How to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Business Empire in a Shoestring Budget?

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This article is must for those struggling to get back in business amid Covid 19 or Coronavirus fear. See how content writing services helped these companies establish huge empire.

             FIRST THING FIRST  – Its not the end of the world- Coronavirus fear will end soon

Well in the first reading, the title of this page may seem far from reality. Many of you would be thinking, are you damn serious or is it just another hoax circulating online? But what if we say that it is the theory successfully tested by some of the most renowned brands in the world? Yes, that is exactly we are going to find out how this one of the most underestimated tools of digital marketing transformed the fortunes of numerous companies. But prior to that, let us throw some light on the fact why effective content writing is important and a lot better than other expensive digital marketing tools (that failed actually) accessible in the market.


“Content is King” is a modern saying that seem relevant and managed to linger this far only because it is TRUE! It is a versatile marketing strategy (when prudently executed, of course) and can help any business irrespective of the industry to generate ample amount of revenue and that too without being heavy on the pocket! Quality content writing service require patience and effort to fetch long term results. It is the quality content online that adds value to a website and hook the visitors to come again and again. It is the client retention rate rather than new customers that creates the real difference.

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How Content Writing Could Become the Ace of All Tactics?

The following are some of the reasons-

 Infographic showing the importance of content writing:

How Content Writing Could Become The Ace Of All Tactics - ThoughtfulMinds

  • Content Ropes in and Assure the Customers: Content is the medium that bridges the gap between your business and your customer. It generates the trust factor and assures them that they are at the right place. It informs the customers about the value added benefits that they can get.
  • It is Decisive for the Ranking of your Website: SERP rankings are extremely important. It is critical to make the website conducive to the search engine algorithmic parameters. It is based on the algorithm that results are displayed based on the keywords the user type in the search bar.

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  • Content Earns Other Website Links: The more your site is mentioned by other sites, the search engines consider it a vote of confidence. More votes of confidence ensures better SERP ranking. The legitimacy of these links is also very important.


  • Share-ability:  The proficiency of sharing the content on different social media platforms make accessibility for the users who prefer information in different forms; whether it is in the form of videos, blogs, images, infographics or bite-size content.

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You Don’t have a Big Budget? Go Home!


Well, that is not what we are saying, rather it is a common perception! If you make a visit to a large corporation that specializes in digital marketing campaigns then they will put forward the entire package that actually consumes a lot of money in a long run and let us accept the fact that most of the small to middle scale enterprises cannot sanction such a hefty demand.

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All kinds of marketing aspects are required to be handled intelligently. It is significant to effectively   understand the ‘why’ of the promotional campaign rather than where, what or how. If you release a huge budget and it is used to sent out mailers to a large untargeted audience, then it will not only waste time and effort but more importantly resources, which in this case is money.

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The unnecessary push for Google’s ad market is another reason why the prevailing digital campaigns have touched skyrocketing costs. The efforts to catch up with Google’s algorithm changes have nearly drove most of the SEO agents insane. Only a few years back, the total budget spend on the SEO tools of Google, such as AdSense would be close to 20% to 30% rather than the current 60% to 80% of a campaign budget. The specialized search engine affiliated tools are important but not that much you spend over half of the total budget to channelize that. The players who adopted this wrong strategy have left the game and those who considered it secondary to online marketing content survived.


One can understand something similar from the social media marketing tools that are offered by the giants such as Facebook and Twitter. Some of the popular marketing tools from Facebook such as MobileMonkey, Heyo, Pagemodo, Facebook Ads Manager, Fanpage Karma, Hootsuite, Likeaylzer, etc. have their own advanced, professional and business plans charging on per month basis, but function on a very non-uniform demand pattern. The same is applicable to popular marketing tools from Twitter. There are multiple channels giving rise to multiple cost items but nothing substantial in the entire scheme of things.


Our prima facie objective of discussing these digital marketing techniques is not to slander them in one way or the other. If used effectively then they have their own rate of success, but they would be as stable in terms of success as the companies that use content marketing to reach the target audience. The conventional writing techniques such as blog writing or article writing services try to rope in the audience in the most natural way by adding value to their presence on your page.


