Ultimate guide to use hashtags and tags effectively

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Looking forward for effective Social Media Marketing? You cannot ignore the importance of hashtags and tags for targeted digital marketing strategy. For success, it is must for your content to be found. This holds true for all including videos, articles, images, blogs, podcasts, publications, simple text and even infographics for the website. The content wants to be established. But it becomes extremely hard for the content to be found when numbers of these are published on daily basis. It has become essentially more important than ever to conduct proper research for accurate keywords, tags, expressions and hashtags as then only it is possible to rank your website on particular keywords.


Tag research holds strong relevance with the primary keywords and is therefore must for the purpose of growth. You might be unaware of the fact that for the purpose of content organization, hashtags are used as a prominent way by several popular platforms such as: Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Squiddo, Flickr Instagram, Tumblr, Waywire, App.net, Vine, Friendfeed, Diaspora etc.

What does hashtags, tags and keywords do?

  • The basic information regarding your content is provided by the keyphrase or keyword. Generally the content, title and meta tags of the content contain this. This points to the key idea on which the content is focused.
  • Within the website functions the tag and it provides significance between the information and link it with the interrelated categories. It is important to use relevant keywords instead of using all those that match.
  • Sometimes hashtags also function like tags but as an additional ability, the in interesting topics and current affaires could also be added by these to the content.


In the long run, the purpose of both hashtags and tags is same: to grab the attention of people and make the content searchable on the sites having loads of content. As mentioned formerly as well, it is about applicability. This could be extremely beneficial for your efforts of content marketing.

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The efforts of content marketing could receive more return with the keywords and phrases that are well researched. It helps in attracting quality visitors in more quantity to the site. For the purpose of remarketing the old content as well, hashtags play a significant role and the content keep on coming in the popular and relevant streams. The content that is generated by you must be used in maximum possible ways. For your website, enduring drive of significant traffic is ensured when accurate tags are made with the keywords.

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It is better to be creative with the hashtags to bring positive results.  All through the market, niches could be grabbed with the help of precise hashtags and sub categories.

Search the correct words:

There is not much difference in the research process for hashtags and keywords. For the service or product that you are offering, look for the terms that are used for searching that product by people. The process goes step by step like:

  • Foundation: your company’s core keypharases and keywords.
  • Connection: keywords that overlay with basic topics and other keywords.
  • Finishing: these are the trending or latest hashtags prevailing at the moment.

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Make use of these tips for proper use of keywords and hashtags that can increase the visibility of the content or any such relevant thing that you want people to see.