Are you Exploring the Right Format to Structure a Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Essay? Well, your Search Ends Right Here!

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The approach to Theory of Knowledge (TOK) could turn out to become a daunting task for those who are not familiar with the right structure to pen down the same. Irrespective of the fact that how informative, argumentative, and comprehensive your whole work is, if it has not been presented in the correct structure, then all your efforts would go in vain. What is the utility of an effectively written TOK essay, that cannot assure good grades?

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    That is the reason why, here we are going to throw some light on the step-by-step method that one can implement to execute a powerful TOK essay with an appropriate structure. The structure format that we are about to discuss here is the one widely practiced by the leading essay writing services agencies worldwide, while offering essay help to the students.

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    Some of the key aspects of writing a TOK essay is that you are encouraging an ideal scenario of knowledge sharing with rational evidence backed arguments and counterarguments. It all begins by answering the prescribed title. You are required to follow the correct pattern as well as answer the given question simultaneously. It is necessary that your arguments and subsequent facts link back to the assigned/ chosen question. It is imperative that all the evidence are original and concrete enough to capture the attention of both the readers and the evaluator.

    Now, let us see the step-by-step approach to the structure formation that can cement a solid foundation for your essay and help you clear the first and foremost yardstick of scoring excellent grades. Obviously, it is the TOK essay structure that grabs the attention of the essay evaluator even before the meaningful pertinent information that it contains.

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    First Pick your PT and KQ

    Prior to the commencement of the real work, you can pen down a PT (Prescribed Title) like “What is it About Science and Mathematics that Brands them so Convincing?”, think and interpret. The initial ideas that cross your mind are subject to be laid down on paper.

    Second, Pick 1 WOK & 2 AOKs

    Once you make your prescribed title, you can pick up two AOKs and explore them with the topics like Natural Sciences, Human Sciences, Mathematics, Ethics, the Arts, Religious Knowledge Systems, Indigenous Knowledge Systems, or History, whichever deemed suited to your requirements. As far as the WOKs are concerned, then you can prefer one out of Faith, Emotion, Reason, Sense Perception, Intuition, Imagination, Memory, Language, etc.

    As far as the standard of online essay help is concerned, then the expert essay writers tend to go with 2 AOKs in the main body of the work. It will also incorporate a few insights into the WOKs to work around the periphery. A TOK essay features two body sections and each of it will look at a specific area of knowledge or rather the method of knowing. To vindicate the question above, we are going to work with the AOKs listed in the question. Here, we are going to employ Natural Science and Mathematics.

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    Discussing the Courtroom Analogy

    The construction of a TOK essay revolves around knowledge and it emphasizes on the conversation taking place between two smart people. It can be like presenting both the sides of an argument right in front of a judge. Here, each side is required to present evidence to reinforce his or her stand.

    Here, one lawyer says YES (i.e., reason is dependable, with examples) and after that, the other one points out the loopholes in what lawyer 01 is arguing (i.e., reasons that are often not dependable, also with examples).

    Your lawyer is going to make a case that you cannot stand guilty of robbing the bank on the grounds of several claims such as –

    • You were not there, and you have an alibi.
    • Defining your character that you are a moral person.
    • You do not have the technical or background knowledge to pull off a thing like that.

    The counterclaims arguing the fact that you might be guilty –

    • There is witness(s) who saw you in action.
    • You admitted of lying to your superior regarding one of the office affairs in the past.
    • You possess a strong command in computer processing.

    Now, it is up to the lawyers to weigh the claims and counterclaims and present them in front of the judge. It is indeed the toughest part of the essay and that is the reason why students seek professional TOK essay help from experts to finish the work without taking chances.

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    The Step-by-step Structure of Writing a Theory of Knowledge Essay

    The ideal way of structuring a TOK essay would feature 4 sections and 7 paragraphs altogether and each is going to feature specific aspects.

    First and foremost, write down the introduction with a standard word length of 150-200 words.

    Paragraph # 01

    It should feature two important aspects related to the prescribed title. “Several people find Natural Science and Mathematics very convincing. Nevertheless, many of the same people will say that they do not have a better understanding of either one of these fields. It is worth to note that these fields are directly based on some rigorous methodologies.”

