E-commerce Digital Marketing Success Tips that helped Amazon, Flipkart

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Trends in digital marketing keep on changing and therefore time to time evaluation of the strategy that you are following is important so that the important points that must be focused could be identified. This leads to the method that must be used for evaluation of digital marketing strategy that you are following. We are here with the some of the essential tips for success in e-commerce digital marketing experimented and proven by the leading digital marketing agency in India, Thoughtful Minds.

Digital marketing tips

#1: Consumer is King

Your company might be B2B or B2B and it is important to know is digital marketing useful for both B2B and B2C. The formation of your digital marketing strategy requires that you are well aware of your customers. For this purpose, market research must be conducted that makes identification of potential audience easy. Also, for making the strategy, select the best ideas of your competitors. The buying habits of the customers must be understood and the reasons why your service/product is purchased by them must be identified. 


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#2: Offer customized experience 

Security is one of the major concerns of customers and they remain in search of reliable online retailers offering personalized experience of shopping. As per the new laws of GDPR, the customers must be offered with flexibility by the websites so that they can have a control and check on how the brand sites are using their personal data. This makes opt-out/opt-in option as must to provide customers with personalized offers.


#3: The campaigns of email marketing should be innovative

Personalized emails posting related to your trending products and current offers used to have impact on the customers. For attracting the customers, efforts must be done in order to appeal to your customers’ emotions to win over them. All the customers deserve same attention level and a segmented customer’s list can help you in this process. On monthly basis, the newsletters must be sent and the activity of subscribers must be checked.

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#4: Content must be user-centric and original

The story of your brand could be communicated to the potential customers with the help of content. Generating right feelings in the minds of consumers depends on the ability of the content. For this purpose, their actions must be identified to learn about the impacting factors. This increases the significance of using right keywords and detailed research of topic. Along with this, useful information must be offered by the content as well.


#5: Enquire for reviews and feedback of the customers

Feedback from the customers is always looked upon by people and trust is generated when the reviews are positive. Also, there are chances of improvement when reviews are negative. A section must be included for this in all the pages of products that is dedicated for highlighting reviews and ratings of customers.


#6: Use the techniques of social media optimization:

For making use of social media effectively, this technique is important and SMO services are useful in this case. With the help of platforms of social media, efforts must be made for traffic generation. For showing the banners of content, platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram etc. must be used. For the purpose of sending updates and running contests, Twitter might be used.

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#7: Recognized SEO techniques must be used:

Make sure that your site architecture is supportive so that public is able to access every page of your website and search engines could also search them easily. The best keywords must be identified that so that sales are generated when these are targeted in particular site pages for enhancing ranking in search engines. The SEO services are best option available to choose in case you are not familiar with SEO.


#8: Test with the Ads

Testing with some of the keywords can help with effective spending of your ad. Google AdWords might be used to begin with this. Facebook advertising might be used for this purpose and with enhancement of results, budget must be improved.

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The above mentioned digital marketing tips helped companies like Flipkart, Amazon and many others who are still ruling the market. If you wish to promote your business online or if you need any kind of suggestion to promote your online business, then get in touch. Our experts will offer will audit of your website to let you know the mistakes that are blocking your success. Good luck!