How to get subscribers on Youtube?

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In the scene of content marketing, the factor that is leading the way is Video content. For the purpose of video sharing, video blogging (vlogging) and video marketing, the platform that is leading at present is YouTube. This platform is offered by Google; it is free and is loved by most of the people. In the game of video marketing, the recent names are Twitter and Facebook but the impact made by YouTube is still not touched by them.

How to get views on Youtube?

In case YouTube channel is currently owned by you, there might be doubts in mind like how more subscribers and enhance YouTube videos reach.

Each of the uploaded video has great potential for large audience with per month visitors’ count of over a billion on YouTube. Be it the video of any category, the platform that is go-to is YouTube for video consumption.

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With an all new lot of rising stars coming on the platform, YouTube is certainly the best resource that everyone might be looking forward for getting publicity and marketing. For internet reach broadening bloggers can make use of YouTube by establishing personal connection with followers. There is high possibility for this giant of social media to be leveraged by a blogger for driving huge traffic. For that purpose, it is must for one to have more subscribers. 

Top 20 ways to get free Youtube subscribers:

If you are looking forward to revamp the YouTube channel then the below given 20 methods for getting more YouTube subscribers 2019 is going to help you a lot. All you need to do is implement these techniques in correct manner and you will attain your target for sure:

#1. Watermark is must for videos to increase Youtube subscribers:

This little hack is nice to be used right away for the YouTube channel. This feature is provided by YouTube to add watermark to the videos that will be visible all the time on all videos. This provides the viewers with another way for subscribing the channel.

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For doing this, you need to visit the branding page of YouTube and add watermark there. Take care of the options available for showing watermark. Any existing watermark could also be removed and a ne one could be used. Like, you can make watermark of the logo and then go to subscribe as a watermark.

#2. Configure the details of YouTube account for free Youtube Subs:

This hack is also a great option for adding all the videos with subscribe reminder. Similar to branding, default setting are allowed to be added by YouTube for all uploads of future. This feature could be used for asking to users in all videos for subscribing to videos. For its configuration, just head to the page of YouTube defaults and add description that is desired to be visible in all videos. While uploading videos, anything could be removed or edited that saves lot of time and make sure that my viewers are reminded for subscribing the channel.

#3. Append SML magic string to the URL of channel to increase Youtube Subscribers:

For an exponential increase in subscription of YouTube channel by people who click link of your channel, this serves to be another great way.  In this method, the link of your channel is appended with “?sub_confirmation=1”



The action of this URL: When the link having SML magic string is clicked by the user, a popup is seen by them for subscribing the YouTube channel quickly.

Friction is removed by this and channel is quickly subscribed by users.  This SML magic string could be added as in the tip shown below. Another way for doing this is to add it at the time of adding link of YouTube channel on social media, blog or other places.

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#4. Make a script (plan) for videos to increase real Youtube Subscribers

Planning serves to be the first step to start with the journey of YouTube that includes everything that your channel is about.  After this comes the planning of videos structure.

Choose the thing that you love to create and then apply focus on related skills development. Make sure not to mimic the YouTube channels that are trending. For getting success on YouTube, it is more important to do the thing that you love.

When script is written for videos, their performance tends to become better since scripts help in efficient organization of videos and also help you to be on track. By attaching with a script, you will not turn to unrelated topic and will remain on track.  Perfect event flow is also ensured by this script that result in the video that is well-focused.

#5. Your video script should include as many details as possible for more Youtube Subscribers.

The actions taken the video

Exact words that will be uttered

Main focus points

Any desired call to action (subscribe to channel, click on the link etc.)

Identification of target audience is also important so that script is based on their understanding. Make use of proper language after identification of target audience.

#6. Create content that is highly engaging for more Youtube Subscriptions.

This point is obvious that content which you create needs to be informative, engaging and entertaining. Make sure that for the whole video, content stays this way and did not lose the hook in middle since its cost could be lot of viewers.

