The Secrets of Writing Perfect Ivy League Admission Essay Revealed! Learn the Success Formula and Crack the Dream Mission to Princeton, Harvard or even Stanford…!!

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The selection process of the Ivy league colleges is like skimming cream from the milk. Only a few prodigies competent enough in terms of knowledge, skills, talent and of course, some luck, make it out to the final cut after a rigorous churning.

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    The Ivy League of Colleges feature some of the most reputed names in the field of global education, like Harvard University, Brown University, Columbia University, Dartmouth College, Cornell University, the University of Pennsylvania, Yale University, and Princeton University. But when we look at the lowest rates of acceptance, then there are some of the prestigious names away from the Ivy League that feature a selection process that is equally regarded as a tough nut to crack! The most prominent name that you can easily witness in one such list would be that of Stanford University.

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    One thing that we can easily deduce with a quick overview of these schools of higher studies is that the increasing number of applications is directly proportional to stringent admission guidelines, and inversely proportional to the rates of acceptance. We all are well familiar with the fact that in recent times, the rates of acceptance are only plummeting with ever increasing rates of aspirants seeking admission from worldwide. The admission cycle of all except one Ivy League school observed the lowest rates of admission in history last year, and things are not expected to improve anytime sooner.

    Well, the figures and stats reveal it all! The rate of acceptance at Harvard is said to be 4.59 % last year, which turned out to be the lowest in past several decades. As far as the acceptance rates of Yale for the classes of the year 2018 and 2020 are concerned, then they were just 6.26 % and 6.27 % respectively. Stanford, on the other hand, currently the flag-bearer of the lowest acceptance rate with 4.3 % of all the applications.

    No one can deny the fact that most of the students who apply to the elite schools like Princeton, Harvard, or Stanford, do have the caliber to successfully crack the admission benchmarks with flying colors. They do feature overwhelming academic achievements, impressive grade-sheets, exemplary performance in co-curricular activities, and not to mention, good reference to back their diligence and character certificate. But slowly and steadily, they start realizing the harsh fact that even successfully ticking all these checkboxes would not guarantee you a passport to the campus.

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    The Admission Rounds Drawing the Thin Line Between Acceptance and Rejection

    Most of the students tend to believe that having a strong resume reflecting some shining academic grades and personality traits would do the trick, but this is not how things work in the Ivy League culture. Here, you are required to stand out amidst fierce competition in each round of selection. Amongst these rounds, the most decisive ones include the submission of college admission essay and the personal interview.

    Here, we are going to emphasize over the elements that can make your college admission essay at par with the accepted Ivy League standards and would take the interview process some other time. The process of admission essay righting ought to be unique and personal, and if you can seek essay help from professionals in the same regard, then it can enhance the chances of cracking the gate much higher.

    While penning down your college admission essay, planning is as significant as implementation. There are many aspirants that tend to believe simply writing down a formal style essay with neat and clear paragraphs would be more than enough to make the cut. After all, who does have so much time to go through each word from the pile of thousands of applications waiting scrutiny? Well, you cannot be more wrong! The admission boards of these elite universities take every round very seriously and the admission officers while reading your essay could go to such an extent that would be even hard for you to imagine.

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    Each set of words written within the prescribed word limit says a lot about your personality and traits. The students and experts who have successfully cracked this round recommend the integration of the memories that are painful, emotional, and closer to your heart. Besides, always choose an incident or an experience that can inspire or send a thought-provoking message to the reader. If your writing can touch the chord of the evaluator, then your college admission essay is successful. Otherwise not!

    Now, the common question that arises is how we can analyze the perspective and mindset of the admissions officer who is going to read the essay. Well, you cannot! But you can surely act upon the elements that commonly work. Try to say something about your ingenious roots, especially when you are an international student seeking admission from outside the United States. Take about the race, language, ethnicity and try to associate it with the contemporary global paradox.  While allotting the seats to the students, the preference always remains to bring as much diversity to the campus as possible, so that an atmosphere of inclusive learning shall be nurtured and promoted. The members of the admissions committees always welcome a little humility from your end, sharing an insecurity, or a small but significant obstacle that you ultimately overcame.

    If your experience could link with the evils of the society like racism, body shaming, gender, or financial disparity, then never hesitate to be vocal about it. The admission councils always prefer the candidates who believe in gaining experience from the outer world and always willing to cherish the dynamics of change within and beyond the campus. If you have your thoughts and experiences, but unable to know how to put them into words, then hire online essay help from an agency that is known for writing perfect college admission essays.

