Do You Have Effective Online Marketing? Find Out By Checking These Points

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In case of a business, especially when we are talking about marketing (or more appropriately digital marketing as present scenario), the thing that is properly managed is the one that gets measured. It is therefore significant that you keep a check on the effective marketing strategy or SEO so as to find out whether you are following the proper ways. This helps in finding out whether your online marketing efforts can offer expected results.

Check if you have an effective online marketing from this infographic:

Infographic on Do You Have An Effective Online Marketing - ThoughtfulMinds

What links your customers with you?


Establishing connection with customers is the major step for success of any business, whether big or small. Digital marketing is the vital link that acts as the connection between businesses and customers. The approach of assuming what the customer needs cannot do the needful. It is required to test the demands on regular basis to offer what’s relevant. For this purpose, the most helpful features are feedback from customers, website analysis and data of social networks. You can get valuable insights with this and conduct online marketing campaigns with informed choices.

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Tune the analytics with your online visibility:

Online presence of an organization has its centerpiece in the form of company website. It should therefore be thoroughly tested. The engagement indicating metrics on site are captured by Analytics such as user time on a page, bounce rate etc. You can also find the keywords on which your site has ranking so that brand suitable opportunities of content marketing are pinpointed. This approach helps your company to gain recognition for what it is intended to be.


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Leverage social media power:

The tools that present day social media offers to researchers of marketing are not even imagined in earlier times. It serves as the testing toolbox’s potent part when you have data of billions of users in quantities that were previously unimaginable.

This way, you can collect the relevant data so as to increase focus on digital marketing strategies where it is much needed.

Use segmentation to analyze customer experience and feedback:

The perception of customers about a brand is all that matters the most at the end in digital marketing. For this purpose, you can take help from tests conducted on engagement with design of user experience, branding and messaging. This is an efficient method to find whether you are on a right track with your digital marketing campaign.

Analysis of user response:

All the marketing aspects must be covered in the efforts for analyzing journey of customers. For instance, make minor changes for checking user experience- like in menu options layout, landing pages aspects etc. and notice the response that come from different segment of customers. This analysis will help determine whether the changes have made positive or negative impact for the brand.

Such feedback from customers must be compiled athwart several channels and its segmentation must be done properly so that you can get clear image. All of this collected data will help analyze efforts of SEO and help establish connection with base of potential customers.


Several great options are there in analytics such as segmented feedback from customers, data of social network etc. that help in making better decisions with informed data. Using this in proper manner is something that can create all difference in aspects of growth and brand engagement and this is what the intended purpose is.

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