What are the benefits of Corona Virus ( CoVid 19)?

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You must be shocked to see the title that when people are searching for Latest Corona Virus update , here this blog is saying about Covid 19 benefits. Yes let’s have a look and with examples or references:

Animals are equally important: Humans feel they have the right to live alone on Earth but the truth is they are sharing planet with animals. The recent report says after Italy was affected by Corona Virus, the ships are away from the ocean, river banks are empty and due to this Dolphins are seen on the banks for the first time. Amid Coronavirus Lockdown, Dolphins appear in the waterways of Italy.

Dolphins in Italy's waterways

Dolphins are back in waterways of Italy due to Corona Virus

The picture above is really soothing and reminds us what we forgot… We share the planet, not own it!

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Venice is the cleanest in the last 60 years: Another Corona Virus benefit is again for the Venice which is now the clearest as compared to the last 60 years. With little or no traffic on the canals, due to self-isolation, now the sediments are settled at the bottom, thereby making the canals look clearer, beautiful and a better place for sea animals. Now, you can see the canals full of fishes, enjoying nature without any human intervention.

Janta Curfew 21 March 2020

Source: Hindustan Times

The similar picture is seen in India on March 22, 2020, where an appeal of self-isolation or Janta Curfew was made by Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi. Today, is the first time in so many years that streets are deserted and  you can see the birds chirping even in crowded cities like Mumbai, Delhi and other locations. Air pollution in Delhi has drastically gone down and thanks to Corona Virus for this.

Janta Curfew impact India March 21,2020

Source: The Indian Express

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Another major benefit of Covid 19 is that India along with the whole world is learning the importance of hygiene. It’s a clear message for foreign countries that it’s best to follow the practice of being vegetarian, and to keep cleanliness all around. Indian bus terminals, railway stations where it was impossible to even stand are now getting time to get back to their original shape, years before, when population was less. Since all public transportation is on halt, proper cleaning is going on everywhere in the country which was else impossible due to huge population overloads.

Hygiene is must

Source- Tehalka

Spitting is a curse, is understood for the first time in India, as earlier spitting pan and chewing tobacco was something very casual. States like Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Bihar etc. where chewing pan is like a fashion and seeing red corners of every busy place is normal because of spitting, are now changing and realizing it’s a bad habit and need immediate stoppage.

Jaipur police urging stay at home in Jaipur

Source- The Tribune India

Today on March 22, 2020, the latest Corona Virus Update is that it has crossed 300 cases in India, claiming life of 4 people and compelled government to take strict decisions like complete lockdown (Rajasthan and Punjab till 31st March, 2020). But as here we are talking about Corona Virus benefits, the advantage of Covid 19 is that, we are now realizing how important is to think above self-interest and help others.

Pedestrian first in India

Source: Times of India

Yes, with self-isolation, people understand it’s equally important to protect you and avoid putting the life of others in danger. Though the concept of “Pedestrian first” is only practicable in European countries’ roads, India now understands this concept is really good and must be applicable here too. Now, people are thinking about the lives of health workers, house maids who otherwise were the most unnoticed people (at least before Modi Government).

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Work at home work culture by Thoughtful Minds

Source: Thoughtful Minds Web Services P Ltd.

Work from home culture is equally important and is back due to Covid 19. Yes, this is another Coronavirus benefit that it has brought work from home culture. Though, this culture was popular earlier too, like we were offering work from home jobs in India along with other IT companies but now Corona Virus has made it mandatory for other companies to keep space for this concept.

Today, big office buildings crowded with office staffs are learning from companies like Thoughtful Minds where work from home option was practiced in parallel right from the beginning. These organizations are struggling to create a new workspace and are not comfortable since there was no such provision earlier. We understand physical space is important, office infrastructure plays an important role, but good manpower should not be restricted to boundaries. Every organization (if possible) must have an option of work from home, so that in case of specially abled or those who are unable to join office due to far away location or due to any reason are able to work from the comforts of their home.

Happy Image of Italy

Source: Twitter

Covid 19 has made it very clear that both physical and online presence is equally important for organizations and this can even solve the problem of pollution as when people work at home, there should be less vehicles on road. Fewer vehicles simply mean less petrol consumption which anyhow is going to help economy. This is another Corona Virus benefit which people must realize when they are keen to know about the latest Corona Virus update.


Source: Lenskart

Another point linked to above is that now is the time to make every business online, so as to beat contingencies or emergencies. Yes, every organization now has to go online, no matter what. Matters not how big a brand is physically it has to create an online presence as well. A good example of company that has benefited from both online and offline presence is- Lenskart. The company first started as an online portal for people to buy spectacles, lenses finds it hard to sell them online. But, instead of dropping the idea, opened physical stores all around! This is the model which every business must adopt not just at the time of Corona Virus attack but in general.

Dont waste Food

Don’t waste Food Source: Slideshare

Next important benefit is that of understanding how to use limited resources. Yes, with lock-down being announced for a couple of days, we need to understand why effective utilization of resources is must and why we should not waste resources. You need to manage with the groceries ( though shops of daily necessities are going to be opened) still since its a lock-down you have to think twice before wasting anything. Thank you Corona Virus for this.

Swachh Survekshan- Mr. Narendra Modi

Let’s keep everything clean Source: Livemint

Finally, the biggest advantage of Corona Virus or Covid 19 is that, it has made it very clear, if you wish to survive you need to keep your immunity strong. Yes, the message is loud, avoid long working hours, stop damaging your organs, stay fit, eliminate wrong eating habits and live and let live. Let’s take a pledge to learn a lot from Corona Virus and take oath that next corona Virus update should be.. that it is fully controlled and has become neutralized like in China.