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The dreams and aspirations related to career are tested at each turn. Especially when it comes to higher studies and here, you are required to prove your worth and metal amid a ruthless selection procedure. Getting a call for admission from your favorite university in a foreign land is as thrilling as alarming it can feel! “Will I be able to crack it?”, “how strong or weak is my preparation?”, “how would be my admission essay be different from conventional essay writing?”.

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    Admission Essay HelpThere would be numerous questions nesting in your brain even before facing the interview and one of the most pivotal would be associated with how to write the correct admission essay for the foreign university that you are aspiring to get into. One of the foremost hurdles that you are required to cross in terms of the yardsticks set for the international students include passing the admission essay.


    As passing the admission essay is one time affair, most of the international students with a prudent mindset prefer to go for the services of an essay help agency to take professional assistance in finishing the given task and raise the chances of clearing the admission formalities better. But in case you are determined to pen down your admission essay on your own, it is our job to help you in every possible way.

    The following are some of the crucial tips that would help you plan and write down the admission essay in the most formal and matured way as expected by the admission council of your dream university. We are segregating the tips into two sections, i.e., planning your essay and writing down your essay, and subsequently conclude this piece of blog with some bonus tips that professional essay writers seldom share. A lot to learn and a lot to discuss, so let us get on with it –

    Section #01- Planning Up your Essay

    Tip #1: Understand the Psychology of the Admissions Board

    Once you have assembled all the pieces of information associated with your application, it is the time to send it to the foreign university of your dreams. There it is going to be placed in a pile with thousands of other applications for admission. The whole application, including the essay is then reviewed by a group of admission officers and they are going to look forward to certain traits that can make your selection worthwhile.

    They always prefer the students who –

    • Succeed the course once they get admission.
    • Can add value to the educational experience of other students,
    • Bring prestige and honor to the institution once they graduate.

    In the admission essay written by you, it is essential to portray yourself as the students that can meet those needs, especially being an international student familiar with diverse culture, language, ethos, and lifestyle. That is the reason why, before you plan to pen down your essay, try to find the answers to the following questions –

    • How will I make myself appear determined and ambitious, so that I can assure that I will not end up getting poor grades or simply drop out?
    • How can I make a positive contribution to the educational experience of other students in the campus?
    • How being an alumnus of that foreign university, am I aspiring to bring prestige and honor to the faculty?
    • What are the long-term goals set by me? Will I be able to revolutionize a scientific process, kickstart a business, or win a prestigious award someday?

    If you are unable to find answers to these questions yourself, then it is suggestive to for online essay help from an agency that can help you craft the admission essay of the finest order.

    Tip #2: Ascertaining your Essay Goals

    The admission essay contemplated by you would sketch a persona of yours in front of the admissions officers even before you meet them face to face for the personal interview round. Try to set excellent essay goals with respect to your classwork. You can make an impression on the grounds of a wide range of advanced classes attended by you. Your pre-college coursework would help you put forth a strong build of character and allow you to re-evaluate certain key aspects of your life and its ambitions.

    • Do I have the work experience of a relevant or an interesting job?
    • Have I been associated with any recognized organizations or clubs?
    • Have I ever demonstrated teamwork or leadership skills in the past?
    • Have I ever demonstrated the traits of community-responsibility or compassion in the past?

    Try to ascertain the answers to these essay goals in advance.

    Tip #3: Making your Profile Outstanding

    Here, the term ’outstanding’ simply denotes the fact that you are required to present yourself in a totally different manner than rest of the applicants. Being an international student, you will always going to have an edge over the bulk of American or Indian students applying to American or Indian Universities, respectively. But that simply does not mean that you will get the admission by simply telling them that, “well, I am not from around here.” Rather than that, you are required to work on the strengths of your indigenous culture. You are not required to elaborate the whole paragraph; instead, a sentence or two would be adequate to make sure that the admissions board bids the desired attention to you.

    Remember, you are more than an international student for the admissions officers. You are a complete person from another shore of the world with a lifetime of experiences. Your application will always be going to be a breath of fresh air for those who find themselves involved in the mundane task of selecting the suitable candidate from a pile of applications that appear to be identical to one another. Never hesitate to add the interesting features that can make your application even more distinctive, like being excellent in soccer, play piano, do know how to speak five languages, etc.

