Top 100 Political Science Dissertation Topics for Your Entire Assignment Coursework

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Political science is a subject that focuses on the study of politics in terms of domestic, international, and comparative viewpoints. The subject entails the understanding of ideologies, political ideas, policies, institutions, behaviour and processed and groups, government, classes, law, diplomacy, strategy, and war. It is one of the thriving fields of career opportunities across the globe and one of the few subjects where the students constantly seek assignment help from the experts to gain a competitive edge over their colleagues while racing towards better career prospects.

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    When we attend the assignment homework for this subject, then we find that the curriculum primarily focuses on the theories and practices of the government and politics. These policies, theories and practices are discussed, debated, and analysed at the local, state, national as well as at the international levels. Our assignment writing services are dedicated to the development of the understandings of institutions, relations and practices that constitute the public life as well as the modes of inquiry endorsing the culture of citizenship.

    Political Science Dissertation Topics - ThoughtfulMinds

    Our efforts are solely focused on helping students to wisely bifurcate their allotted time within the deadline. Our goal is to help the students to opt for a smarter approach while dealing with their constant assignment needs. The list of political science dissertation topics is an initiative by our researchers to help students save their invaluable time and energy by switching directly to the recommended topic. The students of political science can prudently utilize the time and expend the same to intense research, eloquent writing, crisp editing, and adequate proofreading.

    What are the Do’s and Don’ts to Consider While Preparing Political Papers?

    Some of the important things that we are required to keep in mind while preparing any political science dissertation or research paper –

    • It is essential to ensure that in case there is an opposite opinion or counter argument then it ought to be incorporated prior to the conclusion part.
    • Backup the given fact with concrete academic sources
    • Always prefer to integrate the data and statistics to support the given ideas
    • Research related literature and identical projects
    • Adhere to a single idea: One paragraph rule

    Things that we should eschew while preparing a political science dissertation or research paper –

    • While addressing sensitive subjects, it is recommended not to use harsh tone.
    • Unless working with a personal reflection, shun the portrayal of merely a single side of an issue. 
    • It is imperative to stay neutral while talking about the political parties. By that means, it will make our paper to appear unbiased with the depiction of both benefits and flaws simultaneously.
    • It is advisable not to use extensive quoting until and unless utterly necessary.
    • Shun the usage of colloquial language along with the slang term elements.

    We fully hope that the tips discussed above would play a decisive role in penning down your next assignment online. Our online assignment help is accessible 24×7 to attend all your assignment related queries in the most courteous and diligent.

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    Top 100 Political Science Dissertation Topics for Your Course Assignments

    The following is the list of contemporary political science topics that our researchers would like you to take into consideration for all your present and future dissertation help requirements. Let us delve into the marathon list one topic after the other –

