Writing Process Tips for Formidable PowerPoint Presentation Planning

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When we step-up to the dais with finest preparation and utmost confidence, then our persona would remain filled with an aura that can flabbergast the audience of any number. It is our aura as an orator that can spellbind the gathering of the audience for any occasion and allow them to sit interestingly throughout the whole presentation running in the backdrop. So, from where does this confidence comes within the orator? It comes from smart preparation of the content on each slide of the presentation and perfectly blending it with his or her experiences, knowledge and articulative oration skills.

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    One of the most common and open secrets of the most successful presenters is the presence of an expert team of writers watching their back. Yes, in most of the occasions, it is either one or a team of highly dedicated individuals with core understanding of what to include and what not to include in each slide of the presentation. These individuals silently work behind the curtains and their efforts remain visible to the audience in the form of a crisp and well-balanced presentation. Yes, you have guessed it right! It is just like the students of bachelor, masters and doctorate programs seeking assignment help from a professional assignment writing agency to improve their chances of winning excellent grades.

    According to a study conducted by MIT Communication Lab, almost 85% of the public speakers hire professionals to prepare their public speaking presentation slides. For the regular public speakers, hiring to the post is done on a permanent basis. But for the speakers preparing their presentation for special occasions, there are agencies offering PPT help online on a special request at the most reasonable rates. Of course, in case of students who are keen to learn the effective planning of their presentation, there are certain ways to master the skills at a personal level.

    We appreciate the self-learning initiatives of our students and are gladder to help them at each step. That is the reason why, we have prepared step by step compilation of professional recommendation to help you personally prepare your presentation in a better way. We hope the efforts would be fully worth it!

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    Planning PowerPoint Presentation Framework Step by Step

    It is an undeniable fact that to make a presentation impactful, it ought to be more audience centric. If we can connect with the audience in terms of thinking, needfulness, anticipations, and aspirations right from the first slide, then we can bring the audience onboard in no time.

    That is why, we are dedicating our first step to the same cause –

    Step 01 _Analysing the Audience: Having in-depth research about the type of audience that is going to attend our presentation can make the preparation of the presentation slides much easier. Do some R & D about their backgrounds in common, the values they nurture and the interests they are following or keen to follow. Once it gets done, it would get much easier for us to mark the blueprint to perceive what the members of the audience would probably anticipating out of our presentation.

    Step 02_Choosing the Subject: Then comes the decision of picking the subject for our presentation, and it ought to stay between the interests of the audience and the presenter. It keeps the attention of the audience relevant to the presentation session and help the presenter to steer the same as per his or her goals and interests. In case a student is facing the difficulty of picking the right subject, then he or she may consult a reliable PPT writing services agency offering topic recommendation as well as PPT preparation services.

    Step 03_Target Outline for Presentation: Once we have decided upon the selection of a subject, it is the time for us to pen down the target statement for the presentation. Here, the target statement is meant to specify what our audience wish to find in the presentation. Base up the target and measure it in terms of the common backstory of the audience. Always use the target statement at the centre of the nucleus and develop the presentation accordingly.

    The Preparation of the PowerPoint Presentation Content

    Step 04_The Preparation of the Presentation Body: After shaping up the target statement of the presentation, it is the time to check the proportion of info that we can present within the allotted period. The total number of slides ought to be covered within the permitted amount of time, so the points and flow chats should be sketched accordingly. Besides, it is critical for us to make sure that the language and the information presented should be at par to the understanding level of the audience. Of course, the language and the terms in the content cannot be the same while addressing the common men and an intellectual scientific community.

    The body of the presentation begins wherever we present/ pitch our ideas. To present and propose the ideas in the most convincing order, we should not only illustrate but also support them. The endorsement of the ideas is required to be done in the following ways –

    • The presentation of the information with facts that cannot be contradicted under any circumstance.
    • Mention the quotes given by the specialists of the field, and use the information, and data in percentage or graphical form to help the audience get a better insight of the whole timeline.
    • Try to relate the concerned discussion with the personal experiences. We can commence with a short story of the real life events that took place in our own, or in the life of someone closer to us. The end of the story must bring the audience to the crux of the subject matter we are sharing with them through the presentation.
    • Pursue the audience not just to listen but think, not only read but imagine. Offering vivid descriptions of the subject matter through different body languages and expressions can influence the audience beyond our imagination. It is essential to prevent the audience from losing interest in the whole state of affairs and stay connected during entire period.

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    Step 05_Preparation of the Introduction and the Conclusion: It is suggestive to prepare the body of the presentation first, as it will have two major advantages. First, as the major task gets finished on priority, it will make you stress-free and focus better on the remaining part. Second, as the body of the presentation is evident and right in front of you, it would be much easier to connect the dots and make introductory and conclusion part more powerful.

    The introductory part of our presentation speech ought to be powerful enough to grab the eyeballs of the audience instantly. The conclusion part is expected to reiterate and summarize all the key details discussed in the presentation body. In short, “tell them what we are going to inform them. And then, tell them what we have informed them.”

    There are certain ways (or we can say smart tricks) to make our introduction more relevant to the audience. Let us look at a few examples below –

    • Ask some inquiries to stimulate the cognitive thinking of the audience
    • Begin with a personal experience or story
    • If the presentation revolves around a lighter tone subject or the target audience is too young, then beginning with a joke or ludicrous story is not a bad move at all.
    • Open the first slide with a cartoon or colourful visual treat
    • Give a motivating quote or a sacred statement
    • Give a unique or distinctive form of demonstration

    Here, the points mentioned above are only suggestive and must not be extended to the chunk of time set for the presentation. It is essential for us to practice how to begin and when to stop.

    For the conclusion part, it is the time to reinforce the key ideas of the presentation that we have already communicated with the audiences. It is strongly advisable not to reiterate back to the whole presentation and there should be not any form of new information that has not been discussed in the main body part.

    Most of the budding presenters believe that only the main body of the presentation carries the whole weight and introduction, and conclusion parts are nothing more than a mere formality. It cannot get more far from the truth! A power-packed beginning and an impactful conclusion can pursue our audience into action like never before. It is the high time to consult a paid PPT help agency and make the next presentation perfect from every nook and corner!

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    Practice, Practice, Practice….and deliver!

    Step 06_Delivering the Final Presentation: One of the serious mistakes committed by the presenters is investing only a few hours for preparation before making the final presentation. Yes of course, for highly experienced and skilled orators, only a few hours are enough to make a great difference. But that is not something we can anticipate out of a majority of public speakers or amateur presenters. When they commit themselves for the preparation of the presentation at the eleventh hour, it tends to reflect in their body language and the words uttered from the mouth. Phrases and words like “you recognize”, “um”, “well”, etc. only diminish the credibility of the speaker as the dependency on the ‘verbal-crutch’ only display our lack of preparation and confidence.

    Therefore, we can assure the fact that there is no shortcut to practice. Once you receive the final draft of PowerPoint presentation in your hand, it is imperative to invest some good amount of time to prepare the presentation slide by slide. There is no harm in conducting some mock presentations with your colleagues, friends and relatives sitting in front as an audience. It will make you more comfortable in real time and help you rise to the occasion with utmost zeal, knowledge, and confidence.

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