Eye-Opening Stats About Content Marketing Strategy

Now after publishing some of the digital marketing tools that are more expensive yet less successful, let us glance over certain content marketing stats for the year 2020 that help you realize the universal power of impactful content writing services for your business.

Infographic Showing Some Content Marketing Strategy Stats: 

Infographic On Content Marketing Strategy Stats - ThoughtfulMinds

  • At-Least One Piece of Content Each Day: Consistency is the key in this form of service. 60% of the marketers generate at-least one piece of content each day. What is an interesting real life example is that of Robbie Richards, renowned digital strategist who with limited marketing budget, zero connections and with few blogs published in a month, grew his site’s traffic to whopping 272% in just 30 days. All he did was created the right content and promoted it to the right people.


  • Year-by-year Growth in Unique Site Traffic:  As per the 2019-20 studies, the unique site traffic is 7.8x higher for content marketing leaders in comparison of the followers (19.7% vs 2.5%). There are only a few digital marketing influencers that are spending the right amount of time to create the right content and leading the way. Let us take the example of one such site called Search Engine Journal. They are one of the few content marketing pros that are consistent on well researched blog and article writing generating more than 1,000,000 unique visitors every month.


  • It is a Choice of 93% B2B Marketers: A recent study concludes the fact that more than 93% of B2B marketers prefer content marketing over traditional advertising. The key reason behind the mindset is that a prudent buyer would never trust a brand merely on the basis of TV commercials. It is a lot easier to trust a brand whose content actually shown you the way to get something done in a successful manner.


  • 6x Higher Conversion Rates: Aberdeen, one of the popular content marketing statistics provider conducted a study on the companies that focussed and non-focussed on best content writing services to achieve website convention rates by over 5x. The study concluded with the fact that those who opted for content promotion achieved nearly 6xhigher conversion rates than non-adopters (2.9% vs 0.5%). Not only that, there has been an additional 30.6% increase in the landing page conversions through content regulating more business, sales and revenues.


  • Impact of “Original Written Content”: According to a survey report published by Social Media Examiner, 58% of the marketers prefer “original written content”, such as articles and blogs over visual content. It is certainly an eye opener for those who do not have the capacity to create visual content due to excessive cash investment and yet could succeed by focussing on the written content.

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  • 74% People Suffer from Glossophobia: The term Glossophobia is meant for the fear of public speaking. What would be your interpretation if we say that some of the best digital marketing campaigns 2020 conductors are suffering from speech anxiety? That is the reason why effective content writing is one of the most formidable tools that they can use to put forward their ideas among the masses and engage effectively with the target audience.

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  • Positive ROI from Inbound Marketing: Providing useful content that can answer the questions of your target audience. Period! According to a survey, 82% of the marketers who spend time on blogs and article writing achieve a higher return on investment. For instance, GrooveHQ acquired over 5000 subscribers in merely five weeks, and 1,000+ subscribers from a single post within 24 hours! Now, that is called conversion!

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  • Content Reading over Mobile Devices: Mobile devices have revolutionized the pattern in which people consume content. A study revealed the fact that in the last five years (2015-19) the practice of content reading on mobile devices has increased over 42%. No wonder Goggle added mobile-friendliness in their algorithm in recent times, encouraging you to opt for the content writing service for the mobile devices to successfully rank higher in Google organic results.

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  • Content Strategy In-Charge: 86% of highly effective and successful organizations have admitted the fact that they have someone really ‘competent’ as in charge of content strategy. The companies that value time more than money prefer to outsource the task of content creation, distribution as well as measurement to the best content marketing companies out there.

Success Stories

Most Respected Companies Already Turned Their Fortunes… It’s Your Turn Now!

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 If you are thinking that merely being on top make things easy then you cannot be more wrong! Let us briefly know about the companies (both online and offline) that are considered to be the giants of their respective sectors, still give the due credit to their online promotion through content. These are the companies with good marketing strategies and understood the need of the hour and opted for best content outsourcing services to stay on top.

Virgin mobile

 Virgin Mobile:

 One of the first wireless communication providers to adopt content marketing. The company introduced Virgin Mobile Live, a social newsroom delivering digital content, music and apps throughout the day. The social engagement is the key objective of the company.

