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As you have landed on this page to quench your curiosity about SOP writing, we believe that it is our fundamental duty to start right from the ground zero. The primary objective would remain to make you familiar with the basic (and authentic) rules of SOP writing. In addition to that, we are going to throw some light on the significance of SOP writing, the points to account while penning down an SOP, and the guidelines to follow to implement our final SOP framework. Here, we are going to get a deep insight of the overview of writing a formidable Statement of Purpose that impresses every set of eyes belonging to the members of the admissions committee.

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    The Statement of Purpose (SOP) is one of the most pivotal components of admission process followed by all the major educational councils for higher studies in the world. It facilitates the admission committee to get a peek into the background of the aspirant and provides him or her the freedom to express a narrative flow to the eligibility for contention. Our SOP is not confined to the vanity of all the strength of character that we can display, rather downplay certain kinds of weaknesses featured in a modest story of eventual triumph.

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    When we look at the routes to structure a reliable Statement of Purpose that is relevant enough to get us over the line, then there are only a couple of them with a possibility of sure-shot success. One is that we practice hard on multiple drafts with clarity of concepts and rules of grammar to perfectly blend them with the voice from the core of your heart. And the second is hiring an essay help service agency with years of expertise backing their credibility and a track record of thousands of SOP submissions in the past. And here, we are going to look at both the routes through the lens of practicability one after the other.

    What do We Understand by Statement of Purpose (SOP)?

    SOP is a form of essay that revolves around admission eligibility criteria and its content format ranges between 500 to 1500 words. It is always recommended that our submitted SOP should never exceed the standard limit of 1.5 pages. It will provide our dream university a concise idea regarding our academic and professional career trajectory. It should also put forth answers to the questions like our motivation behind pursuing that specific stream, our future goals once the course is finished, etc.

    A well-written SOP plays a decisive role in boosting our chances in securing a well-deserved seat in the college of dreams. If you wish to make your profile of candidature a unique one, then SOP essay writing is an opportunity that you cannot afford to miss.

    The Points Cementing the Foundation of a Formidable Statement of Purpose (SOP)

    The performance in SOP essay is regarded as one of the prime factors that facilitate our acceptance to the desired grad school. Our performance and writing prowess in this essay are equivalent (if not less) to the test scores secured in IELTS, TOEFL, GRE. LORs, etc. as well as the other major transcripts of the selection process. These documents reflect the mirror image of our personality and allow the grad school/ university to get familiar with our strengths, weaknesses, achievements, and the journey before we sit on the interviewee’s chair facing the final round of the selection process.

    Inking our SOP on Paper: Points that Make the Sheer Difference

    A successful SOP writing process would consider the following aspects of our personality to engrave a remarkable impression on the minds of admissions committee. These are the points that are always answered in priority when we are making the submission under the expert guidance of a professional online essay help. Let us look at them one by one –

    What makes us a Potential Asset to the University?

    When it comes to the admission policy of prestigious universities, then most of them prefer the candidates with the potential to make the best out of the education that they receive. It is quite a rational approach, as it is only a highly successful alumni body that helps universities elevate their goodwill and reputation. It is the time to let them get familiar with the fact that how invaluable we are by indicating our urge to learn, our skill and ability to swiftly adapt to the changing circumstances, showcasing a positive attitude towards new forms of challenges, as well as the other qualities and features that make us ideally suited to become an integral part of the alumni body.

    Always be Yourself!

    We always listen to the quote- “look within yourself!” The quote does bear a special significance when it is about writing down our Statement of Purpose. Never hesitate to unleash the qualities of our characteristics that prove our mettle, as well as own up to the weakness that we are worked or working to overcome. Yes, self-praising is good, but never exaggerate the same, as it would create a negative impression on the mind of the admissions officer, as he or she might label you egoistical. There is a perfect balance we are required to showcase right between our individual identity as well as our recognition as a team player.

    There is Nothing Wrong in Listing Failures

    Failures are regarded as the first step to success. The professional essay writing agencies offering essay writing services also vouch for the stories of failures that are inspirational and emboss your fighting spirit on paper. Mentioning our past failures is deemed appropriate if it simultaneously explained what lead to these downfalls and how it added to our knowledge and problem-solving skills. Please keep in mind that the negative experiences are not negative enough if they can illuminate the path to our stability and success. Here, always remember that a powerful SOP reflects a proper balance between the list of failures and their subsequent positive lessons and learnings.

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    The Art of Writing in an Engaging Style

    To reserve a seat in one of the world class universities, we are required to face and endure a ruthlessly tough competition. Availing an edge over our competitors is what make our statement of purpose distinctive and appealing. If we opt for an engaging style of writing with all kinds of twists and hook points, then it would not only engage the attention of the admission committee, but also compels the admissions officer to read on.

