Smart Ways To Detect Plagiarism Before It Sabotages Academic Paper Submission Prospects

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Plagiarism is not always an intentional mistake. There have always been instances where students not even realized that they have committed plagiarism before it was too late. That is the reason why, it is quintessential to discuss and define what plagiarism is all about to prepare the students in a better sense before making the next submission.

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    For the students who are committed to earn their grades through diligence and hard work, plagiarism can only turn out to be an honest mistake. There are instances where students genuinely do not understand what required to be quoted (or cited) and what not. We well realize the fact that such students always deserve a second chance to submit their assignments with proper knowledge about all the rectification measures to curb plagiarism.

    Smart Ways To Detect Plagiarism Before It Sabotages Academic Paper Submission Prospects - ThoughtfulMinds

    Here, we will try to realize what constitutes plagiarism and what are easier to access and the most prudent ways to address the corrections in advance. Simply put: “anything that we are drafting which does not come under the category of general knowledge or own unique idea requires a citation. When we are directly quoting someone or using statistics provided by a source, then we definitely require a citation.” When the information belonging to the ownership of someone else is used without proper referencing, then it is deemed as plagiarism. However, referencing of the said information sources is one thing, citing them in correct referencing style is equally significant.

    Common Ways to Detect Plagiarism in Assignment Paper

    As a student, when we rely upon manual human expertise, software technology and commonly accessible assignment help tools, then we would find that there are both free and paid ways to get our queries resolved. Let us look at a few of them below –

    Run a Google Search:

    Yes, you never thought it would be that easy, did you? If there is a small section of the assignment paper that you feel susceptible to plagiarism, then there is no harm in verifying it with the sources displayed by Google. It would be easy if we are keen to verify a sentence or a small paragraph and would easily like to track the source of information. It has never been this easy! Simply copy and paste the relevant section of writing in the search bar of Google. To catch the exact phrase or the wording in the search results, it is suggestive to put quotation marks at the beginning as well as at the end of the passage to be searched.

    It is one of the free and easiest ways to track and detect the basic form of plagiarism in our academic paper. Once identified, if it is not a quotation, then a simple rewrite of the text can resolve the issue.

    To effectively deal with the issues of plagiarism, it is imperative to understand its history, types and proven countermeasures. Read the below article to know in detail all about one of our greatest academic assignment writing adversaries.

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    Using Free Online Application:

    There are certain applications that work online for free to check the content of the electronic documents. These free apps and websites have the capacity to thoroughly check the given content and go a few extra miles than a basic Google search.

    We can get the online assignment help of these free plagiarism checkers by simple copy and paste of the concerned text. Indeed, there are certain sites that facilitate the users to upload the whole document for verification. Some of the common examples of such sites include Dupli Checker, PaperRater, Plagiarism Detector, Dupefree Pro, etc.

    Use Commercial Software Services:

    There are certain sites that are not free in terms of services but hiring their plagiarism check services does come with interesting perks. But these sites come up with a periodic subscription and only recommended when we must check a large number of papers for the prescribed period of time. These sites come up with both limited and unlimited premium subscriptions. The algorithms of these software can conduct in-depth assessment of the content and provide results that we can confidently rely upon.

    There are agencies offering assignment writing services that utilize these forms of software to deliver 100% authentic results to their clients. In case, we do not require the services of paid software in a long run, then it is advisable to hire the services of one such agency and avail a much reliable yet cheaper deal. Some of the most recognized paid software service sites include EVE (Essay Verification Engine),,, etc.

    Looking for Odd Formatting Changes:

    Now, here comes a street-smart trick. There are instances where we copy and paste the passages directly from an external source onto our assignment paper. When we look carefully, then we would find a change in the font size or type. One such content that has directly been derived from an external source always be highly prone to the instances of plagiarism. Besides, keep an eye out for the text carrying seemingly random underlined, bold or italics type of content. It is always recommended to follow a particular font type and size.

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    Check References for Formatting Errors:

    The referencing of the final draft meant for submission is extremely critical. Our approach to referencing can either make or break the prospects of the grade-points. That is why, it is necessary to check that references are not obsolete or carry formatting of incorrect order. The old sources generally indicate the fact that that the student has borrowed the information from an old article or paper. One such issue is common while submitting the assignments related to history subject or topics, where the students tend to not use the recent sources. If there is a use of a newer (and updated) source of information, then also it can turn out to be worthwhile.

    If you require APA formatting and the student uses Chicago, for example, that is a sign that they might have copied the sources from another paper or site.

    One interesting aspect of verifying whether the student has copied the information from other sources is that if the referencing has been instructed in APA style and the provided citation is in Chicago, then chances are high that the said referencing is directly copied from another source of information.

    Plagiarism Free Essay

    Check if the Assignment Veers Off-the-topic:

    It is an undeniable fact that most of the students look up to the essays, case studies and dissertations available online to rewrite them as their own. Most of these assignments online are general. We occasionally find submissions where while answering a specific assignment question the language of the subject appears to change abruptly. Most of such submissions are prone to fall in the trap of plagiarism.

    For instance, there is a question that we must answer on Reagan’s economic policies. If the essay begins with the introduction on the same topic but eventually ends up discussing the issues that are utterly unrelated to the question asked, then there are chances that a wrong essay source has been copied which is nothing but a generic essay on the policies of President Reagan.

    We hope while diving deep into the ways to detect plagiarism online, you would be more than keen to be informed about the simplest tricks to avoid them. Read the below article to get familiar with easy to apply tricks to make your next research paper submission plagiarism-free on all accounts.

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    Observing an Abrupt Change in Style or Voice:

    While referring the sources for information, we can generally tell of there are more than one “authors” to the paper. If there is a mediocre level of writing in most of the sentences of the document, then abruptly laden with sophisticated prose, then there is always a possibility of plagiarism.

    For instance, carefully try to read the following bunch of sentences. “I really liked reading the novel. The way author Stephanie Myers deftly weaves emotion of the protagonist against the watershed event is flabbergasting. The romance angle was also kind of cool.” When we carefully read all three lines, then we would easily find that the middle sentence carries the next level of writing and does not have the same tone or style as the former and the latter sentences.

    Apart from the above-mentioned effective ways, there is always a means to hire assignment writing help from an agency that integrate free plagiarism check in its services. One such agency can always help the student with the plagiarism check in different assignment writing formats, including essay help, dissertation help, report writing help, research paper writing help, case study help, coursework help, thesis help, PowerPoint presentation (PPT) help, etc.

    The best part of hiring the services of a specialized agency is that the entire service package (specifically designed for students) can be accessed right under one roof. The students are not required to pay anything extra to get their submission drafts checked online.


    From the above piece of information, it is pretty evident that the common means of detecting assignment plagiarism are not as daunting as they appear to be. Right from a simple Google search with the right keywords to the free plagiarism checker tools accessible online, there are multiple ways to get the job done.

    If you are committed to get your academic assignment professionally checked for plagiarism without paying an additional sum, then paid assignment help to outsource the homework order is always a resourceful option. Get in touch with the experts who can offer homework help. After all, a professional help from a trusted agency can provide complete peace of mind than all sorts of our manual efforts extended word by word.