Journey from 11 Million to 200K in 6 months- Digital marketing impact!

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How Netmarkers secured Alexa from 11 millions to 200K in 6 months by Digital Marketing services from Thoughtful Minds? Here’s the case study!


Case Study

Netmarkers, quite a familiar name today was struggling for identity a couple of months before. Yes, this amazing portal for home remedies, recipes and amazing facts on the Internet was an ordinary website at the time of its inception. The plans were not clear and the emphasis was more or less on adding the content, nothing else. But, was that sufficient to make this portal a success? The answer is No.

The Challenge:

Thoughtful Minds- The leading digital marketing company in India was hired by Netmarkers for content and Digital marketing services in India. Initially, the challenge was to understand the taste of the audience and then provide the content as per requirement. Although, the company is among the top 10 content writing companies in India ( with 1st position on content writing services in India), it was not difficult to meet the requirement. But, here it was not just the quality of content, rather a good part of market research and promotion required to build a visitor base. So, these were the challenges initially:


#1 Understand what visitors like and thereafter provide the content accordingly

#2 Promoting the content without using the paid forms like Google Adwords

#3 Alexa at the time the site was built: 11M.

#4 All social accounts were required to be prepared from start.

#5 It was not allowed to disclose the identity of company or to use its goodwill to attract attention

#Time: The company was in contract to deliver the results within 6 months.


The project was taken as a challenge and strong team was selected since first of all the best Content Marketing Strategy was required. The work started and strong content writing and Digital Marketing team was assignment to meet the goals. Initially, 7-8 posts were decided to fill the portal and social media accounts were created. The SEO team played a good part here by finding out competitive keywords, just to mark the start.

With the passage of time, the emphasis was started on creating backlinks and adding on Social Media presence. From the 4th month on, the results start coming but the whole concept was required to be changed. In order to reduce the bounce rate, start user engagement, the posts were changed from Trending News to home remedies and recipes. With this, the bounce rate showed reduction and arrived at 48% from 75%. In 5th month the Alexa that started from 11M was standing nice at 200K and is still coming down. The credit for this should be given to:


1. Content Marketing Team

2. SEO experts

3. Social Media Team

4. Digital Marketing Team


The whole campaign cleared one thing that digital marketing services are really effective and are far better than SEO services, since it is not required to wait for the keywords positioning. Under digital marketing the results are visible and it is possible to attract visitors within a very short span of time. However, it is very important to have trust on the digital Marketing agency who is taking up the project and let them decide the best content marketing strategy for you. Social Media presence is really required and efforts should be made to increase it as early as possible.

Moral of the story

Digital marketing services for startups -Thoughtful Minds

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