Technical Content Writing vs Copywriting

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In any field, different categories are there but one thing that is common in experts of these categories is the basics. The same is true with content writing. It consists of several different categories but the basic of all is proper use of language taking care of the demand. Here we are talking about technical content writing and copywriting- the two different categories of content writing. The two are different from each other and we are going to discuss the difference here.

Technical content writing and copywriting:

If any writer is asked in US that what his specialized field is, the answer might be either technical content writing or copywriting. Choice is made by the writers from these two blooming fields. When we are talking about the differences, it is easy to frame the difference between copywriting services in India and technical content writing in India when extreme ends of the two are considered. Talking about technical writing, it covers the information that the general public is not aware of. Only the specialist or expert technical content writer has the information covered in his area of expertise.


Factors considered by the technical content writer:

The important point regarding a technical content writer is that he has the ability of writing in support of the proficiency and technique in practical terms. The job of technical content writer includes explanation of how things are done in practical manner.

Copywriting by Professional content company:

This is the next field having experts termed as copywriters. This is a non-technical field. An skilled and experienced copywriter is the one who takes care of communications with consumers. The key role in copywriting is influencing the potential audiences so that their interest ‘is developed in services or products. The intend is not to affect reputation of anyone but it could be said that a copywriter is more concerned with the feelings instead of facts. Attracting attention of consumers is their key purpose and they try to convince the customer that how the particular product or service is best for them.


In creative terms, the difference between technical content writing and copywriting could be described with the analogy of cupcake. In this regard, copywriter is the one who will boast the goodness of cupcake while the process of baking cupcake will be described by technical writer.

The demand of Original Technical Writing:

Both the services are entirely different and are highly in demand as well. Enormous searches are made for technical content writing in India and US with the service being in high demand in these markets. Sometimes it is also possible that the technical content writer is asked to write documents in which the how factor is not explained. Their relevancy is also less in comparison to other business communication forms. So the question arises as when the copywriting starts leaving technical writing pitch. This is discussed in detail in our next blog: Copywriting Or Technical Content Writing-Which Service Will Meet Your Demands


Taking it forward, technical content writing, the technical writer’s job is not always restricted to explanation of how to operate, assemble and serviced the widgets. Same is true for copywriter as he is not always restricted to invoke popularity for selling the services.

So these two fields are completely different. It is important to understand whether you are looking for technical content writing in India or copywriting services in India so as to find the service that can match with your needs. The next blog will discuss how to decide whether technical wiring or copywriting will meet your demands.