Tough Time for India starts now-Covid19 fight

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Title may be frightening but the real fight is now for India. Hopes of the lockdown end are diminishing as a huge spike in the number of Corona positives is seen. Worse is the death rate that worsened in the last 2 days.

Tough time for India- Covid19

Source: The Jakarta Post

So far things  were controlled as the symptoms were not visible but now as the date of lockdown end is nearby, frightening news are coming. Here’s why the tough time for India starts now:

1. India is now seeing a rapid increase in the cases of Corona positives in almost all parts of country. As still the test rates are less, chances are quite high that a huge population is already infected and likely to come in picture when their condition go worse. It is a problem as Coronavirus can only be treated with ease, when the case is identified and treated in its initial phase.

Dharavi in Covid19 fear

Source: Economic Times

2. Asia’s biggest slum- Dharavi, where more than 6,50,000 people live is already containing patients with Corona symptoms. This slum reported first positive Corona case on 23 March 2020 and this 56 years old garment trader is now no more. It is a triggering condition as the trader lived in a place that has more has over half million population with area as less as 2.5 sq km. Here isolation or social distancing terms are like impossible. To make the things worse, now another Corona positive is identified from this slum. It simply means now the coming days are more like nightmare and it is indeed a daunting task to test, identify and save the mass of people living here.

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3. Whole world and even WHO is emphasising on test, test and test. India so far has tested 14,175 people in as many as 72 labs operated by States. It is considered to be one of the lowest testing rates and is frightening. The reason behind this is the limited testing capability of country. Right now, only those who have a travel history or in touch of infected person, or those who are involved in the treatment of infected patients are considered eligible for Covid 19 testing. Even for them, the eligibility is development of few symptoms of Coronavirus or respiratory disorders.

Coronavirus in India

Source: Economictimes

4. Why the testing rate is so low in India is another point related to above. There are reasons why the second largest populated country with over a billion populations has such low rate of testing. First of all, it is believed the country has still not entered the third stage. Secondly, experts even believe the testing rate is kept low intentionally. It is due to a fear that its uneven public health sector and even lack of resources could lead to flood of patients. India is buying time and busy stocking testing kits, arranging ventilators and hospital beds. As per former federal health secretary K Sujatha Rao, mass testing is not a solution, but the testing facility in India appears to be too limited. He strongly pointed out, India needs to expand quickly, so as to restrict community spread.

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5. Virologists also believe if India starts fast testing, then it would lead to panic situation. It is likely to destroy the feeble infrastructure of public health care. Thus, the country can neither ignore fast testing nor could enforce it.

India controlled HIV

Source: CNN

6. Although India defeated polio, controlled HIV/Aids spread, combat small pox and even H1N1, but this time the fight is with Covid 19. This highly transmissible virus has already brought tears in the eyes of developed countries like Italy, USA, UK, Spain, China and now India is in its radar. India being a developing country spends as high as 1.28% of its GDP on health care and the lock down remains for a longer time period, and then the whole economy is likely to get destroyed. Thus, if the lock down is put to an end this month, then it’s not possible to stop community spread and continued lock down is likely to destroy the economy.

7. India’s all efforts of defeating Covid 19 got severe setback due to a huge gathering of Tablighi Jamaat in the Nizamuddin area of Delhi, the capital of India. It is an Islamic missionary movement that is considered very popular and attracts people from various parts of the world who follow Islam. In spite of lockdown, government has evacuated as many as 2300 people from Markaz and sent 1800 to a number of quarantine centres. The problem is there were lot many who are likely to be Corona positive and are yet to be traced as they are now in various parts of the country. Hundreds of them are yet to be tested and people who were in contact with them are tested positive. Over 25000 people are quarantined and tests are going on that are alarmingly showing hike in the Coronavirus positive cases.



8. To worsen the things, the incidence of Tablighi Jamaat has taken an Islamophobic turn. Now people instead of hating Corona hate quarantine. As more than 100 years old, Tablighi Jamaat is considered responsible for spreading Covid 19, it has resulted in turning more and more Muslims against following lockdown. There are riots in various parts of the country over stopping of Muslims to offer Namaz in mosques. All together it has resulted in taking a Islamophobic turn which is creating hurdles in identifying and treating Covid 19 patients.

9. Mass population of India constitutes those who live below poverty line and are dependent on daily wages. There are farmers who live with no savings and for them 21 days lock down are like a position to die of starvation. Although government and a number of social welfare organizations are doing a bit, but still it’s not possible to feed every empty stomach. Thousands of people are with little or no food and for them imagining increase in the lockdown is like end of all their hopes.

immigrants amid Covid19 in India

Source: Aljazeera

10. Lock down has stopped thousands of migrating labours wherever they were during the lockdown. They are away from their families with little or no clothes or other essentials. Their families are desperate to see them and every single day is like a month for them. A news of increase in the lockdown is likely to spread chaos everywhere as the number is in thousands.

11. Finally, food supplies are likely to hit badly and situation of starvation may occur if the period is going to extend for good number of days. Thus, the tough time for India starts now. All eyes are on Modi who so far has managed the situation somehow. Earlier country has shown respect for his Prime Minister by participating in Modi’s 9min 9 pm campaign. You may read what does Modi’s 9 min 9pm candle light implies and was it a success.

Almost all world’s eyes are on India this time, especially when America is finding it hard to combat Covid 19.

Bhilwara amid Covid19

Source: Livemint

Irrespective of all adverse situations as mentioned above, government is taking all measures to ensure the spread of Coronavirus can be stopped. Country is able to control Covid 19 by making a small place in Rajasthan called Bhilwara free from it which was earlier considered to be the hotspot for Covid19. With testing kits already available and 5T plan suggested by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind kejriwal, India is now determined to get rid of this virus.

Modi already mentioned his ministers; this battle is not going to end soon and we have to continue fighting and winning it.

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