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    Tip #4: Your Contribution to the University Culture

    Of course, you are seeking admission to a prestigious foreign university to boost your educational experience and broaden your perspective. But what is that the other students within the campus tend to gain by your presence within the periphery? One of the prima facie objectives of attaining higher education from a foreign university is to realize one’s own intellectual limitations and outgrow those limits. You are required to highlight in your admission essay, that you are not coming alone to the campus, rather bringing in a plethora of cultural diversity. Mention the same in a brief format within one to two sentences.

    • If you are good in terms of more than the study groups, then please do mention what sort of collaborative work you are specialized in?
    • How your cultural diversity could impact a student organization or athletic team present in the campus?
    • In case, you are well-versed in writing, then how being the writer of student blog or newsletter can take the scheme of things to a whole new level?
    • Apart from studies, if you are inclined more towards arts, music, drama, or theatrics, then how the cultural background with which you are associated can bring a positive addition to the campus activities?

    In case, you are finding difficulty in writing down these unique cultural traits of yours, then hire the essay writing services from those who are doing it for the students for years.

    Tip #5: Your Answer to the Essay Ought to be Prompt

    Last but not the least, you are required to focus on three to four core ideas that can make your admission essay more attractive in front of college admissions board. It is worth to note that, even a great idea presented in a poor fashion could do more harm than good. Read the essay prompt very carefully and try to answer it in the fullest way possible. Always keep in mind the fact that, the competition would be fierce, and the admissions officers hastily seek a reason to disregard your candidature from the shortlist. Never give them the chance to reject you simply on the grounds that you simply overlooked a sentence or two in the essay prompt.

    In case, you are finding difficulty in choosing a topic, let authorized professionals offering admission essay help guide you in the same regard.

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    Section #02- Writing Down your Essay

    At this stage, you are familiar with the psychology and goals of the college admission board and what to do and what not to do regarding the same. Once you have narrowed down the most important ideas, it is the time to use them to pen down your essay for the favorite foreign college/university.

    Tip #6: Pen Down the Specific Details

    The more specific your essay would turn out to be, the stronger an impression that it would create on the admissions officers. In case, you are trying to reveal the fact that you are a devoted academic scholar, then please do not write like: “I have never missed an assignment homework deadline, irrespective of the fact how down I was feeling just the night before.” Rather than that, you can pen down the fact that: “During my junior years, I came under the weather with a dreadful case of pneumonia. Despite having a fever of 103 degree and strictly instructed to stay in the bed, I decided to proceed with my draft speech on the probable impacts of the global warming on the agricultural sector.” Obviously, the latter would have a stronger impression as people always vote for the candidates they remember.

    While writing down your essay, you are required to ask yourself –

    • Is there a particular example to demonstrate the same?
    • Can I add fictional (shapes, colours) to make it appear more interesting?
    • Is it feasible for me to replace general nouns (like, “car” or “class”) with something more particular (like, “Toyota Land Cruiser” or “Honours Geometry”)?

    Well, you might be thinking, “I really do not like to tout about my personality or achievements; I would rather prefer to let my record put the case for itself.” Yes, you ought to shun sounding too narcissistic, the process of writing admission essay does not have the space for modesty. The board council for admissions would like to see you celebrate yourself. Never hesitate to underline your personality and strengths, so that they can make the judgment about you within a snap of the finger.

    Tip #7: Showcase College-Level Diction

    Whether it is getting statement of purpose or SOP help or writing down the key components of the given topic, the right diction always defines the fundamental framework of writing. The choices of words made by you reveals a lot about your personality, intellect, and education. Nonetheless, being an international student, it is your fundamental duty to reassure the admissions board that you feature a formidable command over the English language.

    Learn the art of substituting the lower-level words (bad, nice, sad, chance, thing) with higher-level words (appalling, consoling, despondent, opportunity, phenomena). Besides, elude the usage of casual diction or verbal slang at any cost as most of the prestigious foreign universities never express their interest in casual language for their admissions essays. If you are not strong enough in English language and does not want to invest time diving into an ocean of vocabulary, take the essay help from a specialized agency and put an end to all your admission worries.

