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    Thousands of Students have Already Achieved an ‘A+’ in their Essay Writing Submissions till Date! When are you Confirming your First Order?

    Quality essay writing work demands and tests extreme patience, knowledge, data mining and an eloquent art of writing. Join the movement and submit your work with the essay writing services unanimously acclaimed by the student fraternity across the world.

    Top-quality essay writing comes with a price! And it is not about the monetary price that we are speaking, rather the price invested through immense dedication, pain, sweat and efforts. Elevating the standards of writing from normal to top-notch level is always time-consuming and look forward to plethora of research and knowledge.

    Students normally come across monumental numbers of essay tasks in their curriculum and they are expected to make top quality submissions each time concurrent with other co-curricular activities. It is always too much to ask from students, but that is the trend currently set in the education policies worldwide. Some meritorious students deal with the situation and sacrifice their personal and social lives in the process, while academically weak students unable to balance between the two boats and end up in a slump with poor grades.

    Irrespective of the fact, whether you are unable to cope with the stressful academic routine, unable to conduct the required research work, lack concept clarity and knowledge of the given topic, or simply engaged in other pressing matters, hiring essay help from a trusted agency can make the life as well as the grades much better. You may be associated with an undergraduate course, masters, or even PhD level, or simply returning to the school after a long break, if you are struggling with the essay topics of a particular subject(s), then it is the time to look forward to the experts.

    We at Thoughtful Minds nurture a culture of following the essay instructions provided by the client word-by-word. Our essay writing agency cover the essay writing services for all the subjects and their respective topics and assure the fulfilment of the deadline even with the orders at the eleventh hour. The prices quoted for the students are extremely reasonable and the price will not make much of a difference when it comes to both standard and express delivery options. The students can render any number of essay orders even after spending their monthly budget on tuition fee, hostel fee, travel, food, and leisure. The best part is that you can look for our essay writing samples in advance and seek out the features that make our services an excellent choice and at par with all your requirements.

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    Serving Different Types of Essay Requirements

    Our essay writers are specialised in offering different types of essay paper writing help and can cover different essay writing frameworks and languages as per the assignment instructions provided. The following are some of the most common essay writing forms that are commonly demanded in education councils and frequently ordered by students in the same regard -

    •    Expository Type: It is basically an informative piece of writing representing a balanced form of assessment for the given topic. In this form of essay, the writer would define or explain the components of a given topic with the help of statistics, facts, and examples. Here, the student is required to investigate an idea, expound on the idea, evaluate the evidence, and set forth a debate concerning the concept in a clear and concise format.
    •    Descriptive Type: This form of essay writing depicts a detailed, vivid form of description of something, for instance, an object or a place, but even more abstract aspect like an emotion. This form of essay, just like the narrative essay, is far more creative in comparison to most of the academic writings. It is a genre of essay writing that instructs the student to analyse and describe something, i.e., person, place, object, emotion, situation, experience, etc. It encourages the student to pen down an account of a specific experience.
    •    Narrative Type: This type of essay deals with a single motif, or rather a central point, around which the entire narrative revolves. This type of essay is quite identical to a simple form of five-paragraph of essay written in the same format. As the writing framework of this essay deals with a narrative, the presence of incidents, characters, and dialogues. The work can be presented in different point of views, including, the first-person point of view, the second person point of view or the third person of view.
    •    Compare-&-Contrast Type: This form of essay writing delivers points of comparisons between two subjects. Simply justifying its name, it reflects how the subjects are identical in certain aspects and diverse in terms of others. For example, while comparing and contrasting out two types of apple, you are required to highlight subtle differences on the basis of the fact that, Red Delicious apples are sweet, whereas Granny Smiths are tart and acidic.
    •    Persuasive/Argumentative Type: The entire crux of writing this form of essay revolves around two words, “Convince Me!”. It is required to be well presented with facts to convince the reader to agree with the recommendation or point of view provided by the writer. The entire case must be built on the grounds of facts and logic, along with concrete examples, sound reasoning and expert opinion. The three central components of persuasive/argumentative writing include, Logos (the appeal to logic and reason), Ethos (the appeal to ethic), Pathos (the appeal to emotion). One could easily find this form of writing in the fields of advertisements, speeches, editorials, propaganda, blogs, and reviews.

    Our online essay help services are not confined to the writing variants mentioned above and custom essay writing is not an alien term for us. With a plethora of experience covering more than 14 years of service, we can customise the order as per the new requirements in no time. Just put forth your inquiry, get a free quote, make the payment, and see the magic work!

    Why the Paid Essay Help from Thoughtful Minds is a Premier Choice for Students Across the Globe?

