Online Services Only Hope After Covid 19?

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Website development, App development, content writing, online promotion, academic help, assignment writing, SEO, digital marketing… why these services all of a sudden got important amid Covid 19? Here’s a complete report to understand how to grow business or at least bring it on track during Coronavirus outbreak!

Case of China: Before we proceed, lot many of you must be thinking, why just online business, China is able to open all manufacturing units, even restaurants, public places etc, then the same is possible with any country? The answer is no, its not possible. Here’s why!

  • China is considered responsible for Covid 19 outbreak and is believed to conceal facts
  • Fatalities and cases are believed to be under reported
  • With economy severely hit, China has no option than to work with full strength
  • China wishes to become superpower by showing it has perfectly managed this pandemic
  • China is offering medical equipment, masks etc and earning a lot through this.
  • All this is only possible in a dictator run country as one man can conceal everything
China is concealing Covid19

Source: China statistics of Covid 19 are fake:

China has no choice than to show everything is normal as else he is likely to face the criticism of all world. Moreover, this country is the most opportunist and always took advantages, even in the worst scenario.

Case of other countries in the world including USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, India:technc

All other countries are badly affected by Covid 19 ( though India is still at an alarming stage) and for them starting normal activities is not so simple. USA is trying to open all manufacturing units, but the cases are increasing day by day. Same is the case with Italy, Spain and even Germany, where automobile factories are allowed to open but with many conditions.

USA Covid 19 update as an May1 2020

India as on may 1 2020

The following are the problems in opening all manufacturing units, malls etc by these countries:

  • All these countries are democratic countries where every life is important
  • The first aim of all these countries is to save lives then economy
  • Europe, America are considered to be badly hit and its difficult to revive immediately
  • As the problems already are out of control, there’s no point of taking chance
  • As the fatalities and Covid 19 positive cases are lowering, countries are considering ‘its better late than never’
  • Due to increased number of cases, mass deaths, loss of employment, monetary debts, its difficult for countries to manage capital for running everything usual than before.

Problem in Manufacturing sector

All these conditions point that, its important to look for an alternative that is safe, requires less capital and may yield better returns. The answer to all this lies with Online businesses.

How To Start Online Business With Little Or No Experience?

Infographic on tips to start online business:

Infographic on how to start online business - ThoughtfulMinds

Matters not, you have an experience or not, you can start an online business. Thinking why? Here’s the reasons:

  • Its easy to search IT professionals as they are all online
  • All services are available even amid Coronavirus outbreak
  • As cost involved is not high, risk can be taken
  • With reviews, case studies, white papers available, you can check authenticity
  • You can ask for what is expected by giving references

ecommerce growth Covid 19

Thus, matters not you have good experience or you are a newbie, you can start online business and take help of IT companies or professionals.

What All You Need to start an online business?

It is already covered in blog – 25 Questions and answers related to online business 

The above blog has almost all FAQ to help you start online business. By going through this blog, even if you don’t have a slight knowledge about online business, then too you will be able to plan opening an online store or a website. But what else you need to start your online business? The answer lies with content writing services.

Online retail spending in India

Why Content Writing Services Are Must For Any Business?

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Infographic showing the importance of content writing services for any business:

Why content writing services are must for any business infographic - ThoughtfulMinds

  • Promotion is not possible without professional content writing services
  • If the web content is not impressive, no matter how good online platform is, user will leave it
  • Search Engine Optimization is nothing without SEO and user friendly content
  • Even a Blog could earn millions by just content
  • If product descriptions are good, conversion is really high
  • You can develop trust with your clients if you have a good blog
  • Before buying anything, user first reads content on the website or on the Web
  • Reputation management is only possible by content writing services of professional nature
  • Its impossible to present anything, if you don’t have proper words

What Options You Have To Grow Amid Covid 19?

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Infographic showing options to grow amid COVID-19:

Growing Options Amid Covid 19 - ThoughtfulMinds

1. Start an Affiliate marketing blog and earn well

2. Create a good technical blog using technical writing services and earn through ads

3. Online sale is on, you should develop an E-commerce platform to sell essentials

4. If you are good in academics, you may offer assignment help to students all around the world

5. Create a marketplace and earn commission on services

6. E-learning is another good option to help you earn amid Covid 19

7. If you have a manufacturing unit, put online store to sell your products online

8. Industries that are not operational, may invest in online stores to earn profit

9. Join a freelancing website and start learning and earning simultaneously

10. If you are technically sound, you should start online consultancy.

Guide On Technical Content Writing-Product Description-ThoughtfulMinds

Online Business A Hope And A Black Tunnel

Online business though has many advantages, it has many disadvantages also. It is due to the fact, if you are not aware of the technology, you may end up losing good amount of money and time. Portals are expensive and so if you have not chosen the right website development company, it may result into great loss. Similarly, not every digital marketing company may give result, which is going to put an adverse impact on your morale and money. It is therefore important to find a trustworthy and highly reliable IT company that can offer all services at one place. Fortunately, Thoughtful Minds is a trusted name for more than 14 years and is considered the only IT company in the world that offers all solutions under one roof.

With over 1000 overseas clients, the company is working with full energy to offer academic help during Covid 19 to help students complete assignments, dissertations without any problem. Technical writers are working day and night to help tech websites get traffic and money through ads as most of the people are using online sources now. Similarly, website development and digital marketing team is offering professional services to contribute in the growth of companies, which in turn would result in overall improving the shape of economy.

If you have any query or wish to avoid any of the services as mentioned above, get in touch immediately. Let’s work together to help each other, as that’s the only way to win amid Covid 19.

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