How Web Traffic can be Increased through Twitter?

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Twitter can be considered as a very useful social networking platform that can be used to increase the web traffic. Although there are a number of other ways too like 25 ways to increase traffic to your website, still Twitter is considered to be very useful because it provides the link based service. Many links given on Twitter can directly lead the people towards your website. This process includes many subtle approaches required for web promotion. You can get success in guiding Twitter users to your website.


  1. The first and most important step is to make your account on Twitter if you already do not have. Keep a picture or logo of your website and also insert your website in short bio description option. The username you use should be your website name.
  2. You must appoint an experienced and skilled social media marketer, who can efficiently handle your twitter account, in case you do not know how to do it. Although you can learn to increase your Twitter presence in the 7 most dramatic and creative ways. The social media promotion can be successful, if you consistently involve in promotion activities. Company should tweet at least once per day and must also answer the tweets directed to your website.
  3. You must start following people and should also post information related to your website and other information on the regular basis. You must also follow people, who seems to be interested in your website information and also have many followers.
  4. You can also search the Twitter users in your demographic area through Twellow, We Follow or another Twitter directory. You must follow 10 to 100 people every week, so that people may start receiving alert and their followers may also get alert and start following you.
  5. Twitter community is where people do not appreciate hard sell and mainly focus on the post. Thus, you should start sharing information about culture, education and must mix your website link with your tweets and retweets.
  6. The tweets done by you should be crafted carefully. Tweets must be posted in shorter format and they will still be able to grab attention. Tweets must be considered as the headline or punch line of your article. These tweets will decide whether people will read your article or not.
  7. Hashtag is another amazing tool given by Twitter. This Twitter based device helps you to tag your post and allow people to find more posts about the same topic. You must always use a # hash before your keywords. You can use the website or coupon code with hashtag. You can also follow the trending topics, which seems to be popular on Twitter and Hashtag.
  8. Search Twitter every day, to find out tweets about your website. You must also regularly respond to conversations graciously.
  9. You must always post friendly comments on the articles and blogs. You must share such information that can be of interest for your followers.
  10. You can use Twitter only Coupon codes for increasing the traffic to your website. People will also feel encouraged to retweet or share such information with others. Though all these steps, you will be able to see that how much traffic is derived to your website through Twitter.

So, if you wish to increase traffic to your website, then you can take help Twitter. In case, you wish hire a digital marketing company for this task, then it is not at all a bad idea since there are digital marketing services in India available that too at very cheap prices. If you are concerned for the results then here you can have a look at journey from 11 millions to 200K in 6 months by digital marketing services from Thoughtful Minds. Try and see your business growing. Good luck!