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Ecommerce website development for clothing in India

If you are a manufacturer and struggling to sell your beautiful fashionable clothes then we can help you by offering eCommerce platform with product descriptions, payment gateways and promotion ideas as well.

With Amazon, Myntra, Limeroad and other brands, it’s very clear that now if you wish to sell your clothes then there’s no better option than online. Yes, but do you think just a website built on e-Commerce platform is going to solve your purpose? Surely not!

What kind of eCommerce website you need for attracting customers?

ECommerce website development company in India

A good eCommerce fashion website must have the following features:

1. Attractive images with complete detailing

2. Complete information of size, type of cloth

3. Presentation in such a manner that it represents brand

4. Good descriptions

5. Website content covering important pages like privacy policy, disclaimer, terms and conditions etc.

6. Website theme that lets you select offers with ease

7. Good speed with less loading time.

8. Special section for showcasing fashion knowledge

9. Top notch presentation of models with clothing apparel

10. Attractive color theme with little or no bells and whistles

What kind of eCommerce website search engines like Google or Bing need?

The main point of including search engines after customers is due to the fact that often eCommerce website development companies try to concentrate more on SEO or promotion aspect as per Google and fail to understand the need of customers. A top eCommerce clothing website development company would focus more on the requirements of customers first and then only search engines. Let’s have a look on the kind of eCommerce fashion or clothing website that  search engines prefer. Also read here the top 10 tips for Ecommerce SEO

1. Attractive images with proper alt tags (for SEO purpose)

2. 100% original or free from plagiarism content

3. Informative content that describes cloth with optimum keyword inclusion. ( Here you may order content writing services for eCommerce websites in India)

4. Search Engine friendly urls or what is termed at permalinks

5. Google analytics and webmaster central code inclusion

6. Mobile friendly feature

7. Sitemap inclusion

8. Proper gateway options

9. Robots.txt file

10. Menus with good meta title, description and keywords

How to select best website Development Company in India for fashion website?

The above points make it very clear that you should go for a website development company that has not just knowledge of reputation management, brand building, SEO or digital marketing rather content writing as well. You just select among the top 10 fashion website development companies, a company that has good positioning on Google, best portfolio and a flair for content writing. You may consider this eCommerce website development company that has good track record of over 13 years with 100% positive reviews and portfolio showcasing websites of only organizations. That makes it different.