Are you Worried about Plagiarism in your Next Research Paper Submission? Make it Fool Proof with 10 Simple Tips & Tricks!

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Plagiarism, whether committed intentionally or unintentionally, never pays! In the world of research publications and releases, stealing someone else’s words, or ideas without giving the original author his or her due credit, is bluntly regarded as literary theft. The rule of law always considers it to be done deliberately and treat it as a means for copyright violation.

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    It is not merely about the legal and fiscal repercussions that we pay, but also the setback to the reputation that we are required to endure, make the odds tenfold against us. If we have committed the blunder in terms of an academic submission, then it would not only ruin our reputation across the campus but also significantly sabotage the career prospects for the future.

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    When we are hiring research paper help from a trusted agency, then it is obvious that they would take utmost care and concern to deal with even a miniscule trace of plagiarism in the entire draft. But that is not the case, when we are committed to the preparation of research paper draft at our own personal level. Here, we are going to come across 10 easy tricks through which we can check the most commonly prevailing plagiarism blunders.

    When we are working on a research project, there is always an enormous chance of featuring an existing literature about an explained process, a compound structure is explained, or it can be any form of unparalleled theory that is being developed. Under one such scenario, we might feel under the duress of failing to improve the present descriptive matter. It cajoles us to the unethical practice of copying from non-permissible sources, despite knowing that it is a well-conceived act of plagiarism.

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    10 Tips & Tricks to Smartly Evade Plagiarism in Our Research Paper

    The following are some of the most genuine, yet highly effective tricks that will prove to be a game-changer in the next research paper submission that we make –

    #1 Investing Time:

    It is always suggestive that we start working on the research paper as early as possible. It would always help in surmounting the negative outcomes that appear when we miss something. Having an adequate amount of time by our side will always make sure that our content shall remain more research oriented with plethora of attention to the details. Besides, it helps in performing defects research on keywords optimization. It would provide a crystal-clear picture of all the contacts and helps in verifying all the unknown words and phrases.

    #2 Keeping a Track on Our Source:

    We always ought to keep a track on our source to avoid the cases of plagiarism. The assistance of effective plagiarism value searching leads to the assimilation of all the required information to maintain the project record in respect to the information derived from the sources. We ensure this to prevent the unintentional presentation of a case when the concerned researcher forgets where the specific idea came from. One such blunder can easily be eluded by organizing the notes and subsequently keeping a track of all the sources consulted. The compilation of the citations list would help in the prevention of plagiarism to a great extent.

    #3 Paraphrasing:

    The term basically denotes the art of rewording a sentence with the help of pristine vocabulary without losing its real crux. The most critical information provided by the resource can be utilized by finding prudent synonym and ensuring the preservation of the true meaning. It is not about replacing one word with another, rather paraphrasing the entire sentence in such a way that no one can recognize the origin. Besides, never copy the verbatim more than two words straight in a row. Yes, paraphrasing can also be attained with the help of a paraphrasing tool accessible online, but it is required to be edited and proofread correctly to uphold the integrity of the syntax.

    #4 Source Citation:

    When we seek online research paper help from a professional assignment writing company, then chances of ensuring a successful submission becomes high. It is primarily because much emphasis is put on the correct referencing of the citation, which weighs much. The presentation of in-text citation or footnote citation will make sure that the original author of the given source is recognized. If we speak in the standard context, then the in-text citation usually entails the page number, the year of publication, and other basic kinds of information. The documentation of the citation is required to be done as per the provided formatting instructions and ought to apply one single unique style right across the research paper. The diverse citations styles do feature Chicago, IEEE, MLA, APL, and Harvard. All these citation styles do feature their own rules of citing and plagiarism might develop if the citation is not done adequately.