    1. The foreign policies of India and the United States: A comparative study
    2. Presidential v/s parliamentary democracy: A comparative analysis
    3. Elaborate the Anglo-Saxon traits within the US government
    4. Discuss the political ideology of Soviet Union
    5. Elaborate the history of Apartheid phenomenon
    6. The political hierarchy of Chinese Communist Party (CCP)
    7. Discuss the structure of IMF (International Monetary Fund)
    8. The controversies of Amnesty International
    9. The history of human rights in Uganda
    10. Discuss the cause and effect of Syrian conflict
    11. Arctic circle and the power battles of politics
    12. The role of non-state actors in the Japanese corporations
    13. The ethical guidelines for the functioning of the NGOs
    14. The role of Five Eyes in the global security network assessment
    15. What were the causes behind American revolution?
    16. German Philosophy and Karl Schmidt Thesis
    17. Civil Republicanism in comparison to Liberalism
    18. What are the societal risks of Neopatrimonialism?
    19. The Republican traditions of education
    20. Approach of mutual tolerance as political virtue of the modern world
    21. Election ethics in a democratic political system
    22. Political decisions and compromises with environmental management
    23. The constitutional vision of John Rohr
    24. The optimal benefits to the public safety
    25. The non-profit organisations and their ethical duties
    26. Give an argumentative analysis on judicial review
    27. Discuss the human rights act 1998 in the UK
    28. Famous legislators in the legal history of Europe
    29. Criminal law and common morality
    30. Civil liberties v/s the challenges of national security
    31. The commercial exploitation of the privacy law
    32. Distinguish between political and armed conflicts
    33. Implementing the urgent changes in the legislation process
    34. Is pardoning the criminals acceptable?
    35. Federal crimes comparison in American and European Union
    36. Should the religion be approached as a social power?
    37. Federalism traces in the Unitary Government Model
    38. The most successful methods of eliminating corruption from the government system
    39. Social movements during the post-war period
    40. The global interdependence of the modern leaders
    41. Philosophy of Aristotle on governance
    42. The theory of John Austin
    43. The classic theories of Edmund Burke
    44. A critical assessment of The Republic by Plato
    45. The key figures of anarchism in history
    46. Vladimir Lenin and his approach to communism
    47. The viewpoint of Jean Bodin on sovereignty
    48. Disciplinary Power by Foucault
    49. Social networks and the protest movements
    50. The division of Ukraine and the political powers at play
    51. The immigrant crisis in Mexico
    52. Discuss some of the most decisive methods for conflict resolution in Yemen
    53. Iraq War: The legacy of war crimes
    54. The rebellion causes in Central African Republic
    55. The prison conflicts: Black American v/s White American
    56. The foreign policy of the United States in the 21st century
    57. Elaborate the history of Iran oil conflict
    58. The political leaders and their personal ambitions
    59. Media bias in the political news coverage
    60. American modern whistleblowers
    61. The history of Right Wing and Left Wing parties
    62. Political negotiation methods during the war time crisis
    63. Legal disputes of the governments with transnational governments
    64. Present Afghanistan crisis and the rise of a new wave of terrorism
    65. Human rights crisis in China
    66. Political prisoners in China and organ trafficking in the black market
    67. Police interrogation and the socio-economic preferences
    68. Custody battles and the psychology of gender bias
    69. The impact of technology in the modern political atmosphere
    70. The impact of social media on democracy: Discuss from the view point of both Indian and American electoral process
    71. How COVID-19 pandemic influenced the global geo-political game?
    72. The impact of censorship in the contemporary political atmosphere
    73. Post 9/11 Afghanistan-Pakistan relationship and its influence on world politics
    74. The political interests of the West within the Arab-Israeli conflict
    75. Merits and demerits of democracy in the 21st century
    76. Comparison between the modern-day dictatorships
    77. How are social reform and conservatism associated to each other?
    78. The gap between competency and ideology of the foreign political powers
    79. The influence of extremism on politics
    80. The weaponisation of poverty by the political organisations
    81. How does the foreign policy of the US influence the countries worldwide?
    82. A critical assessment of the relationship between politics, religion and terrorism
    83. How constant pile-up of the nuclear arsenal by the major powers of the world is resulting in geo-political instability?
    84. Should religion and politics required to be separate? Comment
    85. The acceptance of the LGBTQ and its overall impact on the political favours
    86. The influence of neo-fascism on the Europe of 20th century
    87. Discuss the impact of the satire comics over social media to successfully propagate political sentiments
    88. Should the world leaders remain active on social media? Comment
    89. The role of media and the accountability of the political leaders to the public
    90. Distinguish between the foreign policies of the United States and the Russian Federation
    91. Federal political structure v/s central political structure: A comparative analysis
    92. Will the investment of China in Iran can change the game in the middle-east? Comment
    93. How the political strategy is made by the parties in a complex democracy like India? Write down a narrative essay
    94. The rights of aboriginals in the Australian political framework
    95. Migrant crisis in Europe and preference of the masses to the right wing politics
    96. Discuss the shift in geopolitical perspective of the Americans from the Trump era to Biden era
    97. How Naxalism is defended by different political fractions of India due to political motives?
    98. US President getting banned on Twitter: Governmental authority v/s Social media regulations
    99. Discuss the migrant refugee crisis in Poland
    100. Searching for lasting peace: The story of Afghanistan in the last four decades

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