    Since the inception of our services for the last 14 years, we have helped thousands of students not only to excel in their academic grades, but also to rightfully get back their personal and social life the way they deserve. Your schedule might be cramped with co-curricular activities, unit tests, vivas or examinations, therefore, it would not be possible for you to set aside several hours from your already tight schedule to pen down a well-researched, lucrative essay. That is the point, where a professional aid to unburden all your academic worries could play a decisive role.

    It would Help you Make a Better Usage of Time

    Hiring the services of an agency to finish the essay writing task on your behalf would encourage you to develop better time management skills. The process of writing an extended form of essay is always prone to the commitment of mistakes, but when you have a team of specialized subject writers, researchers, editors and proofreaders to watch your back, then there is nothing that you need to worry about. It would speed up the process and make accurate submissions within accurate timeframe.

    You will be happy to learn that all these services are inclusive in the service quote, and you are not required to pay even a single additional penny for editing, research, or revision services at any stage whatsoever!

    Well-Researched Content

    Research demands time, and time is certainly one element that you cannot find in surplus when it comes to stressful academic routine. You are required to find the right reference material both online and offline and check its credibility time and again before providing it the right spot in your submitted work. We at Thoughtful Minds offer our own databank of 100% authorised and legitimate information, that is upgraded on a timely basis. Whether it is a fact, figure, stats or pertinent examples for a comparative analysis, our results will never disappoint.

    Enjoying Expert Advice

    Your friends, colleagues or family members are always regarded as the first contact point for assistance. But to acquire the online essay homework help of the finest order, you cannot look upon them for the same level of expertise, knowledge, and commitment that you can access from a professional eye. During the project completion time, you can always interact with the assigned writer via a secured channel and not only sought out all your queries, but also avail a whole new level of knowledge from an expert who cares about your growth and future. He or she will discuss with you the concepts, tone, subject, and other variables of assignment writing to make up a composition that you can always look forward to.

    Ensuring No Breach Policy for Deadline:

    No one can deny the fact that an essay project finished with exceptional due diligence and effort, yet not submitted on time will yield no good results. Respecting the given deadline is one of the foremost conditions to ensure quality grades. One of the prominent reasons, due to which students trust our services is that our submissions are always deadline oriented. Our writers are aware of segregating the given task as per the allotted time frame. Even the orders given at the eleventh hour are fulfilled as per the given instructions and the requirements without compromising with the quality.

    Once our support representative accepts the offer, and you agree with the given quote and make the payment, rest assured that the work will be delivered within the deadline under all the circumstances. Our support team, the research team, the assigned writer, the editor, and the proofreader would bifurcate the tasks associated with the given order accordingly.

    The Writing Resources that are Hailed Worldwide

    The number of students accessing our service portal has increased exponentially in the last 14 years. The credit for the same goes to the positive word of mouth from our existing clientele, as well as the high quality of content that we offer. When it comes to the information incorporated by our essay writers online, there will be no room for argument or debate, as the procurement of the writing resources is always done from authorised, and trusted and well updated sources only.

    Our essay writers refer the sources accessible at the private databank available with Thoughtful Minds with timely update and upgrade wherever necessary. Therefore, confirm the order and forget, you will only receive a tap of appreciation from your professor on the grounds of research work and content post submission.

    Our Research Efforts Cement the Results

    One of the major reasons, due to which our submissions never generate controversy is the fact that our research team invest plethora of hours to research, analyse and filter the right information and make the right usage of it at the right time. The information that we access at the Internet or routine media papers or magazines are not credible and can always raise suspicion and contradictions. Including poorly researched information with no substantial backing can not only raise questions on your work, but also adversely affect your grade points.

    Besides, due to these testing times of pandemic, it is not reasonable for the students to visit multiple offline sources at research centres and libraries and make a rewarding usage of the time and effort. Just let our research team handle out the job for you and allow you to wait for the order to get delivered with complete peace of mind.

    Customizing Work as per your Academic Material

    We emphasis on the academic course and material of each student and try to synchronize the essay work as per the given requirements. For instance, the style of a book review is not as identical to the template for an English literature essay. The essay writing specifications and formats do very as per the essay topic related to different course subjects.

    The best part of seeking essay help from Thoughtful Minds is that you can find the writers for all your A-to-Z essay homework right under one roof. We have a team of 500 + assignment writers working for students worldwide and credited with 10,000+ assignment writing submissions till date. Simply let our service representative know about your requirements, do share your academic material if necessary, and the rest will be taken care by our experts.

    Plagiarism-Free Content

    Piracy committed, intentionally or unintentionally, is regarded as a crime! It will not only put a big question mark in front of your credibility as a student, but also make your submitted work entitled for rejection. But when you are accessing the essay writing services at Thoughtful Minds, you are about to submit a work successfully cleared by multiple sets of professional eyes.