    An engaging style of SOP writing is not about listing our details and information, rather, more like an eloquent verbal conversation. It should feature an extraordinary narration of how boldly we faced the challenges thrown at us and eventually surmounted them. If we carry any sort of backlogs, then never hesitate to mention why that occurred to us. If we have encountered unforeseen or unwanted situations have altered the course of our lives, then we should feel free to speak about them. But yes, it should eventually endorse the fact that how we came out of it as a stronger person than ever before. We are required to be honest, concise, and precise with the details that we are presenting in our statement of purpose.

    For example:

    If we have applied for MS in computer science, then merely stating that, “I am keen to pursue my master’s degree in computer science from your university” would never appear to be an impressive statement. Rather, we must elaborate or make a particular reference to what exactly we wish to study and why.

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    What is the Ideal Statement of Purpose (SOP) Format?

    The following are some of the key specifications that are incorporated in a standard SOP format –

    Page Length:

    A 1-to-1.5-page SOP is widely regarded as the most preferable, but the content surpassing 2 pages ought to be avoided in a strictest manner. The SOP draft featuring overtly lengthy or verbose content normally eludes the attention of the reader.

    Writing Format:

    The ideal font size that we can consider is 12 pt. Keep the margins of the page layout 1-inch at all the sides to render our SOP a meticulous look, intensifying its visual appeal.

    Length of the Paragraphs and the Sentences:

    The admissions officers prefer to overlook the documents that feature lengthy paragraphs and sentences. Nobody would express interest in reading one such document unless it is a thesis paper we are talking about. When we pen down an SOP, we are required to make sure that the length of each paragraph does not exceed 10 lines, as well as shun the usage of long sentences.

    Incorporate the following data in your Statement of Purpose:

    • First Paragraph: Providing a decent introduction featuring a brief background of our life so far, subsequently mentioning our immediate career goals.
    • Second Paragraph: Elaborating what inspired us to seek interest in the academic program and that stream of study. Highlight our favorite subjects as well as the books of the authors’ we appreciated the most and why. We must also enlist the academic projects that are directly or indirectly relevant to the course that we are applying for.
    • Third Paragraph: Deliver a brief information regarding the work experience, as well as any certifications or internships that we have finished, if applicable.
    • Fourth Paragraph: Mention other forms of experiences in a brief manner that assisted to make our mind to pursue the higher studies in this specific area of interest.
    • Closing Paragraph: Exposit our long-term goals in 2 to 3 lines (they should be related to our subject).

    The standard SOP format is always taken into consideration by the professional essay writers offering admission essay help to the aspirants seeking assured results.

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    The DOs and DON’Ts of SOP Writing


    • Do ensure the maintenance of a positive tone across the SOP.
    • We must be ourselves.
    • Kickstart with a flyer! Do begin with a catchy introductory paragraph. If you can glue the eyes of the essay evaluator right from the word one, then chances of clearing the round multifold to the next level!
    • Do not forget to mention the unique features of the university we are applying as well as the ones that allured us the most.
    • Always work to the point, and remember, elaborating the phrases and inclusion of fancy words are not the part of formidable SOP writing.
    • Interconnecting the paragraphs of the essay with one another.
    • Edit and proofread the draft at least thrice to scrutinize for any punctuation, spelling, syntax, or grammatical blunders that may have crept in.
    • Get the final draft reviewed by a professional essayist, the faculty members and the fellow peers and consult them whether they feel it to be an accurate depiction of who you seem like a person or not.


    • Do not pen down unnecessary information.
    • Do not complain about the events and the experiences that we have had in the past. Rather, highlight how we managed to handle and tackle those situations.
    • Do not get emotional and sloppy with writing.
    • Do not wax about the tourist attractions or nightlife in the city where the university is situated. You will be reaching the campus for higher education purposes and not as a tourist.
    • Do not feature the words such as “depression”, “hopelessness”, “suicide”, “nervous breakdown”, or other types of controversial themes and topics.
    • Do not invest too much time to pen down the future goals and aspirations. Dedicate a considerable portion to the past experiences as well.

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    Some WHATs and HOWs to ask Ourselves!

    • What is unique, special, and distinctive about you?
    •  What personal details help make the admissions officers better understand you?
    •  Who has inspired you greatly?
    •  How passionately are you following your interests?
    •  How do you convince your dream university to choose you?
    •  What are the forthcoming opportunities in the desired university?
    •  What is the finest thing that you admire about the university?
    •  What is the most likeable aspect regarding the program that you have applied for?

    Answering these questions is significant, as the admissions officer evaluating your SOP submission would also anticipate the same.


    We hope all the points discussed above, including the quantitative and qualitative benchmarks to write down the Statement of Purpose are grasped to a satisfactory extent. The do’s and don’ts, along with the questions that we are required to ask ourselves to ensure that we eventually make a fool proof submission.

    Most of the people would agree to the fact that a larger section of the college aspirants do not give much consideration to the correct SOP format. It is one of the grave mistakes that they commit and eventually pay the price in the form of rejection. Our key objective is always to help prevent pitfalls from happening and to make sure that there is no miscarriage of our honest efforts to crack the gate.

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