Top 30 Constitutional Law Topics to Rely Upon for your Law Dissertations

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Constitutional law is one of the major branches of the legal framework in which the body of rules, practices and doctrines do govern the operations of political communities. If we speak in terms of modern constitutional law, then it can be said to be an offspring of nationalism and the idea that the concerned state ought to safeguard specific fundamental rights of the individual.

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    The constitution law is a broad topic and deals with interpretation and implementation of the constitution of the said country. The constitution is the key foundation as well as the pillar of the most powerful democracies of the world, including the countries like India, the United States, Australia, Canada, etc. The laws of the legal constitutional framework of all these countries somehow woven to the cultural identities and practices of the societies residing in these countries.


    When it comes to the law assignment help requirements of the students, then most of them get stuck with the topic selection issue. Especially, when it comes to a subject like constitutional law. Whichever law is somehow specific to jurisdiction, it would require the enforcement of the governmental authority and power. The constitutional laws are the assurer of the rights as well as the limitations enforced on the citizens.

    When the students of law decide to hire the assignment writing services of a credible agency, then things would be handled by the most experienced professionals to perfection. Here, if the topic has already been provided at the time or assignment request then it is well and good, otherwise, the selection of the constitutional law topic will be done for the assignment by the expert. Here, we are going to enlist 30 constitutional law assignment topics for the students to explore for their next assignment homework and utilise the available time before the deadline smartly and effectively.

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    Top 30 Topics Recommended for your Constitutional Law Dissertations

    The following is the list of constitutional law dissertation topics prepared by the expert researchers of our agency. You can consider it to be an integral part of our efforts to offer free guidance to our students in terms of the dissertation help that they always seek from academic professionals before hiring their services.

    1. Should the articles of British constitution required to be cemented into writing?
    1. Is the introduction of Draft Cabinet Manual 2010 enough to prevent future abuse of authority by the executive?
    1. Is the British Bill of Rights essential to generate a balance between responsibilities and rights?
    1. Is the British Prerogative a critical section of the British Constitution?
    1. Are the present models of the statutory interpretation deemed fit for the purpose, especially in terms of the jurisprudence of the ECJ (European Court of Justice) and ECHR (European Court of Human Rights) to deduce a more active approach for the judges?
    1. Is there a lack of merits settled appeal in the English law a sign that the judicial review has been unsuccessful in complex environmental cases?
    1. The Code of Concord: The Search of Emerson for the universal laws
    1. Nation states and the rights of minorities: A constitutional law assessment
    1. Constitutionalism in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania: A constitutional law comparative study
    1. The rule of law after a war: Norms, ideologies and methods for judicial and legal reforms
    1. The protection of the Accrued Pension Rights: An inquiry into the Reforms of Occupational and Statutory Pension Schemes in a Norwegian, German, and Swedish context
    1. Individual legal activism and judicial review: The case study of Russia in terms of theoretical perspective
    1. Defining, balancing and regulating the rights: A constitutional law study of the rights of indigenous people to the natural and land resources in the Russian Federation
    1. Judicial independence: A research paper on its theoretical aspects, as well as practices from The United States of America, Germany, Vietnam, France and the recommendations for Vietnam
    1. European convention on the human rights and the rights to property: A Nordic approach
    1. The philosophical viewpoints on the rights and sovereignty in the Asian community
    1. The adjudication of ECJ of the fundamental rights against conflict: Exploring a fair balancing
    1. On a virtual borderline: The cyber operations as well as their influence on the paradigms of war and peace. Discuss it from the aspects of international and domestic constitutional laws
    1. The interplay between the harmonised European standards and the EU law
    1. The creation and influence of the general principles of the constitutional law
    1. Effectiveness of procedural protection under the law: Tracing out the tension across the case-law on ex officio review by a national judge
    1. The European Union (EU) services directives: Simply a policy or a law?
    1. Conditions of minorities in Pakistan and failure of the governing bodies to implement their legal rights guaranteed in the constitution
    1. What do you understand by the European Union (EU) investment court system? Is it truly a viable reform initiative?
    1. The political culture and constitutionalism in the 21st century India
    1. Equality before custom? A meticulous study of the property rights of the women previously disadvantaged under the communal tenure and land reform in the post-apartheid South Africa
    1. Access to the land in Tanzania by women: A case study of Makete District
    1. The fragmentation of property: Redistribution of housing and land amid Romanian democratisation process
    1. What do you understand by SGEI? Submit a case study on the social services and the constitutional systems of choice on a country of your preference
    1. Constitutional laws vs growing radicalisation in the Islamic nations. Discuss the present and the future with an example of a country of your choice

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