Top Digital Marketing Trends You Must Follow In 2020

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With the advancement of tech culture and development of Internet world, the whole planet called “Earth” has become a global village when it comes to connecting people of every country and cultures. The digital era conveys that you can easily share your information now.

Digital Marketing Trends 2020 - ThoughtfulMinds

Every new year, there is arrival of some tools and technologies, and this has turned the marketing technology landscape on higher level of solution driven journey. Marketers now are more comfortable in selecting spectrum of choices to connect with audience and endorse their products and services.

Developing brand reputation is better and easier at present than previous decades.


To stand out happily during competition, you need to become aware of all upcoming and latest trends. Give a moment on focusing on the influence of technology on your business.

How can you make benefits and utilize new tools and technologies in efficient manner? Don’t you wish to get more routes to achieve better customer experience, better customer support and optimize lead gaining?

You need to do critical analysis and proper investigation to take your industry into growing business in long run. If you are not alert enough, you might be left behind.

Your business will develop in case you proactively encourage your audience in unique manner and maintain relations with your customers via wonderful experiences.

Infographic on digital marketing trends that you must follow:

Infographic On Digital Marketing Trends To Follow - ThoughtfulMinds

We are grateful to share our thoughts on 12 digital marketing trends for 2020 –

Chatbots Quitting Time

Lot of companies will carry out utilizing chatbots. Chatbots converse normally with people arriving at site and can offer replies in real time.

Chatbots utilize chat windows or verbal interactions to support web users determine what they are hunting for.

When you hire an individual to handle and chat with visitors on your website, it turns out costly. On the other hand, chatbots proves to be cheaper and they answer the questions in faster manner.

With the use of chatbots:

  1. Your time and money get saved
  2. Customers are satisfied
  3. Chatbots are never moody

Next-GEN SEO About To Land

Plethoric distinct customization are taking place in search engines industry. This has affected the way the user searches online.

According to the Google’s BERT update, there is a big influence on SEO world. Google is taking lot of pain to shift its search engine into smarter and enhanced version which can make out the complicated nuances of languages and the aim of online user. Google conveys that BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) will edit and turn the mannerism of complex search queries which depend on context.

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Personalization Footsteps Ahead Of The First Name

Majority of organizations are putting their hands in personalization. However, just a few are getting benefit from it.

As per the experts, personalization is digital marketing future. Now-a-days hopes of customers are more important as more than 80% of consumers are annoyed if they find content unmatchable to their expectation.

Even study and researches show that personalized email campaigns get 29% higher email open rates and 41% higher click through rates in comparison to traditional emails.

The fundamental advantage of personalized marketing possesses the power to come in touch with group of customers. And by gathering user data from surveys, studies, researches, you are more in position to generate applicable and effectual email campaigns in the direction of targeted audiences depending on their purchasing interests, behaviors and habits.

More Brands Utilize Private Messaging Apps To Connect In Straightforward Way

Upcoming time will show more usage of private messaging apps. Many Smartphone apps such as WeChat, Viber, WhatsApp etc. have already achieved loads of popularity. Rather than utilization of emails, the cutting-edge organizations are focusing their attention towards private apps and private messaging groups.

Upcoming time will display that more and more customers are paying for products and services straight from messaging apps.

Apps like WeChat have made important victory as well as Venmo and PayPal are turning their habit of utilizing these kinds of apps to transfer money to their peers.

Voice-Powered Search Increases The Speed

As the technology development carry out to boost faster, we will begin to watch more people utilizing Smartphones with voice assistants.

Voice Powered Search - ThoughtfulMinds

Productive elements of digital marketing are Siri, Alexa and Google. Voice assistants can search for facets, utter text in louder way and even voice speak out text messages for you such that you can be on speaker phone.

Voice search is even necessary when utilizing it for your enterprise. It is even supportive in the development of mobile friendly target and inserts worth in local SEO. Voice Search even encourages the utilization of artificial intelligence and prioritizes iconic way of searches.