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    #5 Plagiarism Detection Tool:

    There is a range of plagiarism detection tools accessible on the Internet featuring right from free to paid versions. The basic working process of a plagiarism detection tool is to scan and compare the documents referring to the mammoth database of publications, websites, as well as the passage present worldwide somehow directly or indirectly linked to the text. Additionally, plagiarism detection tool helps to trace out the blunder that could possibly invite duplication, like in case we have left out quotation work, ignores citation or highlights a paraphrase that is somehow resembling to the original passage.Apart from offering the services related to plagiarism status, a good tool would also help us out with readability, word count, total characters, etc. The bottom-line of its function is that it can trace back the plagiarized content, a paragraph, a line, or even a combination of words. It displays the percentage of plagiarism in an overall sense, suggesting how inimitable the research paper is.

    #6 Applying Quotation:

    We apply quotations when the exact definition of the original author is required to be pen down word to word, as it is impossible to rephrase or redraw the sentence without losing its initial or original context/interpretation. The expert writers offering research paper writing services do not prefer to use it for the long passages. It effectively works for the content or a definition whose authority and style of the words is required to be sanctified. Quotation always avoids the possibilities of negative consequence, as the usage of the quote is required to be done as it happened to come in the text. Yes, we are required to render the quote in reference as it may or may not consume more time, but surely shun the possibility of an accusation later.

    #7 Reference Page:

    Providing the referencing list of all the sources of publication is one of the reliable ways to prevent the charges of plagiarism for the submitted paper. We are required to publish the reference page at the end of the research paper. Here, we are deliberately releasing the statement that all the referred sources to borrow our ideas are well cited to prove that there is no copying, stealing or duplication of content whatsoever. Here, what is imperative to note that this page ought to strictly follow the research paper formatting guidelines provided to convince the reader regarding the referred sources of publication.

    #8 Adding Value by Citing our Material:

    If the content or article we use for the research paper had been used by us somewhere else in the past, then we ought to cite the content regarding the previous publication. We are required to treat the text the same including quotation work, rephrasing, etc. This practice is essential as using our material that had been used previously will be regarded as self-plagiarism. If you are seeking research paper writing help from a professional assignment writing agency, then it is recommended to provide the reference to your previous works that have been published online or offline and they would make a note of it while delivering the citation.

    #9 Never Hesitate to Take Help from Mentor:

    We may ask assistance from mentors or teachers in the college, educational institution or even a professional research paper writer from the industry. It only provides a helping hand ensuring a positive channelization of innovative and bona fide ideas featuring reliable sources are going to be incorporated in the research paper. Having the presence and guidance of a mentor would always result in a positive build-up for our research paper submission and eventually empower the knowledge and grades.

    #10 The Application of the Internet as a Source:

    If we are employing the Internet in the form of a source and found engrossing content to be effectively used for our research paper. Adhering to stringently follow the formatting citation guidelines provided with the document, it is important to provide authentic Internet sources that can be referred in the future as well. The information accessed online should feature the desired security certificates and the links that are not broken or feature restricted access. If our cited Internet source does feature a broken link, then it could raise question marks over the authenticity and credibility of the information mustered.

    We hope the above-mentioned tricks will surely help make your research paper submission more secured and unique on each set yardstick. You can assimilate a few of them, or all of them as per the plagiarism detection requirements that arise from time to time.

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    The possibility of detecting plagiarism always remains high, so we are required to catch with all the prevailing loopholes with effective proofreading time and again. Proofreading is an art that requires the scanning of all the content in the document, providing the assurance of citing all the sources certifying the uniqueness of the result. Some of the best plagiarism checker tools are accessible online that not only help in tracing and eradicating plagiarism but also feature spelling and grammar error detection.

    When we hire paid research paper help from a trustworthy assignment writing agency, then all the services associated with plagiarism detection and proofreading are integrated to the order. It is essential to make sure that all the plagiarism detection services are inclusive to the order cost and not charged additionally. Visit research paper help to answer all your research paper writing requirements and effective neutralization of the piracy components word by word. Order now from Thoughtful Minds and enjoy the submission of the most ethical and bona fide research paper assignment ever!