Debunking the Guilt-trip about Hiring Expert Assignment Help Online

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During the course of our interaction with the students through our blogs, we have given numerous reasons to them why they should opt for professional assignment help. We assured them that it would get their homework submitted on time and secure optimum grades that they otherwise seldom achieve on their own. Expert assignment writing service not only help them achieve a perfect social and college life balance, but also the top-notch grades that can cement their future plans and eligibilities.

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    But today, we have decided to take you to the opposite end of the road. The phase where students tend to be reluctant about getting benefited with professional expertise and even feel guilty for the decision of seeking professional intervention. Well, the reasons could vary from self-pride to the feeling of inferiority complex, but no one could share it better than the students themselves. That is why, we decided to interact with the students from different continents who decided to seek paid assignment help at one point of time and faced different forms of dilemmas. It helped us to draft the most common set of questions or arguments faced by the students and debunk the myths with the most formidable and concrete facts put forth by the experts of the academic writing industry.

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    To realise the thought process of the students in a better sense, we spoke to students of the major countries on the planet who constantly seek professional help to outsource their assignment homework online. These include the countries like the United States, India, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Canada, and different countries of the European Union. While discussing about their needs, we came to realise the fact that there are students who remain hesitant to seek professional assignment writing services although they are in desperate need of the same. The most common reasons include self-respect, concerns about compromising with integrity, plagiarism concerns, price of the services, transparency in the service policies and the fear of compromised secrecy.

    Here, we are going to understand some of the most debated arguments put forth by the students to turn away the option of professional assistance in assignment writing. We are going to put forward some real cases and incidences and help you understand the whole situation in a better sense. It is anticipated that once this piece of writing gets finished, you will find yourself in a position to make a prudent decision all by yourself.

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    Assignment Help Myths that Subdue Most Promising Careers

    Let us try to know some of the most common myths that are prevalent amongst the students and what sort of blunders they result in when it comes to the prospects of their academic careers.

    • I Think Peers and Buddies can Help: Most of the students think that the knowledge and skills of their classmates and friends would be more than enough to help them submit a prolific assignment. But that is not true in most of the cases.

    There had been a case at our agency, where a student named Amber inquired about our dissertation help, even agreed with the service quote but never contacted back. We thought she might have gone to another agency and wished well for her and moved on. About a couple of months later, we received an email back from Amber regarding an essay help. She also shared how her decision not to hire the dissertation writing service from Thoughtful Minds turned out to be an utter debacle which costed her not only assignment-based grade-points but also a scholarship eligibility based on performance grades. She told us that she was happy to confirm the order the last time but convinced by her classmate to do otherwise, and rather take help from a senior fellow who is good at submitting assignments. I wasted 15 days in the whole process, and it turned out the senior was least interested to help me out. Even the tips and writing inputs (he even edited and proofread the dissertation for me) offered by him did not work out. The submitted work only led to below-average grades and it brought the overall grade-sheet beneath the eligibility for a much-deserved scholarship. Now, that is how one single blunder could cause ripple effect and sabotage the career prospects more than one could ever imagine.

    However, we could not change what happened in the past, but we took full command of the essay writing help that she booked with our agency and helped her secure an ‘A+’ with the submission. Amber is presently an integral member of our most loyal client-base and already gave reference of ours to two of her classmates and ensured a good academic future for them.

    • I Wish to ‘Earn’ My Degree: Fair enough, but do we really need to think that hiring professional expertise to surmount the assignment challenges can undermine the worth of the degree? Well, candidly speaking nothing can be farther from the truth!

    The true learning lies in the total number of classes that you attend in a thriving academic environment. The invaluable interactions with professors, healthy group discussions with the peer group and the academic and co-curricular activities that we partake time and again. Colleges and universities provide an atmosphere where both hard work and smart work of the students are evaluated in an equivalent manner.

    Addressing our course assignments in a smarter way not only make our grade-sheet look impressive but also provide enough time to prepare for the mid-term and end-term examinations. Remember, the grade-sheet only mention the grade-points but no remarks whether you hired expert help or tried it yourself hard but failed. When an expert online assignment writer submits the draft on our behalf, we can always go through the submitted work in detail and learn from the experts how the entire assignment framework and content is prepared. That too, without practically trying it ourselves with the threat of losing precious grade-points hovering above our heads. There is nothing wrong in ‘earning’ the degree by excelling in hard work. Being an agency functioning for student interests, we even admire it. Yet, the fact of the matter is that even the most meritorious students struggle to maintain the high standard of writing with a pile of assignments waiting on their desks. But with professional online assignment help agency watching your back, you are only able to ‘earn’ more and lose less in career.

    • I Wish to Develop Productive Skills by Personally Attending these Assignments: We wish we had a nickel for every time we heard that! It is because despite being quite a prevalent myth, it is an argument that utterly falls flat. It is noteworthy that most of these assignments are merely a formality and there is nothing fruitful that one can attend from homework to help lifelong in career.