    The research team will always access the information that is credible enough for submission, the assigned writer would use his or her expertise to accurately rewrite the content, later, the editor will employ powerful anti-plagiarism software tools to drive out even a miniscule of duplicate content present in the final draft, and last but not the least, our proofreader would provide the icing on the cake with accurate rechecking of sentence structuring, spelling or grammatical errors, punctuation, etc. Briefly speaking, all our departments will work together to ensure the fact that your final submission of the given essay homework does turn out to be the best in business.

    Top-notch Quality of Writing

    It is the quality standard of our essay writing that constantly keeps us light-years ahead of our potential counterparts in the industry. We only work with in-house writers, most of whom are former academicians with excellent understanding of the essay writing culture nurtured in prestigious universities and colleges across the globe. As these writers once evaluated the essay works of the students, they know how the game functions and how its rules are set.

    They do have a grass-root level understanding of all the essay writing parameters as well as the components of writing that either boost or curtail the points. All these writers feature master’s degree or a doctorate program in English literature or other specialized subjects, with prima facie understanding of how to turn the table in your favour right from the word one.

    Instant Shipping

    Once the final draft is prepared and approved from our end, our essay paper writing help would reach the ultimate stage of delivery to the concerned client. The delivery of the final work is conventionally done via email (or over a specific online channel as requested by the client) and it is well ensured that all kinds of private and confidential details associated with the client stay under the wrap. In case, there are a few revisions suggested by the essay marker post submission, then we wholeheartedly advise our students to feel free to get back to us for the revision purposes. The revision services are provided by our agency absolutely for free and always addressed by our support team and writers on a priority basis without waiting time.

    Additionally, we always encourage our students to share their feedback to motivate our team members, as well as to keep a check over the room for improvement in the standards of our services. After all, despite being no.1 essay writing services agency in the world, what our clients feel always matter for us the most!

    Affordable for Students from All Financial Backgrounds

    The strong desire of having online essay help from experts is one thing but accessing their services on a regular basis is another. Obviously, your teachers or colleagues would not always be available to guide you with the essay work, and nothing can be more painful than unable to access the professional guidance simply because you lack a few more bucks in your kitty. That is the point, where the cheaply quoted essay writing services of Thoughtful Minds mark their presence. We employ the services of top-quality essay writers and to the most demanding students by bridging the gap between demand and supply. We prefer to keep our profit margin low and ensure that best of the writers is accessible to the students at a low price.

    That is the reason why, irrespective of the fact that how many orders your providing, you will find our services and price to be highly competitive in nature. Besides, our long-term members also enjoy the perks like seasoned discounts as a part of our brand loyalty program initiatives.

    Never-ending Support

    Our support team firmly believes in becoming the part of the solution and we have tirelessly worked to integrate ourselves with a support channel on which our clients can rely 24×7×365. When you are exploring through an ocean of websites to desperately reach the right agency to deliver your essay order, and the support representative would be the face of an agency that you would first interact with.

    When you are going for an agency offering paid essay help, it is obvious that you would expect the support team to be highly courteous, well-learned and responsive. Our service representative would remain accessible to you via multiple communication channels, including phone, SMS, email, and live chat! Our networks even remain fast and congestion-free even at the busiest of hours and enable our team to reach back to you promptly or within the stipulated TAT, to resolve all your doubts and queries before you click the order button.

    Your reasons for online essay homework help can be numerous; it can be your non-familiarity with the English language, not comfortable with the concepts of the given topic, you have initiated the essay work but find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere, or simply you are not interested at all with the given task.

    Imagine yourself for a second being an undergraduate in commerce who must pen down a 5,000-word term paper essay for English 101 on Dostoevsky. Now, how seriously do you think you are going to take the mission? You will fail the given subject and it will kill your GPA for no prudent reason. We know you do not care much about Dostoevsky and writing 5,000 words about something or someone you are not much interested will not only make things for you challenging but excruciating as well. And all that is going to happen for a course that does not applies to your major directly. So, what is the harm in recruiting a professional essay writer for the given task?

    essay writing

    Our approach to the academic services is widespread, and we provide a platform where the students can not only confirm their orders and get the job done by experts, but also hone their knowledge and skills by interacting directly with the experts. Yes, when the order is confirmed, the student is always kept in the communication loop and informed about the progress on a time-to-time basis. The student can interact with the assigned writer and resolve all his or her queries and dilemmas related to the given topic or subject. We at Thoughtful Minds, always nurture an environment where the students not only secure top grades, but also earn loads of knowledge for the future.

    So, what are you still pondering about? Thousands of students have already put forth their inquiries at the portal of our website and transformed not only their essay grades, but their careers as well. Fill up the given form with important details like email, subject/ topic name, deadline, etc. and get a free quote now! You can make the payment through a very fast and secured channel and wait for the assignment essay to get delivered on time with complete peace of mind. So, hire essay writers online at Thoughtful Minds and make each submission more impressive than the previous one!


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