Taboo Words and the Art of Shunning Them for Smarter Assignment Writing

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The art of playing with words can make us an influential orator and equally great academic writer. There have been instances in both public speaking and assignment writing where the usage of the right word at the right point always left a deep impact on the audience. That is the reason why, we might find a single word or a bunch of words insignificant when we look at a draft of multiple number of pages, but they are the words which make or break the rhythm of the audience at the most unexpected times. Similarly, there are certain words that are regarded as taboo in the academic writing culture and always suggestive to be kept at bay. 

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    When we look at the concept of grammar, then we would find that there are several words and phrases that are an integral part of formal and informal conversations. Out of them, when we have a closer look at the informal words, then we would find them acceptable in our casual unceremonious conversations. But when we are looking at professional assignment writing with a formal structure, then we would not find them acceptable to those standards of writing, such as in essays, dissertations, or thesis papers.  

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    From an academic viewpoint, these words are regarded and classified as taboo words. It is primarily because of the vague, subjective, or informal nature that these words or phrases carry with them. That is why, conventionally they are eschewed in the academic writing culture. These include the words that are way too informal, the words that are used at the beginning of an informal sentence, the words that are too unsophisticated, too vague, too subjective, and not to mention, too exaggerated. Meanwhile, it is worth to note that one such restriction is not applicable to the words or phrases that have been quoted from a direct source.

    Here, we are going to classify the list of taboo words in distinctive categories on the grounds of their interpretations. We are going to throw some light over them with the help of examples and what are the more appropriate substitutes for them.

    The Classification of Taboo Words with Pertinent Alternatives from Assignment Writing Experts

    To help you get familiar with the widest range of taboo words, we have borrowed the expertise of our in-house professionals offering assignment writing services to students at university and research level. We have segregated the taboo words and their recommended substitutes in a tabular format for a seamless understanding. Let us get a better insight on one after the other-

    • Too Informal: When we are speaking about assignment writing, then the words are expected to be more formal in contrast to the other sources of information like websites and blogs. For the students who constantly seek assignment help, it is not hard to understand that the text written by specialists would be that of a different league in comparison to a one inked by a layman. The following are amongst the most incorporated words in conventionally written assignments.
    Taboo WordsExampleSubstitute
    A bitIndeed, it was a bit hard to find the railway stationIndeed, the railway station was difficult to find
    A couple of, a lot ofA lot of sessions to attendMany/ several sessions to attend
    AmericaA diplomat from AmericaA diplomat from the United States of America/ the US
    Contradictory words such as won’t, can’t, isn’tThe whole process isn’t perfectThe whole process is not perfect
    Kind of, sort ofIt was sort of cold outsideIt was somewhat/ significantly cold outside
    From, tillFrom 2015 till presentSince 2015 to/until present
    Your or you as in terms of second personYou can clearly understand the featuresOne can clearly understand the features/ the features can be clearly understood

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    • The Beginning of an Informal Sentence: There are certain words that are acceptable in terms of certain contexts. But when such words are used at the beginning of a sentence, they turn out to become too informal. There are more appropriate transition words that can be utilised to replace such type of words at the starting of the sentence or instead completely remove them.
    Taboo WordsExampleSubstitute
    AlsoAlso, the opposition set the notion of rejecting the proposal draft in the ParliamentMoreover/ Furthermore, the opposition set the notion of rejecting the proposal draft in the Parliament
    SoSo, we can conclude that this state highway requires more maintenanceTherefore, we can conclude that this state highway requires more maintenance
    AndAnd the accused has been charged under section 39 (a) of IPCThe accused has been charged under section 39 (a) of IPC
    BesidesBesides, one such clause was never mentioned in the agreementAdditionally, one such clause was never mentioned in the agreement
    • Too Unsophisticated: Your writing may appear immature and rudimentary in case you are consistently using simple and basic terms. It is advisable to stop the overuse of such simple terms if you are keen to uplift the standards of your writing. It is best to start learning the art of substituting such words with sophisticated alternatives. It is also better to shun the usage of long and complex words and pen down your academic writings with concise and to the point text.
    Taboo WordsExampleSubstitute
    BadIt was a bad weatherIt was an unpleasant weather
    BigA big stormA (sizeable/ large) storm
    GetThese websites get good trafficThese websites receive good traffic
    GiveThe ending of the novel gives the reader a clueThe ending of the novel presents/ offers the reader a clue
    GoodA good piece of blogAn informative/ useful piece of blog
    ShowThe info-graph below showsThe info-graph below describes/ illustrates
    • Too Vague: The application of the words that might appear to be too vague can make your writings imprecise and can even skew the interpretation of the readers. That is one of the pivotal reasons why, the writers of the agencies offering online assignment help do take care of this aspect while submitting the assignment order. Therefore, it is way too important to be as specific as possible.
    Taboo WordsExampleSubstitute
    StuffI have to deal with my own share of stuffI have to deal with my own share of problems
    ThingSeveral things are filed in the reportSeveral details are filed in the report
    A long timeThe legend of this treasure has fascinated explorers for a long timeThe legend of this treasure has fascinated explorers for over five decades
    • Too Exaggerated: The assignment instructor or professor assigned to evaluate your work expects the assignment content to speak directly without too many exaggerations. Unfortunately, the adverbs such as frequency (always, never, etc.), intensifiers (too, very, etc.) and superlatives (worst, best, etc.) are bound to reflect too much exaggeration. Such types of words are often misinterpreted, while sometimes they might add value. Anyway, it is suggestive to use them cautiously and prudently.
    Taboo WordsExampleSubstitute
    Never, alwaysJurists always argue onJurists typically/ frequently argue on
    Best, perfect, worst, most or other types of superlativesThis is the best suggestion to fight pollutionThis is the ideal suggestion to fight pollution
    Too, very or other types of intensifiersThe rainforests are too important for the survival of the planet.The rainforests are critical for the survival of the planet.

