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Affiliate is the very word that brings stats of high revenue and profit in front of our eyes.  However, the profit generation from affiliate programs depends much on the selection. The best affiliate programs that are most popular are those that offer the payment on time and provide high commission as well. These factors are responsible why these programs have high authority in the market. Here we are going to discuss about the best affiliate programs that help the affiliates to make monthly earnings in millions.

The next question that jumps in mind is whether these affiliate programs actually help in making money? In other words, are they genuine? To clear this point, we have also collected the reviews for the programs to establish the fact whether they are actually authentic or not.


This list shared here presents the leading affiliate marketplaces that one can join on immediate basis, become its part and then go through the list of numerous affiliate programs to select the one that best match with the requirements.

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Most of the people are aware of affiliate networks’ benefits and this is something referred to as the affiliate marketplace. In case you are not aware of the benefits of being the member of affiliate marketplace, here are the important highlights:

  • Minimum payout is easy to reach: The first challenge that arises when someone directly signs up for the affiliate program is to reach the limit of minimum payout. In this marketplace, minimum payout refers to sum of all the programs of affiliate that are promoted by him. Reaching this limit is easy in the case of a beginner.
  • Affiliate program: In the affiliate, the biggest problem that most of the people encounter is to search for the niche aligning affiliate program. The aligning program is available in several categories in any of these networks and therefore one can easily select the program that best match with the demands.
  • Less chance of frauds: This is yet another factor for deciding as which affiliate program is free from probability of fraud.

In the earlier times, tracking the sales was not possible for direct affiliate program since the affiliate software lacks proper configuration. Then times came when some of the affiliate programs did not intended to offer payment.

This problem is not in the case of affiliate marketplace since they work with excellent tracking mechanism that offers payment for both the hard core efforts as well as those that were done with ease.


We can now assume that you are well aware of the benefits of being the part of affiliate marketplace. So let us move forward and have a look at the list of best affiliate networks that can help in making money when you become their member. We have not included ShareASale and Impact Radius in our list since their reviews are negative. However, you will find these two names holding top positions in most of the other sites but we are here to offer genuine information so that you can stay away from problems.

Infographic showing the names of top affiliates:

Infographic On Top Affiliate Networks - ThoughtfulMinds

  • Commission Junction
  • Flex offers
  • ClickBank
  • Awin
  • Peerfly
  • Partnerstack
  • Avangate
  • Refersion marketplace
  • Amazon Affiliate Program
  • Rakuten

Make money from affiliate marketing with the help of these best affiliate networks.

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All that you need to start making money is a great product for promoting and earning thousands of dollars.

Commission Junction:

This is another most popular and reputed affiliate marketplace for the affiliate marketers and bloggers.  This platform is in existence since 1998 and serves as the place where one can easily find thousands of affiliate programs.  Many people working with this platform have got remarkable experiences and no issue regarding payment has been reported ever.


It is significant to fill in the details of profile before becoming the part of this affiliate program. Any blogger can find this affiliate marketplace as a must join place.


  • It has list of established merchants and tons of marketing material and banners
  • Paychecks are secured and predictable since the platform pays the commissions itself
  • Annoying notifications of advertiser deactivated that the process of receiving commissions for that merchant
  • Cashflow is tedious since no option of paypal payment is there


This is a popular, long standing program that offers access to over 12,000 different merchants and advertisers. The dashboard is better looking and more than 50 merchants are added on this platform per day so that new offers are always available.


  • The signup to this platform is quick and simple
  • Publishers can enjoy referral program at this network
  • The tracking process is tried with efficiency of link tracking
  • The dashboard is user friendly


This is the affiliate marketplace that is relatively new and has several remarkable affiliate programs. Products related with small businesses, entrepreneurs, hosting etc. are available here. It is extremely simple to be the part of this program and this is the other advantage that one can enjoy by using PartnerStack. The current payment method that is supported by this platform is PayPal and $50 is the limit for minimum payout.


  • Partner recruitment is easy on this channel
  • The functionality of this platform is nice
  • Issue resolving only takes place when the customer complaints about something and they are not much realistic in the process

Refersion marketplace

This is yet another famous affiliate marketplace that has several well known brands. Affiliate programs at this marketplace are available in several categories. After signing up on the platform, it is possible to find the affiliate programs on the bases of several filters.

It is important to note that the management of each and every affiliate program is in the hands of the brand only and therefore payment is made for the separate programs. The rules of these brands are also different. Configuration of options is possible for the purpose of getting new affiliate program mail notification in any specific category. This marketplace is evolving on constant basis so as to make the necessary improvements that can help enhance user experience.


  • Simple to use and setup with well organized and clean setup
  • Customer service response is sometimes delayed that is frustrating
  • There are several limitations with its API

Amazon Affiliate Program

This is the affiliate program that must be mentioned for completing the list of affiliate networks. Working of this program is in all the categories and it offers wide range of opportunities for making money. Just sign up to the platform and start leveraging benefit of one of the biggest platforms.

Amazon Affiliate Program-ThoughtfulMinds


  • This is trusted platform that has kept the brand image center and front
  • There are unlimited options available in its niches
  • It is also easy to sign up
  • The commission structure is lower and the window for earning the purchase commission is only of 24 hours


This affiliate network is growing rapidly and offer access to more than 3000 merchants. Both big names as well as smaller merchants are there at this platform. The backend dashboard of this platform has a nice look and one can make good profits easily.


  • User friendly interface makes it easy to use the platform
  • Responsive support system
  • Competitive offers
  • Strict registration process


This is the famous place where marketers get the opportunity of discovering the popular affiliate programs. Those who are not having an account on this platform should create one for leveraging its amazing benefits. It is also possible to instantly join the promotion of a good affiliate marketing product that is managed with Clickbank. No issue is there with the payment in this platform. However, the user might initially face a little difficulty with its interface.


  • Account disables without any reason
  • Annoying popups destroy the whole experience


This network is in existence since 20 years and provides technology, global community and business intelligence insights. No matter what is the service level, type of partner or tools that the business demands, solutions to all these are at Awin for driving sustainable growth. This platform help businesses to connect with the customers in more than 180 countries athwart the verticals of telecommunications, retail, finance and travel.



  • Uniquely manages services and customers
  • Generates good revenue for the affiliates


This platform helps companies in managing digital commerce, global payments and subscription billing for the channel and direct sales. A cloud platform is there backing this application that helps the digital businesses to expand the global reach and maximize the value for customer.


  • Serves as a fast revenue path and offer maximum value for customer
  • It also helps in enhancing channel sales


This is the service provider in affiliate marketing field that is working since 2005. It was also claimed to be the largest network of affiliate marketing in pay-for-performance on internet.



  • Easiest tool to use
  • Offer good rebates


This is the list of the leading affiliate networks that could be joined by any marketer, blogger or influencer to start taking the advantage of affiliate marketing. With the rapid expansion of affiliate industry, it could be expected to have the affiliate network in existence that is all the more progressive and useful.  The reputed companies are a good option to work with since their focus is more on the customer and payment guarantee is there.


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