What are the Different Kinds of Research Papers Prevalent in Modern Academia?

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The submission of quality-oriented research papers is an integral part of any major masters or doctoral level degree program. They are one of the most tedious and challenging tasks to ensure high-scoring grades in their course curriculum. No one can deny the fact that the value of a research paper simply cannot be overstated. When we speak in terms of academic context, the submission of research papers virtually receives around 35% to 40% grade.

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    Our prima-facie motto of penning down this blog is to help research scholars who are keen to seek professional intervention to get their research proposal and paper submitted on time. Besides, it is also meant for the ones who are just here to just explore valuable information to address the research paper writing requirements on their own. We have fullest confidence that with every minute that you are going to spend on this page, there will be a lot for you to gain and nothing to lose.

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    It is a fact that while attending different kinds of research papers, it is essential to opt for different approaches. Whether your assignment help requirement is related to the writing of Analytical Research Papers, Cause and Effect Research Papers, Persuasive/Argumentative Research Papers, Experimental Research Papers, Problem-Solution Research Papers, Survey Research Papers, or Reports Papers, an expert service assignment agency can get it done.

    If you have decided to attend the research paper assignment task yourself, then understanding different types of research papers in a better way would help you figure out your next homework better. Once you understand different forms of research papers better, you would stand a better chance to decide upon which type of research you are required to undertake for the task at hand. Let us understand how the framework pattern of research paper writing works and what are the different kinds of research papers prevalent in academia in a nutshell. Besides, we are also going to throw some light over what can be accounted for a research paper and what cannot be accounted for a research paper.

    What Exactly Do We Understand by a Research Paper?

    As the name indicates, it is a form of assignment paper which is research oriented. The assignment efforts are focused upon research, source assessment, critical thinking, structuring and composition. While penning down a research paper, one is required to practise the writing with extreme caution. When we are procuring data from different sources, it is essential to consider the studies that have been conducted previously. It is necessary for the researcher to meticulously make assessment of all these studies, observe what is pertinent for your topic and incorporate the same in your work.

    In other words, we can say, the function of a research paper is to summarise our findings on the grounds of certain experimentation techniques. A standard research paper always prepared within 10 to 12 pages and include the following components –

    • Abstract: It is generally written down in around 100 words and simply outlines what the concerned research paper is all about.
    • Introduction: It delivers the background information as well as the summation of the research topic.
    • Literary Review: A brief overview is normally written in just one or two paragraphs and could be incorporated to the introduction para or offered in the form of a stand-alone title. The literature assessment is frequently concluded by recognising any gaps in the field of study or to propose suitable extensions.
    • Objective: The goal is usually a method or a product that the concerned researcher proposes.
    • Proposed Methodology: The recommended methodology elaborates the method that we will use to access the outcome as well as the steps to accomplish the same.
    • Results/Observations: The results or the observations made with the help of the suggestive methodology are put in spotlight in this section.
    • Interpretation: The section features the version of the determined findings; if the said interpretation turned out to be modest, it is preferred to be incorporated in the conclusion part of the paper; otherwise, in case the interpretation turns out to be substantial, then it can be bifurcated and displayed independently from the conclusion.
    • Conclusion: After conducting the assessment of the data and offering the concluding notes for the given research, it focusses on what we have learned from the experiment that we did.
    • References: This section of the research paper is critical since we may have analysed one or more studies published earlier to discover all the flaws in the research or a combination of two diverse processes to ascertain the net outcome. Therefore, it is pivotal to cite the research publications in our report wherever possible.

    The citation of the research sources is a critical aspect to prevent the accusations of plagiarism. The citation of the submitted work can be done in different referencing styles, including APA, IEEE, Chicago, Harvard, Oscola, MHRA, MLA, Oxford, Vancouver, and various other primarily known formats.

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    How Should We Begin the Writing of a Research Paper?

    Now, it is certainly a potentially subjective response. Our approach to the research paper writing task would stay dependent upon the requirements specified for the completion of the task. In case you have not written a research paper before or struggling to write one in correct order for a while, then it is the time to combine the following steps to assemble the whole structure of the assignment in the right order.

    • Just Kickstart the Writing: There are different kinds of research papers, in every case, we are required to kickstart the task right away! It is a fact that the process of writing spontaneously helps in the development of a unique coherent mental process. Once we kickstart the writing, the flow of ideas come into our brain in a natural way. Our act of writing assists in the development of the new and unique thoughts and enriches the nourishment of our brain.
    • Having Revolutionary Ideas? No Worries: In case you we are having raw research paper ideas, then we are required to nurture them right from the initial phase. If we are beginning with a concept, then it can turn out to be helpful.
    • Never Cram Too Many Concepts: It is always advisable to focus on a single straightforward concept and build our arguments around it. The introduction of several notions can make our entire study disorganised and dubious. Just stick to a single notion and everything will work to perfection.
    • Making Paper Interesting and Worth Reading: Who says a research paper ought to feature tedious content? One needs to make it exciting and curious to the readers. Always keep the writing simple yet exhilarating for the readers. Choose a research paper writing format that suits the content of your discipline. 
    • Better to Keep Abstract for the Last: The summation of the entire understanding is always better to be kept for the last. The place of the abstract will always be kept for the beginning and provide an overview of the assumptions and judgements made and let the reader of the paper get a better insight about what he or she about to dive into.
    • Refer Sources from Published Authors: The core crux of writing an effective research paper is spending less time in the preparation of our content and more time reviewing the same. Citing the information sources of published authors will make sure that the authenticity of the submitted work is unique and legit in all sense.
    • Identify the Critical Sections of your Paper: Indeed, all the sections of our research paper draft are important, but more or less, our concept, the methodology used, the inferences reached, and the referencing done add more worth to the attention of the readers than others. That is the reason why, there is nothing wrong in working a few extra hours to reinforce these sections of our paper in a better way.
    • Letting Our Friends or Colleagues to Read it: Understanding whether our target audience be able to assimilate and comprehend the published material or not is one of the decisive yardsticks to ensure the success of the research work. It is our responsibility to let them carefully go through the content and then ask them a couple of questions. Are they being able to grasp the whole issue or the concept effortlessly? Do they consider the solution to be inextricably associated with the issue? It is essential because there is a vast difference between professional assignment writing services and self-written research paper. A professional research paper writer would know the impact of each and every word written by him or her, but one cannot expect the same set of skill and expertise from a university student or a research scholar about to submit his or her thesis. That is where the support of a friend or colleague would play its part.
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    What Cannot be Termed as a Research Paper?

