7 Golden Rules to Get Your ‘Why NYU?’ Essay Writing a Sure Shot Success

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New York University is one of the most renowned and influential universities located at the heart of NYC. Its phenomenal academic programs, cultural buzz and location make it the dream destination for thousands of aspirants from across the globe. As a result, we can call it the largest private university functioning within the United States. An annual estimation regarding the inflow of the students to the university is around 50,000 students pursuing their dream course in different domains. When it comes to the annual influx of applications to a university in the US, then NYU is the flag-bearing brand across different domains. That is one of the key reasons why the selection process of this university is extremely competitive and rigorous one.

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    The reason to pen down this piece of blog is the number of queries that we received regarding the best essay writing tips for admission to New York University. That is why, we consulted our academic experts to get a peek into the past application cycle and what has been the pattern of admission for both local and international students. For instance, there has been a significant increase in the rate of admission to African Americans as well as Latinos in the past 16 years. However, the rate of acceptance to the NYU has considerably dropped to 28%. As a matter of fact, only 85,000 applicants cleared the essay round to reach the final interview in the year 2021, which is the lowest rate of acceptance since 2001.

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    Now, we can shed some light over the interview tips in the later editions of the blog. Here, we are going to emphasize over 7 golden rules that can help you with an impressive essay writing to stand apart from an ocean of NYU aspirants. It is a comprehensive guide prepared with the help of experts to deliver you the right kind of NYU main supplemental essay assignment help. We are going to discuss how tactful you can be while answering certain questions and the actionable strategies to craft the essay in a way that can confidently help you put the best foot forward!

    So, let us get straight into it!

    7 Golden Rules to Get your “Why NYU” Essay a Sure Shot Success

    The officers sitting at the admission office have to go through a pile of essay supplements to put together the winning lot. Thus, each and every work that you ink on the paper must have a concrete and meaningful value.

    Here, we are mentioning the 7 golden rules followed by online assignment help experts while offering essay help to the students aspiring to crack the admission rounds of NYU-

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    Rule No. 01_Read the Essay Question and Break it Down

    This is the foremost and very important step. Understanding the question effectively leads to the most prudent answer from the aspirant. Let us understand the concept of question breakdown with the help of an essay prompt and its actual translation.

    Essay Prompt: “We are keen to learn more about your persevering interest in NYU. We are specifically keen to learn what motivated you to fill the admission form to NYU at the first place. To be more specific, why have you applied or even expressed interest for a particular campus, college, school, program, or rather a field of study? In case you have submitted application for more than one, then why are you keen to study in additional fields or campuses? Kindly enlighten us – WHY NYU? “

    Translation: “Why are you keen to attend NYU? There are thousands of other reputed names, and you have decided to fill the application form of NYU. Why? Do you think that you are an ideal fit for NYU? If yes, then please tell us why? What makes you so interested in the brand and culture of NYU? Please list the reasons behind applying for the school that has been your chosen major.

    If you do have more than one field of interest and are fond to pursue more than one degree or major, tell us why? Let us help make sense out of your interests and goals. We hope you know that NYU has a worldwide network, right? So, help us understand why you wish to join our school.”

    NYU states the fact that it is not pivotal to get your major figured out. We are expecting you as a candidate with an articulated interest in NYU. To prepare best for the question, it is suggestive to click on the NYU website to find a program, a school or even the classes that can help you pursue the interest. In case you are uncertain, please make sure to lean into the goal and vision for the future.

    Rule No. 02_Conduct A Thorough Research on the Integral Values of NYU

    In case you have decided to fill the application form at the NYU, then there is nothing wrong in believing the fact that you have done your homework. Dive deep and explore the website of the university and see the recent events and activities that they were involved in. It would help get a better insight of the values on which the school functions. If you are keen to become a part of their journey, then it is critical that you share identical values. Always try to focus on the newfound characteristics of your new infatuation.

    The following are certain ways by which you can effectively research the traits and values of NYU-

    • Never mention that you are seeking admission to NYU because it is the ‘perfect place’ for you. Candidly speaking, perfection is something that is impossible to achieve, and the admission officers are truly aware of that fact.

    • Make a list of five NYU components that you feel are appealing to you. Choose real names and titles to conduct real research and stay specific to the reality.

    • Always remember that your ‘Why NYU?’ essay should not be drafted in a way alike to your Common App essay. Rather, utilise the brilliant opportunity to tactfully pair NYU with your integrity, goals, values, and personality.