    • Prefer to narrow in over one aspect which you find more interesting. For instance, “this essay is going to focus on the link existing between the replication of the results, as an origin of reliability.”
    • Put forth your thesis! What is your concise answer to the PT? Your thesis. It is feasible for you to think by the end of your essay that your initial thinking pattern was wrong, yet you should realize the fact that your claims are required to be supportive.
    • Start with a roadmap, a sentence that can provide the reader a preview of what he or she is about to read. It is going to reveal your upcoming body paragraphs as well as the developments that you are about to make in your work. Let the reader know about the AOKs that you are about to use, and which is the WOK that you are about to focus the most. It is always helpful to the evaluator to realize what he or she is actually required to look for, for instance, “Mathematics can be observed as more trustworthy since it uses reason. On the contrary, Natural Science is less trustworthy as it is dependent on observation.” When you seek online TOK essay help from a professional essay writing agency, then the ideal first development would feature two paragraphs with a totaling of 600 words.

    Paragraph # 02

    • The Claim: A claim is basically a topic sentence outlining your argument regarding the prescribed title. For instance, you could claim that “One can depend on Mathematics because it is purely based on a logical system.
    • The Explanation: Elaborating and clarifying your claim. “Mathematics is purely axiomatic and autonomous of subjective experiences.”
    • The Example: You can seek a real-life example and then support the given claim on the grounds of your own experience. The examples given should be specific, precise, personal, and authentic. Did something occur in your Natural Science class? Did you hear the conservation story from your grandfather? Or is it based on the examples provided by Lincoln or Darwin. On the other hand, you could talk about, “how we learned about the inside angles of a triangle in Mathematics, sum up to 180 degrees, in Euclidian space.”

    Paragraph #03

    • The Counterclaim: The argument that can be put forth against your claim above would be, “However, it is always feasible to come across different conclusions with the help of diverse mathematical systems.”
    • The Example: An example supporting your counterargument, It is not relevant to demonstrate the fact that the angles of interior of a triangle is equivalent to 180 degrees within the Euclidian space, as it cannot be proven via other systems, like hyperbolic geometry or spherical geometry.”
    • Linking PT: Quickly assemble all the insights associated with this section “It is henceforth crystal clear that Mathematics is dependable to an extent, yet often only depict something to be authentic and true within one set approach or system.” The whole section requires two body paragraphs and revolves around your second AOK. The approach is quite identical to the one that you saw in the paragraphs two and three and can be covered in approximately 600 words. An agency offering professional essay help can easily support in the same regard.

    Paragraph #04

    A similar pattern is followed with the fourth paragraph to structure the entire essay work. There will be claim and the counterclaim as well as the dedicated AOK and WOK pre-decided by the writer for the sake of the essay work. It will follow the same pattern, i.e.

    • Claim
    • Explain, and
    • Example

    The paragraph would range in between 250-350 words and a reliable agency offering online essay help can do full justice to the work.

    Paragraph #05

    It is also quite identical to the paragraph four in terms of the prescribed word count and the components meant for discussion would include counterclaim, example, and the link to the prescribed title.

    Paragraph #06

    This paragraph would deal with the conclusion part. Here, you are required to explain the big, general insights that you have come across with. Besides, it is essential to shed some light on the implications and significance of the whole work and its findings. Do let the audience know why it is imperative for them to get familiar with them. The professional writers provided by a credible essay writing services agency would put forth extra sweat and pain in this segment of the essay, as it is the duty of a good essay writer to finish the job with same perfection with which it had been commenced.

    In general, the conclusion part also takes around two paragraphs with the content to be covered in the range of 200-250 words.

    Paragraph #07

    Perspectives and Extensions. If it is possible, try to pull a different sort of perspective in terms of your conclusion. It is always suggestive to seek a different path to approach the question, resulting in insights that you find different from the ones you have included in your essay. The conclusion segment is also an opportunity to mention a couple of unresolved questions that have been discovered by this essay. You can also seek the opportunity to explain certain weaknesses or limitations, ensuring the reader the fact that the concerned conversation is not over yet.

    When TOK essay help is offered by expert professionals, then they will ensure that the reader would always crave for more. It would indicate the fact that there is always more to the question than you have had the scope to explore. That is what the sheer difference of hiring a specialized agency to structure your TOK essay can do.

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    Once you structure out the whole essay, always refer the PT along with your thesis. Once you analyze the whole work, what is your concerned response to the given PT.  If we speak in normal sense, then it is not prudent enough to come down strongly over one side of the argument, and it probably implies the fact that you have failed to identify the arguments existing on the other side of the aisle. Thereafter, state the side you wish to lean towards post analysis and what are the examples backing your arguments! Let the audience know why it is essential to answer the given question.

    The structure of TOK essay that we have discussed above is merely a baseline and it is not the only format that you can implement while writing down an essay. You will always have the personal liberty to switch to another format as per the requirement. But it is the most genuine and standard layout that one can look forward to. If you are keen to go for online TOK essay help from a reputed essay writing services agency, then do not hesitate to take help from the experts of Thoughtful Minds and unburden all your essay writing worries.