    Prior to the discussion of different kinds of research papers, it is essential for us to realise what does not merit to be termed as a research paper. It is critical to understand because the students tend to commit the mistake of blending their research work with other writing formats. So, let us look at a few of them one by one –

    • A research paper cannot be enshrined merely based on a collection of quotations. Please note that quotations cannot turned out to become an edifice of research writing, rather solely used to elaborate or record the results.
    • One cannot term a rewrite or rather a rephrase of someone else’s opinions or ideas to be a research paper.
    •  A research paper shall not be an explanation or a summary of the facts and figures that are excavated online or out of the textbooks.
    • It is also not termed to be an argument for the point of view of a person. In every research publication, the goal shall always be to divulge the truth. That is why, unless we are penning down a persuading research paper, it is better to shun opposing viewpoints.
    • It is noteworthy that the emotional persuasion shall never be the motto of a research report. In different sorts of research papers, the phrases and the vocabulary should remain unbiased. It shall remain free of passionate and superlative words.

    We are required to conduct an in-depth study of the concerned research topic at the collegiate level. Once the assessment is done by us, we are expected to come out with a solution. The assessment entails the breaking down of the given concept into diverse components and pertinently put them into the most coherent and logical “boxes.” 

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    The Different Kinds of Research Papers

    The following are the different kinds of research paper formats that are assigned in widespread academic and research fraternities and for which online assignment help is frequently demanded –    

    • Analytical Research Paper: The objective of an analytical research paper is to pose a question. The paper defines the question and recognising the pieces that are required to be addressed. Once the information is gathered from the previous studies, it is the time for us to analyse our own inferences and form an opinion over it. Such research papers demand neutrality and base the conclusions purely on the grounds of the findings.
    • Argumentative/ Persuasive Research Paper: These papers are published with the goals to persuade the readers to agree with us. Such papers opt for different methodologies to prepare the research article. A persuasive research paper is based on emotion, rather than the facts which are common in analytical papers. But that does not mean one can disregard relevant truths. To prepare an argumentative research paper, it is essential for the researcher to explain an event or two from two contrasting viewpoints. Here, a particular viewpoint is either supported or opposed by the researcher.
    • Cause and Effect Research Paper: These papers conduct thorough examination of a range of explored topics. Such papers address two key questions- “What?” and Why?”, and both represent the consequences and their causes, respectively. But yes, one should eschew the combination of different causes and effects since the key emphasis will get lost. The cause-and-effect research papers can be used in business and education to link between the potential outcomes from actions in future studies.
    • Experimental Research Paper: An experimental paper shall offer an elaborative description of the given experimental context. The experimental research papers are primarily dedicated to the subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, and sociology. The goal of publishing such research papers is to describe a causal relationship or to forecast a phenomenon through certain actions. It is imperative for us to describe our experiment in the research paper in detail and sufficiently back it up with concrete evidence.
    • Survey Research Paper: It is more common in the fields of marketing, business, sociology, psychology, advertising, and public health, as they require survey research papers. In such cases, we are required to run a survey and ask the concerned respondents a few questions. It helps in the evaluation of behaviour in specific situations.
    • Problem-Solution Research Paper: Both the students and the scholars commonly prefer problem-solution research papers. The objective of writing and publishing such papers is straightforward, i.e., finding new solutions to specific issues. To effectively tackle a problem, the researcher is expected to first examine it and then come up with a prudent answer.
    • Report Paper: The preparation of a report paper is relatively easy in comparison to other kinds of research papers discussed above. Here, the key objective is to display the most significant facts that a writer would like to share with his or her readers on a topic. Yes, it is essential for the researcher to carefully go through all the facts and figures before mentioning them in our report to avoid even a modicum of chance for a contradiction to arise.

    Well, it is fully anticipated that our efforts to compile a brief list of different sorts of research papers would have answered all kinds of questions popping on your mind. Additionally, in case you are keen to find online homework help on research proposal drafts, then also we can deliver you the most suited professional intervention.

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    In case you are keen to pursue a career in research endeavours, then presenting your content in the right manner would matter a lot. What to present and how to present will make the sheer difference between a successful and unsuccessful research file. After throwing some appropriate light over what a research paper is, we discussed the most pivotal points that you should focus while penning down a research paper. Subsequently, we discussed the beginning of a research paper and what does not ideally constitute a research paper.

    Last but not the least, we came across different types of research papers that are prevalent in the academic and research fraternities globally. Indeed, achieving a better grasp over different research paper writing formats and compilation of concrete research data are always a daunting task. All kinds of research papers demand their own set of rules, and one cannot anticipate you to be a master strategist in each research project. A smarter move would be to hire paid assignment help to get the research paper done by the experts of the assignment writing industry. We advise you to reach research paper writing help to see how an agency with 15 years of presence in the industry and 15,000+ submissions globally can precisely help you to meet all your research writing needs.