    Nevertheless, make sure that you explore through the ‘Academics’ tab, that carries the whole listing of the academic programs offered at NYU and affiliated schools. Always click and read through the section where you can find your school and major.

    Rule No. 03_Focus on Writing Freely

    While penning down your ‘Why NYU’ essay, the worst kind of thing you can begin with is agonizing over each single word right at the beginning of the writing process. Instead of that, just start writing. Simply ink down whatever is coming on your mind for each question, and never hesitate or hold back.

    Also make sure to pen down the memories that instantaneously pop on your mind: even the bad ones! Attempt to dig out the stories that embody your personality. Besides, you can also register the stories that can emphasize on your sense of grit or rather the stories that can personify your curiosity.

    Try to assimilate at least three of such stories. The more stories you incorporate, the more choices you are going to avail.

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    Rule No. 04_Brainstorm for Strong Essay Ideas

    Always remember the fact that your prima facie goal is to showcase your NYU admission essay apart from the crowd of the rest of the applicants. It is noteworthy that your story will play a decisive role to help you accomplish the same. Always try to dig deeper and pen down what you really care about. Please make sure that these are certain specific details.

    It is advisable to refrain from picking up broad statements. For instance, never write something like “The legacy of the historic brick buildings situated on the NYU campus is simply remarkable” or “This University is a brand noted for its stringent and robust curriculum”.

    Rather than that, try to throw some light over what intrigues you and fits perfectly well within the goals, plans and background and what makes the concerned school stand apart than rest of the options to apply. To make the framework more powerful and effective, never hesitate to seek professional help from an agency that is known for offering essay assignment writing services related to NYU admission process.

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    Rule No. 05_Pick an Impactful Essay Premise

    Once the topic has been decided, carefully go through the free-write responses in a diligent manner. Pick an intriguing memory associated with your values and make the story happen. No one can deny the fact that the admission officers at NYU must go through countless applications daily. That captures the attention are the ones that have been inked in the form of a nice story.

    However, no one is expecting from you an exceptional level of writing like J.K. Rowling or John Green. All that is expected out of you is to stay genuine, descriptive, and concise. Shout out your experience, how your values and the ones that of NYU are correlated, and how your experiences have influenced your choice to apply for NYU as the most potential destination.

    Hence, the flow of your ‘Why NYU?’ essay should be like:

    • It is a story highlighting the pivotal aspects of who I am

    • The value that connects the reader to the story

    • How this value connects the dots with the special values of NYU?

    And this is the reason why I am indeed a great fit!

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    Rule No. 06_Follow the Precise Outline

    One of the most prudent ways to kickstart your essay is to share an impactful story with a sublime anecdote. The anecdote can begin with a relevant quote from someone that helps in drafting the preface of your story, a cold hook or rather an obvious statement.

    Once the anecdote has been incorporated, start framing it with relevant details immediately. Well within the word limit assigned, try to get your impression through in the most pertinent manner. Elaborate the actions that you took in the pursuit of the interest. Such details should comprise 30% to 40% of your essay.

    Later, you can dedicate the remaining essay discussing the resources accessible at NYU that will enable you to successfully accomplish the goals and sharpen the skill set.

    Rule No. 07_A Diligent Final Read

    In case it is feasible, try to conduct your final readings at least 24 to 48 hours after the last revision of yours. It would facilitate your brain to take some break. Besides, try to read your essay loud and clear. It would help you detect any typo or syntax error; in case you have missed earlier.

    Remember, for the sake of assurance two final read-outs should be more than enough. However, anything more than that could end up making you anxious. So, trust yourself and trust the process. When you are finished, let it go and submit.


    Most of the college aspirants tend to think securing a seat in prestigious learning centres like NYU is a tough nut to crack. Indeed, it is tough but only till you are not familiar with the right tactic, the right approach and the rules that set up the right path. Most of the aspiring candidates tend to get eliminated in the essay submission round. That is the reason why, we have discussed the 7 golden rules recommended by professionals to help you draft the essay with a tactful and smarter approach.

    At Thoughtful Minds, our core motto remains to tenfold the opportunity in front of our students with the right professional guidance and help. Be it putting forth the 7 golden rules as above or providing professional NYU admission essay writing to the ones seeking paid assignment help services from our agency. Visit admission essay help to see how our admission essays have helped immense numbers of students achieve their NYU dream.