Advertising Targeting Enhances

Companies utilize digital ads to endorse their products, still have you ever found any online ad which proved to be frustrating or had nuances thing which is useless for you? Online consumers avoid such ads and even hate the kind of product and do everything in their power to remain away from the brand.

Forbes magazine declares that due to this over-powering digital connection, dissociated ads or brands keep on affecting people with floods of irrelevant ads and more than 49% people don’t like them.

On the other corner of digital marketing, people are very much fond of interestingly wonderful content.

Consumers Stipulate Transparency

This is MeToo era and here most of the companies providing transparent and easily digest-able details are expected to retain 96% of their consumers.

Future might most likely display that companies with entirely transparent information of any kind will be more shared among audience for product endorsements.

Check out the tactics on how to enhance transparency:

  1. Build up your organization’s core worth
  2. Ensure that selling is not just your single target
  3. Try to become an open book to your customers and convey them as much as feasible regarding who they are dealing their business with.
  4. On respond of any concern or query put forth by customer, try to answer instantaneously.
  5. Try to encourage people to offer distinct advice to support enhance your products and manage a community around your brand.

Artificial Intelligence Penetrates Digital Marketing

As the name suggests, Artificial Intelligence works in the same manner. It denotes to robots or machines possessing the talent to perform like humans. AI utilizes a blend of distinct features like chatbots and voice assistants to swiftly search the solutions.

Artificial-Intelligence - ThoughtfulMinds

As an example, the most wonderful customer care providers in the form of voice assistants are Alexa and Siri. In a typical human manner, they can take orders from the users and accomplish the task from the background on their behalf.

The AI robot performs this by making use of sensors and human intake to collect the details regarding a condition and can even store the search information to enhance the user’s further upcoming experiences.

New Channels And Media Supports The Brands Turn Up In Genuine Relationships

People wish to spend their money in brands which respect and worth their enterprise. Feeling of a number and a checkbox is astounding. The people wish the brands to display that they are hearing them and regarding their ideas, criticism and feedback. It all even turns out as generating genuine relationships with your customers.

Suppose a brand hears positive feedback from other users then it is probably expected to bring in new users. Video content production is also important as 95% of audience will view a video which demonstrates about products or services.

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Single Marketing Software Providers Have Monopoly

In few years, many of the business owners will be utilizing a solo marketing software provider.

IF you doubt at the paying and applying on the marketing software tool…..whether it is advantageous or not? Then you have the evidence here.

The software tool will lessen down the tedious task. It will support in throwing out the repetitive functions and supports you develop a daily time schedule.

Software tool will streamline the marketing attempts. You can maintain the track of where you point in the buyer’s trip with your customers and can talk with them more productively.

The tool will not just enhance responsibility but also create the customer management task get easily supervised.

You can check out your success in very fast and easy manner.

More Attention On Customer Retention

In the coming years, it may happen that the organizations get turn their focus into obtaining new customers to retaining their existing ones.

These organizations know that it carries out less money to preserve existing customers delightful and will channel more attempts in the midst and final levels of the buyer’s trip. As gathering enhanced data and concentrating on market segmentation supports in saving costs.

Revenue gets increased due to retaining customers as when you hold your existing customers there are chances that they will convey it to their friends and offer you referrals. Loyal customers are even likely to be more straightforward and honest with you concerning any matter or troubles, offering you an opportunity to improve your brand.

Development In Digital Marketing Investment And Technologies

The marketing team with complete alertness can build victorious schemes and theoretical outcomes to convey their stakeholders with the intention of executing it in faster manner. There is no other correct manner to apply the alert technique in your company.

Digital Marketing Investment and Technologies - ThoughtfulMinds


Factually, digital marketing development interprets into the acceleration in which new products and services are built and distributed to accomplish the customer’s requirements.

Agile marketing is raising high in terms of popularity on social media as brands and marketers have invested a lot in previous years on how to interact and chat on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter etc. These social media channels offer abundant insight and details into what sorts of content will perform and how great to generate it.


In case you are operating an enterprise, it is significant to understand regarding current marketing trends and be able to remain on top of where digital marketing is succeeding in the future.