Work more to nullify Coronavirus or Covid 19 effect

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The cases of Coronavirus are increasing worldwide – Coronavirus latest update -with fresh cases of 1355 in USA alone, claiming 38 new deaths and other nations too are there in the race. India is affected and the cases are increasing with showing 29 new cases today and claiming 1 new life. The reason of showing these data (which you must know too, as hundreds of sources on the Internet are showing them) is that we need to take it seriously. Problem is not just the disease, but the after affects which are clearly visible even right now!

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Serious Condition: As per the latest news published in Economic Times, New York has maximum 15,000 confirmed cases with as many as 5,418 new cases in mere 24 hours. 58 deaths are reported in a day out of total deaths of 114.

Indian Economy : World Economy is at its worst phase now and India is badly affected too. This you can see today after seeing Sensex. Yes Sensex in India started with 2500 points lower at 27,500 which is a record low [source: Business Today]. Ambani, Nadar and Damani are among the top billionaires in India who lost as high as $53.7 billion in just 1 month. Mukesh Ambani alone reported 38.7 per cent wealth loss due to fall in the share prices of Reliance Industries. If many of you are thinking it’s just a fluctuation and next day he will earn more with the share prices going higher, then you are absolutely wrong. Economy is likely to go worse and recovery rate is actually going to be really slow. Below is a chart showing the loss in net worth of the billionaires in India.

coronavirus Impact on billionaires- Thoughtful Minds

Source: Business Today

Unemployment rate: In an assessment report with the title, “COVID-19 and world of work: Impacts and responses”, the ILO (International Labor Organization) calls for immediate action on taking all efforts to save employment, supporting incomes and jobs. As per United Nations, as many as 25 million jobs are likely to go worldwide because of Coronavirus or Covid 19.

Unemployment rate in India: The unemployment rate in India is going to be much higher than any other country for the simple reason; this economy is based on the economies of outside World. Moreover, here already the unemployment rate is quite high. With sectors like tours and travel, aviation, hotel, hospitality, automobiles, pharmaceutical, retail and almost any manufacturing unit badly hit, it is likely for a country like India to recover in years. This all is pointing towards even more pathetic situation than left by Corona Virus in coming months.

Unemployment Rate in World due to Coronavirus

File: Andrew Kelly/Reuters

How to overcome Coronavirus or Covid 19 effects?

Precautions, lock downs, curfew, social distancing, quarantine etc. are likely to prevent the consequences of this deadly epidemic disease. However, it’s important to protect and work with full energy at this critical time. The government is already overburdened and is forced to offer monetary benefits that are sure to put debts that are unimaginable.

Thoughtful Minds at this point of time, is urging companies especially the I.T. Sector where work from home option is workable to join hands and work towards improving this situation. Amazon has announced joining of 1 lac delivery boys to lessen the burden of deliveries due to increased orders at time India is fighting against Coronavirus. But that alone is not sufficient. Moreover, here the life of delivery boys is also at stake due to fear of infection. Therefore, it can’t work for a longer time period. Here you can know about work from home opportunities offered at the time of Coronavirus or CoVid 19 at Thoughtful Minds to help people work and earn at the time, when world is going through the epidemic disaster.

Work at home work culture by Thoughtful Minds

Thoughtful Minds Team now working from home with full energy to help economy fight Coronavirus or Covid 19

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Infographic with tips and suggestions to nullify the impact of Coronavirus:

Infographic on Tips To Nullify the Coronavirus or Covid 19 impacts - ThoughtfulMinds

The following are few suggestions we think are helpful in nullifying the Coronavirus or Covid 19 impacts:

  1. Companies should try to concentrate more on making work from home environment better for the employees, where they can work without any problem.
  2. Guidelines should be there to make them understand their job is secured and there’s not at all any chance of any kind of salary cuts or job cuts.
  3. Clients should be made aware (It should not be ethical to send promotional mails at this emergency time) that companies are working with full energy at this crucial time to help them run their business properly.
  4. Undergoing projects should not be delayed, rather must be completed to help clients plan their businesses at this critical time.
  5. At this time of Coronavirus spread, where news of unemployment, deaths, shut downs is common, companies should move forward and offer work from home job opportunities. This is likely to divert the mind from problems, sufferings to hope.
  6. Promotional calls/ marketing offers should not be used at this time of emergency as this shows how selfish the companies are.
  7. Companies (no matter big, small) should start creating a reserve (even monthly 5000) to come forward and help at time of requirement. If 10,000 companies are able to do this, imagine the amount that can be generated and used for the welfare of people.
  8. We have seen the images of China and know what Italy is growing through, situation could be worse in India due to over population, therefore it is important to work and help government at this crucial hour by understanding the seriousness, following lock downs and strictly taking care not a single employee is required to go out of his/her home for any official work.
  9. Salaries should be paid well on time, without putting an additional burden on the employees. Their families too need money at this crucial time.
  10. Finally, companies, top management, CEO, staff members must work together and educate, help, advice, motivate each other so that the impact of Coronavirus can be actually nullified.