    Tip #8: Exhibit the College-level Style

    A popular American proverb states that, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” Your presentation is always required to be as per the next job. It is the ideal time to showcase your college-level writing skills. Always keep the following aspects in mind:

    • Try to make the write-up in the form of complex sentences, instead of, compound or simple sentences.
    • Try to incorporate a scheme or trope, like oxymoron, anaphora, or chiasmus.
    • Try to integrate figurative language like, a simile, a metaphor, or personification.

    The tip would serve two functions, i.e., distinguishing your essay from the ones written in substandard manner, and convince the admissions board about your high competency in English language.

    Tip #9: Proofreading your Admission Essay is a Must!

    Even if you finish the essay work on your own, the final touch must be given my someone who is a pro in the business. It is essential because the ones who are about to check your work are doing it for years and English is not a foreign language for them. Please make sure that you get your work proofread on the following grounds –

    • Grammar: Did you wrote the whole sentence or not? Are all the subjects and verbs in the essay in correct order?
    • Diction: The spelling, as well as the choice of words! Please make sure that the diction is at par with the local audience of the country in which the university is located.
    • Organization: The structuring of the sentence in the right order is essential to make sure that all the groups of sentences are coherently linked together.

    Hire the services of a proofreader from an agency offering online essay help to make sure that no room of error is left in the document whatsoever!

    Tip #10: Never Breach the Deadline

    Before ensuring the submission, you are required to work and rework on multiple drafts of the essay, to ensure that whatever you submit does results in a sure shot! But prior to that, it is imperative to realize the fact that whatever you plan and write, ought to be within the period of deadline. It is always advisable to rigorously and diligently maintain a calendar that features –

    • The final deadlines
    • All the reminders of the forthcoming deadlines
    • Process deadlines (the process of breaking down the bulk of larger tasks into the smaller steps)

    Adhering to the given deadlines is always a challenge, but if you are availing the essay writing services from a reliable agency, then everything can run seamlessly, including the submission of a quality work within the given time frame.

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    Bonus Tips

    Now, as promised, it is the time to make you familiar with some of the bonus tips that can be very effective to plan your admission process in the most prudent way possible.

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    • Try to get in touch with a former alumnus of your dream university. Yes, it is one of the simplest, yet tactical approaches that aspirants usually overlook at the time of their preparation. It is not hard to track down the alumni of the prestigious universities on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Just pin down a message to multiple alumni (obviously, not all of them are going to respond back) and ask about their experience and approach at the time of writing admission essay. Never coax the alumni again and again, and patiently wait for their revert and guidance and act accordingly.
    • The first sentence of your essay is not always required to be written first. The basic outline of essay writing that students usually make would feature the introduction first, the body in the middle, and the concluding paragraph at the last. But it is not always necessary to work in that way!

    Well, sometimes the first sentence of your admission essay can block your inspiration, irrespective of the fact how fantastic is your outline. If you are having a struggle with this, simply leave the first sentence or the paragraph blank. To create a better impact, you can commence from anywhere. If you wish to kickstart with an iota of idea rambling inside your mind, then never hesitate to move with that. It is primarily because, you never know where that iota of an idea could lead you, and more importantly, how it is going to stimulate the flow of your writing. Take admission essay help from pros to make it work in no time.

    • There is no harm in taking a break, but never postpone the task. Of course, an admission essay written under immense amounts of stress would never sound fresh or reap fruitful results. The pressure can be multidimensional, it can be from the proximity of the deadline, the peer’ pressure or expectations from the parents, or simply the pressure that you mount on yourself to successfully pursue your international dream. The autonomous flow of creativity only comes when you seek hiatus at the right time, but it should never be a prolonged one to take the whole vibe away!


    Well, as it is the right time to conclude things, and we fully hope that all the tips, including the ones for planning up and writing down the essay are conducive enough with your entire scheme of things. What we recommend is that you should never panic during the entire course of admission journey. Trust yourself, and always believe in the fact that you have already cleared the selection process of your dream university. Well, it should be a self-belief and not arrogance!

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