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How Does Alexa Work?

Alexa Ranking - Thoughtful Minds

As we know there are various options available which can replace Alexa but the real fact is that it is a very beneficial web service. Therefore it is advised not to be ignored or replaced.  This service is also believed to be one of the services related to statistics and website ranking which have information of thousands of websites all over the world. By reading this article you will get information about how Alexa can be used by an individual for better SEO, online marketing or some other type of research. Even those who wish to know how to optimize a website and rank on top of the Google need to consider Alexa as the most important tool.

So the most important information we need is to get information about Alexa. The service is working from the year of 1966. First the users have to download the toolbar of Alexa. With the help of the toolbar one can gather statistics on different websites and with the help of the statistics Alexa can be executed. The model is however quite strange because ranking is incomplete and biased.

It is true that it offers some results which are quite unusual but still Alexa is very useful. For beginners, just type the name of the site in the field for search and then stats of your website will be in front of you. Although it is possible that the stats are not completely correct but they are still very useful. You can find your Alexa traffic rank and page rank with the help of SEO of your web page. Also, many people believe that smaller is better. The number of tools provided by Alexa is quite because of many reasons. With these tools you can compete in a better way. Thoughtful Minds is making use of Alexa since beginning and in these 11 years, it has helped in the promotion of clients in a very good manner. May be that is the reason why the digital marketing services in India as offered by this website development company in Jaipur is renowned worldwide.

You can use the stats provided to you by comparing them with the stats of your competitor to obtain the comparison stats including data and graph. It can be used to collect useful information.  In addition to this, Alexa also give you a back-links list which can also prove beneficial for you.


Alexa ranking positive aspects - Thoughtful Minds

Alexa Ranking is a simple scheme of allotting ranks to blogs or websites. According to this scheme, ranks are allotted to a particular blog or website by finding out the number of visitors of a website at some particular point of time. You have to download and install Alexa toolbar first before you see Alexa Ranking is doing the job for you. It is advised to have Alexa Toolbar because most of the promoting networks or firms focuses on Alexa Ranking to decide if assessment should be obtained from  particular website or not. The Alexa Rank of a website is very vital because it completely depends on your ranking whether some marketing company will offer you few ads or not. There are various ad networks and advertisers which use the concept of ranking by Alexa to judge if a website deserves marketing or not.  It includes examples like Sponsored Advertisements, Review Me and Advertisements linked with text website. On the basis of Alexa Rank, the price of advertisement paid to a blog or website is decided. So simply more your rank is better is reputation. On the other hand low rank denotes less popularity.

Alexa Rank is very beneficial for a person who is owner of a website. Especially if you are handling a business website, the importance becomes more. By Alexa rank you can have a clear analysis of number of people who are visiting your website and website popularity at a particular point of time. In addition to this, you can also get information about the popularity of your competitors. This type of analysis is very important if you want to hold a strong position in the online market of business. On the basis of analysis you can decide your future actions. Suppose if you are lagging behind your competitors than you need to put some serious efforts. On the other hand if you are leading then you need to maintain the momentum. Thus it is recommended to rely on Alexa Ranking for great results.

Contact Thoughtful MindsWhy Alexa Rank is important to online entrepreneur?

In past, the people were not much technically advanced. This is why there was less competition. But with advancements in technology, people are getting addicted to various new technologies. They want to live a better live with less effort. In addition to this, technology has also played a major role in igniting the spirit of competition among the people. Internet is one of the latest and most powerful advancements of technology. It is used in every field of life these days and is proving to be a great mode of communication for the people who are using internet.

One cannot ignore the important of internet in the business sector these days. Especially with the introduction of concepts like online advertisements and SEO, it is proving to be a great tool of online advertisement. Alexa is a very recent technique used by most of the bloggers to enhance the popularity of their website. This technique is very popular and preferred by many people who want to promote their website.

The procedure of promotion by Alexa Rank is however not very simple and it takes some serious efforts. The first and foremost work you have to do is to install the toolbar of Alexa. This toolbar can be downloaded with the help of internet. With the help of toolbar, you can have a look of the stats of your website. In this way you can get a random idea about the number of visitors your website is having at certain point of time and on the basis of it you can take any further action.

Another benefit with the toolbar is that you can also see the stats of your competitors. It is very beneficial as with the help of these stats you will know your position in the market So for planned and effective promotion of your business use Alexa Rank.

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