Content Writing Services for Every Business amid Covid19

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Business survival a problem due to Coronavirus? Final resort- Content Writing Services- Here’s how!

Business dying due to Covid19

Choosing between online and offline business- it has been a matter of hot debate from the time when e-commerce business and online services came into existence. Some called in favor of physical offline market due to the scope for direct physical interaction with the buyer/seller and product/services. On the other hand, people leveraging for online services have their say, defining it to be fast, convenient and secured medium of transaction.

Before you read further, please note these services are helpful for not just businesses in India rather USA, UK, Australia, Germany, UAE, New Zealand and almost any country suffering or have suffered from Covid19.

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It is an undeniable fact that despite ever expanding online services, the traditional offline business mode had been preferred until recently. The advent of pandemic Coronavirus (COVID-19) annihilated human lives as well as business settlements worldwide equally. The outbreak of Coronavirus across the world made the greatest strength of the physical market it’s greatest weakness i.e. close human interaction.

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The pandemic has sabotaged incalculable number of companies both in India and overseas and many of them cannot understand what is the immediate solution to cope with it. Now, the most interesting aspect that we all can witness during the course of these events is the fact that the companies that prefer to exist and function online are somehow proven to be immune to this disease outbreak. Most of these companies not only survived but also these companies registering good profits in Coronavirus pandemic due to the absence of offline services any more.

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Surviving the Covid 19 Pandemic by Shifting to New Platform

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 The revival of the trade and businesses within a short frame of time is extremely critical not only from the viewpoint of the economy but also in terms of jobs and livelihood of enormous number of people. Now, the process of business functions totally distinct from that of brick and concrete one. Here, you are required to first learn the new rules of digital marketing world, then hone the skills in them, then compete with the existing market players and then hope to fetch some profit later on. Seems tougher to do than say, right?

Now, there are two ways to do it! First is borrowing the services of your existing branding and promotion team, spend thousands of dollars, and might get some results after several months or the entire year. Second, you hire the services of a content writing agency in India that specializes in brand recognition and promotion over the Internet and help you cement your place quicker.

Here, one can bet on the fact that any sane man would opt for the second option as you are outsourcing the entire job and accountability to a specialized agency that is familiar with the turf. A content writing services company which has played by the rules of the game (and sometimes set a few of them) can deliver you faster results and that too at the most reasonable investment.

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How Good Content can Turn your Fortunes Irrespective of Business?


It does not matter your business is associated with which industry or sector; if you can provide good, informative content about your business and service over the Internet then it can and it will attract meaningful traffic to your site.

If you have a good and trusted content writing service provider to assist you then shifting the entire business offline to online is not as difficult as it seem to be. Effective content writing is all about offering your business a legit ranking while explored over the search engine with specific keywords. When you look at the most successful SEO content writing companies in India then you would find that they only deploy ethical practices to get transparent results for their clients.

Now, the question that pops onto your mind is if the content could save the day, then why not any content could do the trick? Why it has to be a content with accurate title and description about your business and well refined and researched keywords as key ingredients?

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Well, the answer lies in the fact that besides making the content a user engaging one, it has to be in accordance with the search engine algorithmic parameters. The selection of the right keywords, the combination of keywords, the insertion of precise LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords and the density of keywords in the entire content are indispensable.

The content writing services for the physical offline businesses require tireless efforts not only on the web page but also over all the mediums where the potential buyer can visit. It include the creation of user engaging blogs, the creation of news feeds and news content as well as empathising on social media promotion. It is the combined effort put by your hired content writing company across the platforms that generate traffic, inquiries and conversion.

The best part of the online services is that even the conventional educational service providers can get benefited with academic writing services as well as the content promoting thesis and research material.

Thoughtful Minds

Why Thoughtful Minds is a Universal Choice for Every Business Shifting Online?


The following are the reasons that suggest you to pick us as your first online business marketing and promotion partner

  • We are the flag-bearers of diverse content writing services in India for the past 14 years. There is no substitute for experience!
  •  We specialize in handling the promotion requests of the companies that are struggling to find identity, recognition and ranking over the Internet and leverage a successful portfolio that anyone would be proud of. We are the masters of bringing the ailing companies back on track as well as the physical companies that would like to test their metal in the virtual world.
  • Being a first timer to the challenging online competition, it is not advisable to drain out all your investments in barricading an unknown turf! The leverage of a specialized content writing and promotion agency can help you save a large chunk of money; which is essential during these tough times.
  • We are one of the few companies believing in long term collaborations. That is the reason why once your company spread it’s roots over the Internet; we can also assist it with other services such as PR promotion, reputation management, etc.

So start your own blog today and exclusive services from Thoughtful Minds that stood the test of time and let your customers know that you are accessible to them easier than before!