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The content needs to be either informative or entertaining for giving best performance. However, great performance is often driven by the content that serves to be both informative and entertaining. With content marketing of any type, this is pretty standard. In particular, the most successful videos are those that entertain as well as inform.

To be specific, the blend of evergreen and burst videos must be uploaded by you. For certain time period, all the fury will be burst videos that will brings hits instantly but as time passes away, these are faded away.

The videos in evergreen category are those getting archived videos and irrespective of time, they remain relevant. In ideal cases, you should, if possible, make efforts for evergreen content creation. If camera wrath is something that you fear then try screen-casts publishing that could still be made informative and entertaining. Before hitting the publish button, make sure in whatever you do that the videos are highly appealing and for the audience, they are of great value.

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#7. Increase the frequency of uploading for Youtube Followers:

Saying this is easy but it is not so in practice and still its validity could not be ignored. The main reason why users subscribe a channel is that they want to see more videos of the publisher as the work is liked by them.  The channels not producing content regularly are not liked by YouTube subscribers. Especially the present digital age has users looking forward for all the more entertainment coming continuously.  It is must that you are able to meet demands of subscribers.  For establishing connection with subscribers that is enduring, the key is consistency.

The videos should be released in structured, recurring and timely fashion. On weekly basis, at least on video must be published or at least two on monthly basis.  Make a schedule for uploading videos and do not go off this but stick to it as otherwise the reputation might have negative effects.

#8. Learn title optimization for real Youtube Subscribers:

The aspect that serves to be most important for YouTube success is being unique.  Giving offbeat names to the videos is one of the great ways for doing this since several people will come to the channel just on curiosity basis.

Major role is played by having titles that are quirky in getting more views and this is something desired by channel for getting social proof factor benefit.  For maximizing the views, YouTube marketing’s SEO part must also be driven into. Some useful tips for YouTube titles optimization for enhancing reach are:

Title should have keyword: In past, this trick was high impact on SEO but its effect on video is still pretty large. Videos are not watched by Google crawlers the way blog posts are read by them. When your title will have keyword in it, the Google bots will come to know as what is there in the video.

Make use of Google Adwords to get information on what is being searched on web by people: Make efforts to handle the videos with perfect combination of low competition and searches of high volume.

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Avoid too long titles: The video title length is truncated by Google down to 66 characters and further YouTube | is added before the video that goes for 10 additional characters. Ideally the video title should not exceed 50 characters.

#9. Use descriptive title: The audience should get sneak peak regarding the matter of video.

Title should be engaging: This is said previously as well that more people click on quirky titles and rank will be enhanced with more clicks.

Title should not have the word ‘video’: On the search engine of YouTube, this will not help in ranking higher and will just occupy space.

In short, your title should be relevant, catchy and optimized.

Get best possible benefit from channel optimization:

If you want your brand to be trusted on YouTube by visitors then try to get as much benefit as possible from customization options offered by YouTube.

In case you already own a blog having certain following then similar elements of branding should be used by your YouTube channel as well so that you become familiar crossways all the platforms.

You can establish yourself as a brand by having custom and well-crafted YouTube art. In this, customized background header must be used including some of your blog’s design elements. To wind up with customization of channel, try to get as much benefit as possible from YouTube custom URL and channel bio. The bio must be precise and short. For the bio that is more detailed, it is always possible to link video description to the URL of blog.

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#10. Distinguish thumbnails of video to increase Youtube Subscribers:

This is something agreed by most of the creators on YouTube. Custom video thumbnail creation for every video in place of those generated randomly. The CTR of videos is increased when custom thumbnails and relevant images along with annotations are used for them. Users will come to know what the video is about with the help of custom video thumbnail. Thumbnails selection is currently offered by YouTube from 3 intervals- at 1/4th, ½ and 3/4th mark. From these, you can select the best one illustrating your video.

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