    • Did the discovery of gold and diamond mark the beginning of a modern South African history?

    • The Paradox of Slavery, Colonialism and Christianity

    • The colonial war of Southwest Africa

    • The relationships between Europe and Africa between 1800 and 2000

    • Slave trade in Africa and its historical impact

    • The history and the present state of the African Communities in the US

    • A Kenyan experiment with the African coffee cultivation: A Gusii case study

    • The land politics of Africa: Kenya Land Commission (1932-33) and its impact over Kenyan land policy

    • Christianity and the gunboat: A brief overview of Malawi’s lake and river transportation

    • Malawians prior to and post the Great War

    • The Igbomina and its influence on missionaries

    • Anglo-Egyptian connections of Lord Salisbury

    • The diplomatic relationship between the Ottoman Empire and the Mamluk Empire in the first quarter of the 16th century

    • The colonial economy of Rwanda

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    Do you not find the above number of history topics sufficient enough? Explore more history dissertation topics at the below article and prepare yourself with more assignment topic options. 

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