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The world of today is undeniably digital! It doesn’t matter whether you are associated with a small scale enterprise or a multinational corporation, it is very important for you to surmount the competition. In order to thrive in both online and offline market, it is very essential for you to stay in touch with your target audience and continuously pursue them to know what they want and how their consumer behavior is changing.

Why there is a strong buzz for online business promotion?Online business promotion based on ROI

There are a few simple and logical reasons why online promotions are simply an integral part of today marketing campaigns. Please have a loon onto them:

  • Online Promotion is affordable

If we compare it with the conventional tools of offline promotion then we will find this marketing process to be very cheap yet reliable. If you ensure the marketing via email or a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign for a constant period of time then it will prove to be far more affordable investment than offering advertisement in a newspaper for a single day.

  • Involving a better reach

It is a universal fact that Internet is boundless and you can have an access to the local, nation and international clients in no time. Additionally, there is no requirement of the physical stores in order to get linked with the distributors of that particular area.

  • How can you overlook the social buzz?

The identity of a specific brand or company on social media is highly relevant in today’s context. The social media optimization (SMO) is certainly a decisive tool to connect your target audience with a reliable and fast network and retain them for a longer period of time.

  • Getting statistics on your online campaign

The best thing about the real time statistics is that marketers can acquire timely update on the sensation of their online campaign. It will help them to get the info on unique number of visitors each day, the visitor’s geographical location, click through rates and a lot more! It always helps in the application of the new strategies from time to time.

  • The power of instant conversation

You can learn about the preferences and grievances of the customers in a quick fashion. Due to the availability of the instant chat service and the customer support system 24/7 there will be a better communication between you and the customer.

  • Save Time

Yes, the most important thing! Unlike offline stores, you don’t need to give reply to all sorts of general questions and queries from time to time. Just make an FAQ page and get it done in no time. The transactions of the order and the payment online are quick and far more secured than the conventional means.

What We Include in Online Business Promotion?how to find customers online


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most unique and powerful tools for online business promotion in existence. It will help you in increase the traffic of the targeted users onto your site and serve you with the quantifiable and tractable search results. The best feature of SEO is that it is inbound in character and it is 60% less in terms of cost when compared to cold-calling.

The primary objective of SEO is to make your site more usable; to both search engine crawlers and the web users. It is a good tactic to enhance brand awareness and to add more and more users to your clientele when they search for the desired product or service with the most precise keywords.


With the advent of the social media sites like Facebook, Twittter, LinkedIn and many others, the Internet has transformed for good! Now you can certainly call it an electronic bazaar. Social Media Optimization (SEO) will not only help you to make new customers but will also ensure that you retain the old ones. It will help you to access the direct feedback. It is quite cost effective when we compare it down with the final results of promotion and excellent conversion rates in the dealings.


In today’s world of marketing and information, the words spread in e-mails like wildfire. It will help you to reach and interact with the maximum number of clients in no time. It nurtures fidelity among the clientele and will also increase the traffic to your business website on a time to time basis.

Besides customers, it also retails the necessary media exposure and you can maintain high brand recognition for a prolonged period of time. Via newsletters, you can share the calendar of the events, some healthy and smart tips as well as a recipe if you desire to divulge the fact that you consider all your clients an integral part of your family.


It is noteworthy that e-campaigns these days are playing a vital role to generate awareness of the brands on social media. It also helps you to stupefy your corporate social responsibility. E-marketing is always personalized and aids you to reach the target section of audience with the right customer profile. It has a global reach at the most economical investment.

Affiliate Marketing

It is perhaps one of the most important tools of online business promotions. It is a very successful e-technique among the merchants to partner and collaborate. It is very critical to understand that it is a smart approach only if the content of the affiliate’s site is prudent enough to fetch the most unique results for you. If you have a decent budget for advertisement then affiliate marketing can work wonders for you.

Reputation Marketing:

At Thoughtful Minds Web Services, when we take the task of reputation marketing on our shoulders then we keep it parallel to our own. This is the reason why when you look at the testimonials available on our sides then you will understand why we are the best reputation marketing service providers in existence.

Do you wish to know the secret of our success? Well, for the time being we just have to say that alike a smart business unit we are not dependent on a single method of promotion. We have our hands and reach everywhere and opt for the best tool according to the situation and motive of our client.

Digital Consultancy and Strategy:

Our specialists in digital consultancies and strategies will ensure the transformation of your digital audience into content generators. Everything which is digital and useful to our clients is personalized and broadcasted. It doesn’t matter whether it is about pinning a micro-site online, displaying a customized ad or anything else, our target will be to render you something more than your ROI.

The strategy can be both proactive and reactive, but when you are with us then there is no chance of getting any result other than VICTORY!