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    • Too Subjective: There are certain words and phrases that are regarded as taboo due to their subjective or personal bias. For instance, if you are stating that something will happen, then you are stating something obvious and not mentioning a fact. Indeed, no one has the problem with your opinion or viewpoint, but such a style of writing is limited to certain writing formats like argumentative essays and SOP (Statement of Purpose). You can find the same evident when you are seeking essay help from a reliable agency. However, it is better to use such words in a careful manner. Proceed with an unbiased approach and allow the facts to speak for themselves.
    Taboo WordsExampleSubstitute
    Beautiful, wonderful, good, bad, etc.The film received several good reviewsThe film received several positive reviews
    NaturallyThe artists naturally had a good timeThe artists had a good time
    Of course, definitely, obviously, etc.The polling results obviously speak for themselvesThe polling results clearly speak for themselves
    • Generally Unnecessary: When you hire case study help, dissertation help, research paper writing help or thesis help from the writers of a professional academic help agency, you will find that they avoid using phrases or words that add no relevant meaning to the text, though they appear to look good. The key reason behind it is the fact that in the field of academic writing one much try to make the writing as concise and direct as possible.
    Taboo WordsExampleSubstitute
    Have/ has gotThe book has got nine chaptersThe book has nine chapters
    Serves to/ Helps toThis scene serves to add twist to the movie plotThis scene adds twist to the movie plot
    • Generally Incorrect: There are several words that are often misused, even by the native speakers. When you continuously observe such mistakes, you slowly tend to believe that they might even be correct. But it is recommended that you avoid committing such mistakes while writing down an assignment.
    Taboo WordsExampleSubstitute
    LiterallyThe cattle literally dying of thirstThe cattle dying of thirst
    Would of/ had ofThe website would of comprised ofThe website would have comprised of

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    Tips Shared by the Experts

    Our experts specialised in offering online homework help in assignments do recommend shunning the usage of the following words and phrases in case your audience is generally not familiar with them.

    • Jargon: Insider or technical terminologies that a layman reader is unfamiliar with.
    • Cliches: These are some of the overly used expressions such as thinking outside the box.
    • Abbreviations of Casual Conversations: For instance, photo, TV, AC, fridge, etc.
    • Slang: Common verbal slang like hell, cool, dope, etc.
    • Gender-biased Language: These include the terms like firemen, seamen, etc.

    Exceptions: Well, these rules are not universally applicable. There are certain exceptions where the taboo words can be used in the academic texts based on the type of text. These include personal statements, argumentative essays, etc. as they comprise of a lesser formal tone in them. Such form of assignment writing formats do not require you to stick strictly with the guidelines. Yes, in case of dissertations as well, the acknowledgement or preface sections are often less formal and can be penned down with a personal tone in contrast to rest of the document.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Taboo Words

    1. Why is it recommended to avoid using taboo words in assignment writing?

    Assignment writing tends to be more concise and formal. Therefore, the usage of taboo phrases and words is not advisable since it can undermine the effectiveness of the assignment draft by introducing informal, vague, unnecessary, incorrect, or exaggerated components.

    2. What are the instances where the application of taboo words is permissible?

    It is rightly dependent on the type of text. There are certain sections in the assignment draft where a less formal tone and more of a personal voice is expected. Apart from that, where you are quoting an information or a saying directly from the source. However, it is still recommended not to overuse them.

    3. Which are some of the taboo words that needs to be avoided while writing?

    While writing an assignment draft, the author is expected to avoid technical jargon, casual abbreviations, clichés, and slang.

    4. Are taboo words allowed in our regular conversations?

    Yes, the taboo words are allowed in our regular conversations. Since these are the part of our social conversations, they do not precede strict adherence to a formal structure.


    Writing top-notch assignment is never easy. The words that we pen down for the final draft would only have worth when they are constituting the essence of the given question or topic. That is why, eschewing the taboo words and substituting them with better words can make the final recitation truly impressive. We fully hope the publication of taboo words enlisted in the tables above would help you with better selection of words for the next assignment homework.

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