 Key Takeaway: Your follower count is not as important as follower engagement. Taking time to engage with your followers with effective content will eventually pay off in the long run.



 Toshiba is one of the giants in both software and renewable energy solutions industries using content marketing not as a B2C tactic but B2B in order to generate new clients around the world. In the year 2011, company created “Smart Community” in order to generate awareness about renewable energy. It helped the company combat energy crisis and tell the clients what are the options that they can come up with.

Key Takeaway: If you have a huge budget for SEO and content creation and marketing then you can target highly competitive, high traffic keyword and yet achieve excellent ROI.

Intel logo


 Being one of the leading digital technology brands in the world, the leverage of content marketing is not something alien to this company. Intel manages a blog known as IQ, where employees contribute the content and publish anything that could reinforce the brand image of the company. There are many great posts with substantial number of views including an article known as ‘Could High-Tech Vertical Farming Feed the Future?’

 Key Takeaway: Building a specialized hub for the type of content your customers are looking for can generate an immense interest for your brand. Come up with some new visions and ideas, associate your company with it, publish it and earn a unique place for your brand in your industry.



 Being one of the trusted brands in the world of social media, it is not strange to hear that LinkedIn has it’s own online marketing tools list. But it is the fact that how it used these tools that makes the brand distinctive. It is a popular content sharing platform for B2B companies. Some of the tools by LinkedIn such as TeamLink and Sales Navigator enhanced the performance of its content marketing tactics.

 Key Takeaway: Creating value adding tools can be a great approach to build more value and loyalty for your customers.

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The first service name that pops on the mind while hearing this brand name is photocopying. Well, it is one of the services provided by the company, it has also diversified into other service segments such as IT outsourcing. In order to bring this service in attention of the users, the company rebranded itself with content. Company’s digital magazine Real Business is highly popular among customers and one of the founding pillars of it’s content marketing strategy.

Key Takeaway: Breaking the stereotype is one of the toughest challenges companies face in the market. Xerox successfully broke the same and digital content marketing initiatives played a decisive role in it.


Red Bull:

The company introduced content marketing to the energy drink business for the first time. Red Bull TV, introduced in the year 2013 is a website providing videos and live streaming of events around the globe. It features adventurous activities of Red Bull drinkers providing it a distinctive brand image in the industry.

 Key Takeaway: Your content management strategy does not required to be centred solely around your industry. The success can also be attained by focusing on the activities that bring spark in your customers.



 Swedish furniture giant is one of the few companies with best digital marketing approach in both online and offline places. IKEA launched IKEA Place in the year 2017. It is an augmented reality app allowing users to get a virtual representation of how a furniture will look in their respective homes. The users can also share the results over social media with friends and families. The reality app is one of the key reason why one of the global players of offline decor market has successfully cemented it’s place online with 500,000 Pinterest and 2 million Instagram followers.

 Key Takeaway: Defining a content that is actionable for the users. How to use the content to make the services and features more convenient and accessible to the users and help them implement in their lives.



 One of the most popular manufacturers of action cameras used in adventure sports, the brand is one of the premier examples of how to smartly leverage user generated content. GoPro has introduced a user based content writing portal where they can compile videos of their own extreme adventures. The new users visit in order to watch these videos and read the content to get inspired for their own adventures. The cost associated with the service and content marketing campaign is also little to invest.

 Key Takeaway: Do not merely consider your user as potential customers, they are much more than that. They are the advocates and brand ambassadors. Indulge them in generating marketing collateral and you would upscale your social reach to unimaginable levels (and that too with little effort and money!)

 As you can see now, effective content writing services can transform the fortunes of small enterprises to gigantic corporations. And the best thing is that it is not dependent on hefty marketing campaign budgets. There has been examples where companies smartly used (or hired someone to use) their limited monetary resources to make wonders. It all dependent on how effectively you can channelize the content and inspire your users to participate in it.

 So get benefited with one of the best content marketing brands 2020 in India and realize your dream of building a million dollar legacy online. Yes, time, effort and patience are important!