    The Features that would Make your Ivy League College Admission Essay Impressive

    Now, let us throw some light over the features that are utilized by the successful candidates over the years and deeply appreciated in the Ivy League and Stanford culture –

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    • Your Essay Should Revolve Around Something Deeply Personal: According to former Stanford admissions officer, Grace Kim, “We come across hundreds of essays featuring a short yet rewarding experience of the candidate. We always anticipate the candidate should share his or her personal experience, that helps us determine the personality traits and personal values, the ones that are critical for us to decide their inclusion into our university culture,” she quoted in her interview with CNBC. Therefore, instead of writing about short experiences, it is always preferable to go with a topic that has a profound influence of a lifetime on you. The admission officers always appreciate reading one such narration.
    • Avoid using a Detached Style: Most of the candidates tend to write the college admission essay in a detached style. It is an essay writing style that makes the reader sense disconnected from the author or the person described in the essay. It is certainly not an ideal way of writing an admission essay, and believe us, most of the candidates who fail to make the cut prefer to go with this style only.

    Obviously, if you are writing an essay in a detached form, then it would never make the admissions officers fall in love with you. If you can get personal with the topic and immerse yourself with the creativity, strength, zeal, and charisma like no other candidate mentioned in the application list, then your chances of getting accepted would raise tremendously.  Now the question arises, how you can make admissions officers fall in love with you? Well, think of a topic that you really wish to write about. If you are choosing a topic that does not matter to you, then obviously it will not matter to those reading it. It is always suggestive to never be afraid of a complex topic, take the leap of faith as a great topic is always going to be complex!

    Never hesitate to seek essay writing services from the experts to create empathy in the minds of the readers and hiring the most trusted essay writing agency is undoubtedly a pertinent move.

    • Acting Funny would take you Nowhere: While writing down your college admissions essay, there would always be one or two persons suggesting you add a pinch of humor in it. Well, who does not like a couple of good laughs amid the reading time? But the harsh reality is, not everyone is funny or knows the art of being funny. Just imagine you are reading a piece of work from an author who is trying too hard to be funny. It would be nothing short of a cringe-fest, right?

    Yes, experimenting with various styles of essay writing is always encouraged, but you cannot believe the fact that adding too much humor or satire can actually make your work commendable in the eyes of admissions officers. Adding humor is like a dual edged sword, it can make your writing unique, but can also result in a reaction over the uncomfortable experience that someone had while reading it.

    • The Detailing of Essay would Decide Success or Failure: One of the sure shot ways of engaging the readers is to teleport them to the vivid caricatures detailing your story. For instance, tell them about your feelings, the outside weather, or the gamut of emotions on someone’s face. Let them savor the taste of the delicious apple pie that you had on the day of Thanksgiving last year.

    This form of essay writing technique is known as imagery and it facilitates the readers to see the world through your eyes, cry for you, and cheer for you in the situations that you faced. If we speak in layman’s terms, it introduces you in the form of human being, rather than just another applicant. Always try to be descriptive about the moment or the situation that you are addressing in your essay, so that the admissions officers can sense it, see it, smell it, and touch it.

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    One of the classic examples of the use of imagery and acceptance of a candidate into an Ivy League university comes from an aspirant residing in California. Referred to as John in a recent review, his descriptive essay writing secured him the green light to Harvard. In this essay review conducted by The Crimson Brand Studio highlights the fact that the imagery was one of the most pivotal facets of his writing:

    The eloquent usage of imagery in the introduction: “Late evening rays […] casting down a gentle glow…”

    The application of imagery in the essay body: “John’s use of imagery reinvigorates his essay to life…” Besides, it exemplifies “the contrast amid his organized, abstract art and type A persona that he eventually creates.”

    • Proofread, Proofread, and….. Proofread: A perfectly written college admission essay would demand every drop of sweat and tear from your body. You are not only required to work on every sentence, but each phrase and word. Your final draft would require an immense amount of proofreading, including punctuation, grammar, and spelling mistakes. Please do not overly rely on the spell check function offered by your text processor, and the intervention of a professional proofreader eventually becomes inevitable.

    The best part is that there are some essay writing agencies offering admission essay help at a very reasonable price, with proofreading services absolutely for free. Get in touch with the service representative of an agency with strong goodwill in the market and get the job done with complete peace of mind.

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    When it comes to the acceptance rates of the Ivy League schools and other prestigious American schools like Stanford, then it has been proven time and again that an overwhelming academic performance might not be the sole deciding criteria. To improve your chances of getting accepted, you require everything right from formidable SOP help to flawless editing chops. If you seriously heed attention to the points described above, then irrespective of the fact whether your dream destination for higher studies ends at Princeton, or Harvard, or Stanford, your chances of making it a reality only draws an inch closer.

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