Top 6 Software Platforms To Track Your Affiliate Marketing [Infographic]

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The best way to earn extra income and branding your products/services online is affiliate marketing. Conversion is of utmost importance here. Therefore, the visitors must be actively engaged to purchase your products from affiliate links.

There is a massive potential of earning if the strategies of your marketing are strong. Managing affiliate program with the other regular activities is stressful as you need to analyze statistics and track the growth. Thankfully, there are many software platforms to track your marketing efforts.

LinkTrust –

This tracking software can easily track calls, leads, sales conversion and networks. It efficiently tracks your affiliate marketing attempts which enables you to operate your campaign successfully. Its customizable interface allows you to track both online and offline advertising through server posts, pixels, cookies, mobile traffic, CC, CPA, etc. Some other important features include – lead distribution, lead management, affiliate and campaign management, mobile tracking, fraud detection, real time reporting.

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It is one of the best platforms for affiliate tracking. It comes with a great UI and a set of considerable features. You can easily manage all your partners and track all the channels. Everflow is very cost effective and starts at just $295/month. It offers some top features like – live data, quick response time, advanced quality notification system, advanced tools to buy media, excellent handling of traffic on both desktop and mobile.

AffTrack –

It is the only enterprise offering unlimited clicks. Many large affiliate networks have been using AffTrack since 2009. It has an interface that is exceptionally mobile friendly. The eminent features are – analytics that is 100% real time, free service of proxy detection, invoice tools, billing tools, client-side tracking, unlimited affiliates.

Impact Radius –

It was founded by the founders of Commission Junction and in the year 2008. The main features are – direct affiliate tracking, call tracking, links that are SEO friendly, monitoring promo codes, real time analytics, tracking customer interactions. It offers several solutions such as affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, fraud protection, business development, mobile partnerships, analytics and attribution.

Click Inc –

It has an interface that is quite intuitive. Trulink format is an excellent tool that boosts SEO by linking your sales page directly. It includes a popular tool that that allows you to create coupons. Additionally, you can also follow up with the merchants. It has a starter plan of $25/month. The other two monthly plans are available at $69 and $149.

HitPath –

HitPath is highly user-friendly, productive and fast. It offers accurate solutions to their clients, partner and suppliers. It enables real time affiliate tracking. It offers 24/7 support along with free training. Top features include campaign tracking in real time basis, affiliate management, accounting module, and much more.

You can increase income by promoting products through affiliate marketing. By using the best tracking software, you can effectively track and manage your services. To maximize success, you must stick to the best practices.

Top 6 Software Platforms To Track Your Affiliate Marketing Infographic - ThoughtfulMinds