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Assignments have constantly been an integral part of our academic curriculum right from the earlier days in school. While ascending the ladders of the academic qualifications, we started to realise the fact that the format remains the same but in all the assignment writing process has become more complex than ever. Especially, when it comes to the assignment writing format in which the homework is constantly assigned to us, irrespective of the fact whether we are at school, college, or university. Yes, you guessed it right! Here, we are talking about the submission of different essay assignments.

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    When it is about the intervention of professional essay assignment help, then we usually find that students continuously reach out to our agency with their prerequisites in different forms of essay writings. The most common forms of essay writing for which students from different universities and colleges in the world hire the services of our experts include narrative essays, descriptive essays, expository essays and not to mention, argumentative essays.

    Amongst all these forms of essay writing formats, the art of argumentative essay writing is widely termed as the most complex and demanding form of writing. It is primarily because here we need not to narrate anything, describe or inform about anything. Here, as an essayist, it is expected out of us to convince the reader with our concrete arguments on the assigned question or topic. The writing would be based on facts, logic, gathered evidence and the convincing skills that have been put forth.

    Now, as you have reached this page to enrich your essay writing skills, we are going to carefully introspect what the argumentative essays are all about. What are the steps to pen down a good and truly convincing argumentative essay? Subsequently, we will throw some light over the types of argumentative writings with some examples. And eventually, how you can come across the most trusted industry experts to compose the most rational and meaningful essays in argumentative style?

    What Do We Understand by An Argumentative Essay?

    Firstly, it is noteworthy that an argumentative essay is basically defined by the genre of writing where the writer or the essayist is required to take a firm stance on a particular subject or issue. It is the responsibility of the writer to assemble substantial amounts of evidence to uphold the view that you are resolute to support. In case there are prevalent arguments, then it is critical for the writer to render counter-arguments. It is significant for the essayist to come forward with a stance after thoroughly investigating the given topic. It is vital for the writer to learn the art of framing concise yet logical arguments and hone the persuasive skills to perfection.

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    How to Craft a Good Argumentative Essay: Simple Step-By-Step Process Guide

    The art of crafting a sublime argumentative essay does not appear out of thin air. It is not feasible for someone to force him/herself to pen down a perfect work unless there is a familiarity with the writing process. Firstly, it is critical to learn the step-by-step process guide to get closer to the core concepts of penning down a perfect argumentative essay. Follow them and boost your grade points in each argumentative essay assignment that you submit in the future.

    We can confidently say the same because it is one of the pivotal strategies that are adopted by our professional essayists while offering assignment writing services to the students.

    STEP I: Choose a Topic Which is Engaging: When we pick up the right topic for our argumentative essay work, then we would find that the result could ripple in a positive way. It is best not to go with a challenging topic at the first place, rather pick up a topic that can prove easy for both the reader and the writer. It is primarily because if you have chosen a difficult topic at the initial stage without thorough command over the writing, then chances are high that the reader will begin to lose interest even before you realise.

    STEP II: Choose the Structure that is Best for your Essay: If the structure of our essay is correct, then it would be much easier for us to put forth our arguments in a much more coherent sense. Most of the essay writings will follow a simple format i.e., introduction, body, and conclusion.

    The flow of the arguments ought to be impeccable and logical. It is essential for us to understand how our readers can think and interpret. For writing good argumentative essays, it is pivotal for us to have an idea about what the reader could think after reading our last line and mould the subsequent line in such a way that he or she can understand our viewpoint.

    STEP III: Conducting Deep and Pertinent Research: The goal of drafting an argumentative essay from pen to paper is to prove the reader that your stance on a specific topic is beyond doubt, the right one. However, it is not possible unless you have logic and research data backing your cause. Here, it is imperative to conduct a thorough and in-depth research to assimilate substantial amounts of evidence to support your writings in an argumentative sense.

    STEP IV: Include Counter Arguments: An argumentative essay is not about presenting a topic from one single perspective. If we do so, then the readers might consider our viewpoint to be a biased one. Therefore, it is necessary to incorporate the counter-arguments and refute them one after the other. This showcases our extensive knowledge and clarity in the concerned area and more credibility to each word in the writing.

