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Thoughtful Minds provides offshore SEO Services and Solutions with the help of a certified team of SEO experts.  Our steadfast SEO professionals aim to build your brand name and value across the web by implementing the best strategies!

SEO services for best results

Thoughtful Minds renders SEO Services to the clients at a reasonable price. We feel proud to introduce ourselves as a professional Search Engine Optimization company which is located in, India and has clients from a number of companies in USA, UK, Australia, UAE and Singapore.

How Thoughtful Minds – Top SEO Company in India can help in improving your Digital Presence?

Before you read further, have a look at our SEO portfolio to know why we are ranked 1 among the top 10 SEO companies in Jaipur, India. 

We prefer showing than saying and above SEO portfolio clearly shows we have helped top companies in India rank on most of the important keywords on top page of Google.

What is the price we charge for SEO services in India?

Well, here is the link of our SEO packages which is actually the cheapest SEO package in India.

In digital world whenever you want to look for best SEO organization Thoughtful Minds comes on top list. Thoughtful Minds is one of the pioneer companies in the field of SEO domain and has served many industries from 2010 with best results. We are expert in adopting any type of SEO updates whether it’s from search engines or any changes made by Google in critical algorithm and always perform best in any update or alteration. With our result oriented work our clients have achieved their targets and top ranking on search engines with huge traffic flow.

For any business SEO is very important:

In very beginning we were having hundred SEO experts in our team and gradually we became best SEO Company of India and now we have became SEO Agency with 50+ professionals. For us the most important thing that matters is our client satisfaction and client revenue should be maximum. We are different from others SEO companies as profit is not only our target rather customer satisfaction is our priority.

As online platform is increasing very rapidly, Search Engine Optimization has become buzzword in Digital World. If you will study market facts you will learn that around seventy nine percent users of web are dependent on the search results for finding any information of their query.

This is the reason why you need best SEO India Company for successful establishment of your business. As SEO is very important for any business it won’t be a judicious decision if you depend on any one for your SEO project. Always choose best company for this and Thoughtful Minds which is Top SEO Company provides multiple services in SEO services. If you are having any online business then SEO will be the best option for increasing your business. A SEO service is the master piece of marketing strategy for any business. Whenever anyone wants to look anything online he or she accesses those websites which are on top rank on search engines. The best SEO Company always helps you by giving more traffic to your website from all search engines.

Here we are listing some reasons that why SEO is important for your business?

  1. Lead Generation: Whenever you are doing online business your website can give you many leads. The shopper who visits your website always wants to buy. Live chat or call at anytime feature should be added in the site as it will help you in getting hot leads very quickly. Lead Generation is very important for all types of businesses as it helps you in getting potential customers. Whenever any user visits your site they will fill personal details through which you can contact them very easily. It simply means that if more traffic is at your website you can get personal details of more people. Later on you can use these details for follow up. Always remember one thing people give their details to those who can fulfill their requirements so be capable of this. If you have more leads it will help you in growing your business. For this simply contact Thoughtful Minds for your help which is best SEO Company.
  2. Brand Visibility: Branding doesn’t means having a logo. It is about faith in any company. For example when you think about Apple or Pepsi you know what you are getting and from where. Branding simply defines your business and where you stand for your client. When you use services of social media optimization your presence can be more on online and interaction with customers will be more which increases your brand image. It increases reputation also. So branding of your organization is very important as it increases your client which ultimately brings more income. That why you require best company for SEO. Just contact Thoughtful Minds to get a better brand image of your organization.
  3. Increase in Traffic: If you will use search engine optimization only traffic increases but if best SEO is used you will get only relevant traffic. We have plans for all types of companies whether it’s a startup or a big organization. We don’t have any contract. We simply use some keywords which helps the users who are searching to find your presence very easily. These keywords automatically bring you on top ranks of search engines. It simply means that individuals who are doing searches will mostly click on link of your site. In this way you will receive more traffic and if you will share details of site more users you will come to you.
  4. Increase in Sales: Sales of any organization is only a game of number whether it’s business to business or business to customer. For getting sales you are required to bring more people. When traffic increases it means numbers of users who visits you has increased and chances of converting for buying are more. Your sales can be increase by our help as we post content with keywords for your website. Thoughtful Minds will not only help for online website but also for physical stores with some local keywords search engine optimization. It will be a good way to increase your profit which you are making. So let us serve you and help you in increasing sales very easily. You will be glad to hire us as we are among TOP SEO Company.
  5. Rate of Conversion: It is generally known as CRO. It’s basically a strategy which helps you in increase the number of such persons who always take desired action either by clicking on search add or directly clicking to the product entry. It also includes the product if someone adds to shopping cart. SEO helps you in driving such persons who looks for products and services which you are having at doorstep and if anyone is local it will help them.

Take help of best SEO Company of India and dominate Search Engines

We assure that with our help your website will get valued traffic which can be easily converted into leads.

Thoughtful Minds prides on what it does and is a multitasking SEO Agency. From starting to end experts of SEO gives best results to the customers so that their business value grows. Thoughtful Minds believes that the approaches we use are the best for obtaining top ranking on search engines, increase in sales and setting a good online reputation with brand recognition. Our motive is to make our customer dominant in all search engines and to achieve this we really work very hard.

