10 Steps to get Google Ranking on a Particular Keyword

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Are you also willing to see your website at the top of Google search results on a particular keyword? Although, in our earlier post, we already have mentioned 4 proven ways to improve ranking of a website, here we are talking about 10 steps to rank your website on particular keywords in Google. You need to do it by yourself; unless you own New York Times or Wikipedia and that won’t be so easy. But no worries now, by adopting some simple steps you can get your website at the top of Google searches.

Ranking your website on particular keywords

You need to do a repeatable process to get website ranking on a particular keyword. If you are a new website and think to get ranking on the top keyword than it’s difficult, but if you use the content marketing & SEO strategies seriously, you definitely reach near to the mark up to some extent.

How to rank your website on certain keyword on Google?

1.Arrange the Groundwork

This is the pre-step that needs to take before the first step. You need to know and arrange things, before you are going to conquer the hope of getting Google ranking on a particular keyword. Some of the pre-requisites are as follows:

Strong Website: You should increase the links of your website, its credibility and authority. Longer your website has been around of all these things, it’s better for you. It’s good, if your website follow all the SEO practices as according to the Webmaster guideline of Google.

Build Network: To get ranking quickly on a particular keyword, it’s important to build a network to which you can share your content. You must have a good blog following, an audience on the social networking websites as like twitter & facebook, email networks for the email marketing. If you still, don’t get that what it means than you should try to know about the link building as a form of relationship building.

Don’t Stuff: You need to do things accurately while maintaining high quality. If you don’t do it correct at the first time, you have to correct it later. Hence, it’s better to get it correct at the starting stage.

STEP 2: Initial Keyword Research

You may know that what keywords you need to target for the ranking, but you should check the effectiveness and number of searches on that particular keyword. You should find out the competition & volume on the keyword, before finalizing it. You should consider the following points:

Good volume keyword: Generally, you should not target a low volume keyword instead you should choose the similar equivalent term that is more popular. For instance, there are almost over thrice number of searches for “Engineering jobs”, if we compare it with the keyword “Engineering career”. Sometimes, the keyword having high volumes are too much competitive, in that case, you should go with the similar low volume keywords that may raise your website ranking in just short period of time.

Choose relevant keyword: You get successful results for your keyword ranking, only if, when you use your business relevant keyword that directly connects with your business products or services. By choosing such keywords your chances to get more return, increases. All the process is just in vain, if it not get you enough profit, website traffic & leads. For instance, for a party business a blog on “how to cook for a party” is more relevant & appealing than a blog named “how to cook rice”.

You should start to make a list of the primary keywords which have close variations. On the later part, it helps you in optimizing your content.

STEP 3: Find out the competition:

Once you prepare the list of the primary & secondary keywords, make analysis on the different search engines about the activities pursuing by your competitors. You are needed to give particular attention on:

Domain Names: Check out, the number of companies with the same keyword as their URL. Does URL’s on the 1st page include the keywords?

Title: Find how the URL’s incorporates into the keywords?

Ranked Content: What is ranked on the top? Is it a product page, video or a blog posts?

Type of the already ranked business: Check out, whether they are small businesses, news websites or huge brands?

Check the Credibility & Authority: You should check the authority & credibility of the website by using the plug-ins such as Seo for Firefox.

Make Efforts: You should apply more efforts than your competitors to perform better & get top Google ranking. You are needed to exceed the links that they have and also mark your presence on the Social Media.

STEP 4: Intent Consideration

More specific your keyword is (choose long tail keywords), more easier it becomes to gauge the intent of the user. For the searchers, it becomes easy to get the correct information about the thing they are seeking off. In the search marketing the best guess by a person using the search query is really needed. Consider the following example and see how easy it is to guess the intent,

  • Glass
  • Eyeglass
  • Discount eye glass
  • Discount eye glass frame
  • Discount eye glass frame for kids

You should know that what kind of content is best for your keyword. In this case, selecting the discount eye glass frame is best for sales. From the 1st term you can’t even tell that a person is actually looking for the eye glass or not. Even from the 2nd, it might a person is looking for a picture of the eye glasses. There is no such clear intent to buy. E-commerce business focuses to get ranking on the commercial keywords.

Google founder even said that an ideal search engine would serve just only one result that satisfies the searcher needs. You are needed to be that one result which feels a searcher satisfied instead of he go back and crawl the search results and looking for some other better answer.

STEP 5: Logical Content

In this step, we focus on making a new content that come in ranking for the chosen keyword. There are many paths that help to rank a keyword; they include writing an article, blog post, product page, index of links, authoritative guide, info graph, making videos etc.

How much time consumes in content creation? Who can do it? You have to do it at your own or outsource it? Are you having the necessary resource or budget? You can write a blog post or not? You can get the content from different resources or not? You have to find the solution of all these questions & other related questions. Here, we may help you by suggesting our name as the best company to get content writing services in India at very cheap prices, but again, it is just a suggestion, you may choose others, if you like.

STEP 6: Execution

Execute the plan that you have prepared yet. You have to plan an execution and manage it so well that you get the fruitful results of all your hard work. Search engines are looking for the high quality content that is also seeking by the searchers. They don’t want the keyword spam blog posts and pages that are full of ads. If you want to buy traffic without putting efforts, then go with the PPC or paid advertisements.

STEP 7: Keyword Optimization

It’s better to optimize your content while writing it rather than you put efforts in optimizing it later. You should not go with the white text or white backgrounds instead use the strategies that satisfy the Google Guidelines. You should name the image file with the keyword. Users mostly ignore them but instead they are highly responsible for the increase in the keyword ranking. For instance, you can see any of the Wikipedia pages that are the best example of on page optimization. Before you click on the publish button, you should double check on the keywords that you include while writing the page. You also need to check that there should be alignment in between the content and the keyword.

STEP 8: Publish it

Now it’s the time to present your content before the world. Depending on the type of content you should publish it carefully, at the perfect time. This is not a condition for the evergreen content but it’s useful for other type of contents. You should also focus on publishing the press release of your newly introduced product or service.

STEP 9: Promotion

This is a very important step to drag people after your blog publishing. In fact, for the big pieces of content you should outreach to media before it goes live. You need to do everything that makes your content in reach of maximum people. You can do the following things:

  • Share your content through the social networking websites
  • Use widgets or social buttons on your website to promote the independent sharing of your content.
  • Try to make links to your content that connects your other blogs that you posted earlier. But make sure the blogs were of quality.
  • While doing promotion, you should research about crucial things like Google penalty- how to check and ways to get a website recovered. This will help you in avoiding any mistake.

STEP 10: Analyzing

Your work is not complete yet. You also need to make sure that the keywords you choose are working up to their mark or not. You should check the ranking of the keywords manually (make sure the browser cache is clear and you are signed out while checking) and through the rank checking tool.

That’s it! This process is needed to follow by you to get ranking on a particular keyword in Google search results. Hope for the best and get started! In case you find it hard writing great content, then you may take the help of this reputed company offering reliable article writing services in India at really cheap prices.