    STEP V: Eschew Controversial and Sensitive Topics: When you are required to write an argumentative essay on the assigned topic, then it is suggestive to avoid controversial and sensitive topics. It would be a prudent move if you do not wish to ruffle to many feathers. Besides, it is not possible for you to stay objective in your assessment and there is an increased possibility of facing censorship. If you keep these steps in mind while writing your next argumentative assignment, then things can swiftly turn in your favor.

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    The Types of Argumentative Writing that can Decisively Help with your Coursework

    When it is about writing argumentative essays for your academic coursework, then there are three ways in which you can follow the writing approach –

    • Persuasive Type Argumentative Essay
    • Research Type Argumentative Essay
    • Personal Type Argumentative Essay

    Let us look at different types of essay help formats one by one below –

    • Persuasive Type Argumentative Essay: Here, the prima-facie motto is to persuade or convince the reader that a particular side of the argument is more genuine than the other. Therefore, is it essential to present our viewpoint in a pristine way incorporate sufficient evidence to substantiate the claims. Additionally, we need to offer counter-arguments to uphold our stance and refute the counter-claims logically.
    • Research Type Argumentative Essay: A form of argumentative essay where the whole claim is dependent mainly upon the external evidence and the writer is required to maintain the objectivity in this form of writing. One of the most common ways to offer sufficient evidence in the favour of the main idea and the counter-arguments.
    • Personal Type Argumentative Essay: While penning down personal argumentative essays, it is recommended to keep objectivity out of the equation. Here, it is not necessary to rely upon deep research to make our case strong. Rather, it is more about personal opinion and subjectivity. However, when we do not have irrefutable evidence to support our claims, the only way is to convince the readers to look at the topic through our lens and share the same perspective.

    The experts who constantly write argumentative types of essays know what the difference between all the three forms is. Never hesitate to hire online assignment help for your essay assignments to observe how experts smartly deal with each argumentative essay topic.

    1. Some Examples of Argumentative Essay Writing with Thesis Statement

    Example A. Should there be a blanket ban from the government on the sale of fast food?

    Thesis Statement: The government should look forward to control the consumption of fast foods because one such diet cause preventable diseases as well as below average span of life.

    Example B. Vaccination should never be a matter of Debate

    Thesis Statement: The vaccination campaigns against lethal diseases such as polio, cholera, mumps, and Ebola should be made mandatory for children. Especially the ones attending the school as it eliminates the spread of likewise viruses.

    2. Paragraph Examples for Argumentative Essay

    When we speak about the number of paragraphs in conventional essays, then they can easily be segregated amongst 5 paragraphs i.e., one for introductory, three for the body and the last one for conclusion. Some of the most common topics that one can explore with these kinds of essays, include –

    • Does religion play a pivotal role in war?
    • Are there any setbacks associated with democracy?
    • Should the housewives receive remuneration for their hard work? 
    • Is merely being penalised can be an apt punishment for cyberbullying?

    3. Argumentative Type Essay Examples for Universities

    • Should the representation of women be restrained to higher positions in companies?
    • Should celebs play an active role in political activism?
    • Will technology finally trigger the extinction of mankind?
    • Is reading e-books a better alternative to traditional books?

    4. Immigration Type Argumentative Essay Examples

    • Will closing the borders help the United States to prevent illegal immigration?
    • How the concept of American Dream resulted in a high influx of immigrants to the country?
    • Immigrants escaping war torn countries deserve basic necessities for free: Comment
    • Does a rise in the immigrants add to the cases of crime?

    We fully hope that the sample questions that have been enlisted above would help you get a clear idea about what form of questions or topics you frequently encounter in argumentative essay assignments.. if you can consistently practice the given formats, then chances are high that you might gain command over the art sooner than later. In case, you are seeking professional help to attend your important assignments on an urgent basis, then online homework help in essay writing from our agency can meet your needs to perfection.

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    Argumentative essays are an integral part of assignment structures in different curriculums belonging to different courses from various educational councils. Right from defining the characteristics and functions of argumentative essays to the steps to be followed to write a good essay, we have tried to brief about everything. Whether it is the type of argumentative writing or the examples to articulately form thesis statement, we anticipate that you have availed a glimpse of how things work in this format of writing.

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