    Most of the lectures that outline your assignment topic or question, do not have a practical implication in the whole life, leave alone the career. These assignments never help you with the ground reality. They never help you with difficult clients, demanding bosses, scheming colleagues, or managing workplace conflict. These soft skills evolve spontaneously when we hone our social skills by meeting people rather than isolating ourselves in a small study room with our dreary assignments. So, leave the assignments for best of the writers and emphasize on the skills that matter the most.

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    • Assignment Writing Service is Pricey for Students: That is another misconception and excuse that students occasionally give to eschew the assignment help they rightly deserve. Indeed, we are not saying that best of the writers do come at a cheap rate and most of the other assignment writing service agencies might have their own prerogative in terms of fee hike. But when we conduct proper research, then would find that there are agencies that offer paid assignment help at the most reasonable, student-friendly rates. The reason is not that they offer substandard assignment services, but they curtail their own profit margin to ensure that both the writer and the students get their deserving shares of the right pay and affordable services respectively. With 500+ assignment writers and 25,000+ submissions till date, Thoughtful Minds has been a brand of the academic writing industry that has perfectly balanced the quality and price to make it a win-win for everyone for the last 15 years.


    • I Feel Proud to Accomplish Something on My Own: There is a wise saying that, never hesitate to ask for help at the time of need. One cannot excel at each thing in life. To make sure that one attains sure-shot success in life, one needs to learn the art of delegating specialised tasks to specialised individuals. Remember, in the modern world, slow and steady never win the race. The one who is pro-active, time sensitive and versatile in terms of multi-tasking is appreciated and demanded at both college and industrial level.

    Irrespective of the fact whether we are undergoing the college admission process, or scholarship essay, completion of doctorate program or facing the final round of placement interview, we cannot boast about the quality of assignment homework that we submitted. Mentioning the same will not impact our resume in a positive sense. Rather than that, our examination grades, soft skills, and confidence are the ones that earn us the stamp of selection. Then why not work upon those and leave the assignments for the experts offering exceptional results for more than a decade? Just keep in mind the fact that, there will always be limited time while pursuing most demanding course at college or university. Even each and every day counts. So, never channelise the time, energy and resources on the tasks that can bring little value to the overall growth as a budding professional.

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    • It will Offer me an Unfair Edge Over the Others: Well unfortunately, we do not live in a fairy tale world of Disneyland. We are born to a practical world with cut-throat competition. Life is never an even race for anyone and certainly not everyone commences the race on an even kneel.

    There are students who have been gifted everything on a platter, on the other hand, there are students who must fight for bits and pieces. The students that you are competing against will always have advantage or edge in one or the other aspect of academics or life. In case you fail, no one is going to mention in your grade-sheet that your counterpart had this unfair share of advantage. In case you still feel guilty of having an advantage or edge over others, then remember the fact that why you have taken admission to the college or the university at the first place. You have taken the admission to have an ‘advantage’ or an ‘edge’ over the non-degree holders. Now, why not take that for a reason!?

    However, there might be some students who would brand it as ‘unethical’ and against the moral clauses of integrity. What if my parents or professors would find out that I am taking online homework help? Will they not feel unhappy and disappointed in me? During our service period, we have come across a number of such students who wrap themselves under this sort of moral grab and prefer to make their life miserable by surrounding themselves with a heavy pile of assignment sheets over their study tables. Eventually, when the reality strikes and they fail or pass the assignment modules with poor grades, they end up paying hefty resit fee and only cumulate their student loan burden. And guess what? They are back to the square one where their parents and professors are disappointed with them. By taking assignment help, you are doing nothing illegal, and even the faculties know that students occasionally seek expert intervention from outside. So, get the long due assignment writing help now, land a good job and make your parents and professors proud.

    • What If My Assignments get Accused of Plagiarism: Frankly speaking, attending your personal module yourself could land you in serious disputes of plagiarism. Here, we are not talking about deliberate mistakes, but the ones that you might commit unintentionally due to the lack of conceptual and strategic clarity. It can not only result in the legal disputes and embarrassment but could also induce disciplinary action from your university council. But that would certainly be not the case when you are hiring assignment help online from a professional agency. They use both human and technological expertise to verify the assignment content word by word to leave no scope for plagiarism accusations. At Thoughtful Minds, in addition to the manual expertise of our editors and writers, we employ powerful anti-plagiarism software to help our students submit their assignment homework more confidently without getting bothered by uncertainties.

    We maintain a strict confidentiality policy with our students. Even while interacting directly with our assigned writer, the identities of our students are never revealed. The communication always takes place via phone, SMS, email, or live chat on a very discreet and secured channel. What happens between the client and the agency, stays between the client and the agency.


    There can be some reasons for being sceptical on whether to outsource assignment writing service or not. The most common ones have been debunked above. But when we look at one reason why we must go for dissertation help, essay help, case study help, coursework help, thesis help, research paper writing help, PPT help, etc. then instead of one, we can find many. That is why, rather than riding on a guilt-trip for no concrete reason, reach assignment paper help to choose the necessary help without upholding morality or fear as an excuse. It is the time to shed all kinds of false pretences and unabashedly seek reliable assignment writing services that your academic or professional career deserves.