Wish to Choose your TOK Essay Title Smartly? Here are Top Titles to Look Forward to in 2021!

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Most of the students consider the process of writing a TOK essay to be one of the most tedious tasks in existence in the entire coursework. It demands a plethora of efforts and even a slight omission of instruction could result in a considerable deduction in the grade points. But if you make yourself familiar with the core concepts of TOK essay writing process and hone your essay writing skills accordingly, then nothing can be more adventurous as the learning of a lifetime!

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    The ideal practice of writing a premium quality TOK essay is dependent upon several components. But the most pivotal aspect from where it all begins is the selection of the right title for your essay work. Once you choose an appropriate title, convince yourself to the fact that half of the battle has already been won!

    TOK Essay Titles 2021

    It is the selection of the title that can make or break your whole submission effort. Once your marker or the audience hear about the title, how would they respond matters a lot. Are they keen to read or listen to 1600 words on the title proposed by you? What new knowledge, insight or inference you are thinking to put forth in front of the world? How much the concerned title is relevant to the contemporary scenario and perspective? These aspects vindicate the title selection work done by you.

    The title for your TOK essay can be suggested by the academicians of your institute’s education council but it tends to happen on a rare basis. In most of the cases, it would be your responsibility to pick the right topic and justify your selection in front of the evaluation panel. Here, you can either make the selection at your own level or take the guidance from an essay help agency and let the professional essay writers decide the title for you.

    The Steps to Choose your Prescribed TOK Essay Title

    One of the key advantages of hiring expert essay writers is that they keep their database updated with the topics and subjects that are prevalent in the year 2021. The titles would never be excessively futuristic or obsolete in nature. Presenting your TOK work with a title revolving around the modern context will assure better consideration and inclination by the evaluation panel at the time of awarding marks or grades.

    The online essay help from a reputed essay writing agency will not only help you resolve the enigma around the title section, but also with comprehensive essay writing, editing, proofreading and timely submission without breaching the deadline.

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    Now, let us shed some light over the steps that would enable you to make the selection of aptly prescribed title (PT). Here, prior to the recommendation of top TOK essay titles for 2021, we are going to discuss the points that you are required to keep in mind while discussing and deciding your title for the next essay job.

    • Do Not Rush your Preference: It is essential to be open-minded towards the title selection and never hesitate the seek the opinions from others. Right from initial class discussion to a private meeting with the teachers to share the potential selections shortlisted by you. There would always be a strong feeling inside of you to react for or against specific types of titles, but do not make a hasty decision yet. Fully process the shortlisted titles and try to realize what each essay is looking forward to and reach onto a decision accordingly.
    • Linking the Potential Titles to the BQs: The correct approach of structuring the course would be connecting it to the ‘Big Questions’. What are the major questions that your TOK essay work is intended to answer? How the components of the given title are relevant enough to do justice with the same? What are the core ideas and thinkers present in your BQs that can help you navigate the quest of your essay? Finding answers to these questions yourself will certainly help you find the PT pertinent enough to do justice with your requirements.
    • Linking the Title to the AOKs: Areas of Knowledge or AOKs are widely regarded as the backbone of any TOK essay. While considering your favorite title, it is your duty to think how it can link to the areas of knowledge and which are the AOKs that might work in the context of your essay. Try to connect each component of the AOKs to the title statement, and if you are facing trouble doing this, then perhaps it is not the essay title that is ideally suited for you.
    • Finding the Ways to Challenge the Question: One of the prominent features of a top-level essay is that it tries to take you out of your comfort zone. Is the title based on an idea or a concept that you could raise the issue to? Is the title you are considering is based on the grounds of the assumptions that you could eventually dispute when the time comes? Finding a way to challenge the question is an admirable way to acknowledge the fact that you are having a critical approach towards the knowledge, and do not simply just toe the line.
    • Associate the Question to your Own Experiences: One more important aspect is whether the concerned title is going to allow you to integrate your own experiences into the essay or not. The experiences can be either based outside the school, or inside it. Can you draw the experiences from the writing process of early education (EE), or based on your certificate of advanced study (CAS) projects? Well, from the thinkers you have encountered, from the art galleries you have visited, or the books that you have read? All these experiences play a very pivotal role in crafting the TOK essay of the finest order. The best part of hiring the essay writing services from expert essay writers from years of experience in the field is that they can make the work look more unbiased and authentic by including real working experiences from their portfolio or databank.
    • Placing the Question within a Real-world Context: Apart from your real-life experiences, what about the events and issues widespread at the local, national, or rather, global level? Try to give a thought to the real-life incidents that people wish to read, hear, or learn. Well, it can be from the literature that you have read, and movies, documentaries, or podcasts that you have watched, or simply the articles and journals that you have analysed and interpreted in the past. It will always help you inflame new ideas to write and subsequently justify your thought process.

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    Few of the Prescribed Top TOK Essay Titles for the Year 2021

    Infographic on top TOK essay titles 2021 –

    Top TOK Essay Titles 2021 - ThoughtfulMinds

    Now, as you are familiar with the steps or pattern to follow the right choice from the list of potential PTs, let us look at some of the most prevalent TOK essay titles that are widely accepted in the year 2021. You can opt for one of the following titles –

    1. “Accepting the knowledge claims always includes the component of trust.” Elaborate the claim in reference to two AOKs (areas of knowledge).
    2. “Within AOKs, how can we distinguish between progress and change?” Provide answer in reference to the two concerned areas of knowledge.
    3. “Labels are a requisite in the organisation of knowledge; however, they also restrain our understanding.” Analyse this statement in citing the two AOKs (areas of knowledge).
    4. “Statistics do conceal as much as they do reveal.” Talk about this claim in reference to two AOKs (areas of knowledge).
    5. “AOKs are most helpful when combined with each other.” Elaborate this claim about any two AOKs.
    6. “Avoiding bias appears a praiseworthy goal, but it fails to acknowledge the positive role the bias can play while pursuing the knowledge.” Cover this statement in reference to any two AOKs (areas of knowledge).

    These are some of the prominent topics that are prevalent in the present context and deserve your time and effort to explore new findings. In case you require external TOK essay help to address any of these topics, then never hesitate to come across the services of an agency offering essay help to students for more than a decade.

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    The ideas that we corresponded initially in the form of PT section steps feature a part of the unpacking session that you must conduct with your TOK teacher. At least go for three face-to-face interactive sessions with your teacher to discuss the progress made in the essay writing process and how can you work out through various challenges and difficulties while opting for a title and working towards it.

    The list that we discussed above is brief yet incorporate the topics that are commonly discussed in the modern context. The list can certainly be extended and can feature a few more titles, but for that, it is suggestive to consult online TOK essay help from an agency offering the services of specialized essay writers to fulfil any number of essay orders on time. Order your TOK essay at best of the prices ever accessible online from Thoughtful Minds!