Top 10 tips to increase views on YouTube videos

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In the world, the position of second largest search engine is embraced by YouTube. It is therefore the channel widely used for entertaining, promoting and educating the audience. On an average, the visits on YouTube in a month are around 22 billion. The popularity of YouTube is therefore clear. But some people try to make use of this channel for marketing by using money. But, to be very clear here, the capabilities of bot detection of YouTube have become all the more better and enhanced.  Due to this reason, more focus is laid on the behavior of user compared to the view counts.


For increased views, content expansion opportunities and better experience of user, better processes must be followed by the content creator or marketers. Reach your audiences via the world’s most premier platform, YouTube that has the capacity to influence billions. Here are the tips that you can follow to increase YouTube views and show your content to billions.

For showcasing the most pertinent and best videos to the audience, there are own algorithms of YouTube similar to those of Google. The algorithms of YouTube decide best videos based on wide variety of factors and then give them top ranks in the search results.


Use keyword and descriptive rich titles:

The keyword research that you have done will be helpful here. Two main objectives could be fulfilled by the title that is interesting and descriptive:

  • Provide the algorithms with relevant keywords for the purpose of sorting.
  • Entice the visitors informing them regarding the visitor

On YouTube, popularity of the keyword could be checked from the keyword planner. Here, from the right section, select YouTube search. When the content of your video is optimized for correct keywords, it can attract organic views since the search engine and users are informed about your video.

Keyword rich high quality descriptions:

The search engines could be informed about your video with the help of its descriptions that let the users know about the video. The views as well as click through rate are increased with its help as users know what they will find in the video. You have to remain broad and stand out at the same time. It is important that you are able to capture interest while making efforts to get rank on the keywords that are short tail.

Make proper use of tags:


Another thing that is helpful in distinguishing the content of your videos further is tags. This is helpful for the algorithms to understand what the video will show to the users. The core of your video must be reflected by the tags along with the title and description of video.

Enhance the image of thumbnail:

For increasing the views of your video, wonders could be done by your thumbnail image. This offers great results in organic results, proposed sections of videos that might appear on the social media. The images that you use in the video should be of high quality with engaging and readable fonts that could boost the popularity of your video.

Create video transcript:

The ranking of your YouTube video heavily depends on the video transcripts and captions. More views on YouTube video could be obtained with the help of closed captions catering to the international audience.

There could be immense increase in your views and you could also get viewership traffic’s justifiable method with good ranks in the organic results of YouTube. Boosting the views quickly by buying them on YouTube is not a good solution in long term. The reason behind this is algorithms of YouTube consider behavioral analytics as more meaningful factors for rankling.

Content for increasing views:

The most significant factor in deciding the views for YouTube is the video’s content. There are better interactive analytics as the result of good content that are recognized by the search engines. This provides better positioning to the video in the results of organic search. Your content must be entertaining as well as informative. Value must be provided to the viewer by your video content. Valuable content compels the users to return and this result in increased views for the future videos.


Videos attached to viral trends:

The video content that is allied to trends that are already viral must be created. The content in the framework of phenomenon of viral trend already has an integral market demand and therefore could prove to be beneficial. You have to make clever use of your videos so that they can get attached with the viral trends and become popular. There could be immense increase in the views as your videos will get the audience that are looking for content that is in trend.

Visitant YouTubers might help:

The views for your YouTube videos could be brilliantly enhanced with the help of guest YouTubers. Analogues to blog content’s guest posting, the influencers of industry or guest YouTubers can do marvels in your video views. The users could be enticed with guest YouTubing by offering them with a unique and different perspective of the industry’s scope.

Industry’s best video content must be created:

The bottom line of YouTube is to have the crowd on platform. More views on the videos reflect more profit. You can make use of several available ways so as to increase the views on videos and subscribers. You can attract more users to your videos by enhancing the videos so that they get relevant to those videos that are popular and in trend. The sidebar of YouTube channel shows the videos that the algorithms find relevant with respect to the video just watched by the user.  Similar descriptions and keywords might be targeted in your video so that matching topic could be covered in more accessible and engaging tone.

Make end screens:


When your video ends, the unique purpose of doing a bit of all is served by the end screens. They offer the chance with which the visitors could be provided with everything having relevance to your channel’s information, recommended videos, verified websites etc. The YouTube views could be enhanced directly or indirectly equally by optimization features: relating with your other videos or attaining more subscribers.

You might also make use of autoplay options or can generate playlists for providing the visitors with relevant videos easily. This keep them engaged and compel for returning to the channel.

Make use of these tips and attract more and more users to your videos.