  • Support to customer with proper planning.
  • Proper monthly reports of rankings on search engines, activities of SEO and Google analytics. We provide some basis for monthly plans also.
  • Services for content creation with the unique source just like your business.
  • We provide other services for blogging, videos for products, graphics info based on your requirements and logging.
  • We provide SEO locally and globally both or for in somewhat between as per your requirement.
  • Your PR can be handled very efficiently & professionally by us.

Thoughtful Minds Web Services Pvt. Ltd is the best SEO Agency of India. You can hire us for SEO Operation, PR, content writing or for social media marketing. We operate globally.

The main objective of Thoughtful Minds Web Services Pvt. Ltd is that customers should get maximum profit with our SEO operation and innovative approach. We believe in adaption policy that means if Google changes any policy in Search engines we quickly respond to it and made new strategies in order to give proper visibility to your website. We offer many services to the clients under premium budgets with result oriented plans.


  1. I Christina from New York City wants to say thanks to Thoughtful Minds for completion of project on time and their SEO strategy have really worked well for my website. My sales graph has increased exponentially. I would recommend Thoughtful Minds to my friends and relatives.

I wish them all the best for future and hope a great success for them.

  1. I must say I am very impressed with the services and dedication of the team of Thoughtful Minds. They have very good value.

Hire virtual assistants for link building and lead generation

Maintaining an office in USA, UK or even Australia is quite expensive and same is the case if you hire SEO professionals there. But Thoughtful Minds is enabling you hire your own SEO professionals in India to work as per your time zone. Best in class infrastructure along with experts in lead generation and CRM can be hired at highly reduced prices.

 We offer multiple plans to suit the client’s budget and do website optimization which guarantees top rankings in search results. We are renowned providers in this domain, thanks to our success stories. We use latest tools to perform local SEO

Company amongst leading SEO companies in India

Website Analysis
We undergo a detailed website analysis and provide reviews regarding the blocking and supporting practices of SEO approved by your company.
Competitor Analysis-ThoughtfulMinds
Competitor Analysis
We perform an in-depth analysis on the strategies and techniques implemented by your competitors in order to jot down the threats and opportunities you might face in future.
Keyword Analysis-ThoughtfulMinds
Keyword Analysis
We first aim to understand the context of your website and then research the exact keywords which will help you top the search results.


Increase Traffic-ThoughtfulMinds
Increase Organic Traffic
We try to make you look genuine convenient and in façade of your prospective end users. We strive to drive relevant traffic towards your website.
boost views-ThoughtfulMinds
Boost views
We use tries and tested methods which will boost your website’s views. It would be difficult for your visitors to leave page in seconds.
Improve website ranking-ThoughtfulMinds
Higher website ranking
We follow latest trends and believe in provide genuine services which will guarantee an improvised ranking on the SERPs.


Stature Management-ThoughtfulMinds
Stature Management
We aim towards building, managing and protecting your corporate stature in such a manner that will promote your strengths.
SEO Consultation-ThoughtfulMinds
SEO Consultation
We identify the best opportunities available for you website in consultation with our experts and will continue improving
Brand Awareness-ThoughtfulMinds
Brand Promotion
We strive to build and promote your brand in order to let the potential consumers gain more information about your products and services.


Importance of SEO

Enhance ranking-ThoughtfulMinds
Enhance ranking
Get higher ranks in search results and optimize pages for enhancing site authority for important search engines
Restore user experience-ThoughtfulMinds
Restore user experience
Experience of users is important for ranking. Sites with well integrated images and responsive designs are preferred by search engines.
Improve credibility-ThoughtfulMinds
Improve credibility
Site ranking is enhanced by SEO in organic results and prospects find your business credible.
Chief search engines-ThoughtfulMinds
Chief search engines
Main search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing are used for web search by 96% of online users.
Operative strategy-ThoughtfulMinds
Operative strategy
Keyword phrases could be selected with SEO for searches made by prospective customers.
Lead generation-ThoughtfulMinds
Lead generation
Potential customers can find the business since both on-page and off-page tactics are used by SEO.


Our process of SEO help securing position on Google’s first page

We understand that SEO is a never ending procedure that requires continuous efforts. Our expert SEO Team in Thoughtful Minds strives to update itself with latest developments and advancements in domain of online marketing. We provide global as well as local SEO packages.

• We have a committed team working hard to deliver SEO services at an affordable price within the limits of the final deadline given to us.
• We have a committed team working hard to deliver SEO services at an affordable price within the limits of the final deadline given to us.
• We believe in being a part of the project not only till its accomplishment but also subsequent to that
• We are available 24*7 with our support service team for quick solution to your problems

• We follow a deep analysis process to develop pointers for business that to within a pre-decided time frame.
• Our SEO experts follow and study the up-to-date movements in industry while adopting optimization tactics
• Our SEO services are proud to have 100% record of consumer approval


SEO for enduring profits

Comprehensive Onpage Analysis-ThoughtfulMinds
Complete On-page Audit
We conduct a complete On-page audit which includes studying the URL structure, site content, meta tags, sitemap creation, official, issues of pagination and includes the similar in file robots.txt
Original Content-ThoughtfulMinds
Write unique Content
Our dedicated and experienced writers inscribe 100% authenticated and unique content for site. This will be helpful in getting a better ranking in Google

build links-ThoughtfulMinds

Develop Links
We develop expert links and practice other advanced techniques of building links. We connect these links from our created websites to our own websites

Authority Sites-ThoughtfulMinds
Creation of Authority Sites
We develop numerous mini power sites. These websites will use your keywords which will link to you website. This process will increase your rankings in website’s search.