Do’s And Don’ts Of Work From Home During Coronavirus Outbreak

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, companies around the globe have implemented mandatory work-from-home policies. This is going to be the norm for many for a while. Social distancing, according to health experts is the key to stop the spread.

But do you know why some offices fear of work from home policies? Drop in productivity is the primary reason. Remote work has its own disadvantages. However, enhanced productivity can be achieved by working smarter.

WFH is challenging as you need to maintain a balance between your work and home along with the concern of coronavirus. Whether you are a novice or a veteran, you must stay productive. Hence, proper planning and communication is essential.


Work From Home – Do’s:

Create Your Routine –

With designated working hours, you can give yourself time to eat, take shower and get dressed. This will help you in managing your time and will keep you focused.

Have a Dedicated Home Office –

Working from home requires some sort of work space to minimize distractions. It could be any corner of your home where you can work comfortably.

Communicate Your Goals Clearly –

It is important that you communicate with your manager and co-workers throughout the day and have a clear goal. The mode of communication should include phone and video, not just email.

Take Breaks –

Breaks are important while you are working from home. This keeps you refreshed and active. You can walk around, grab some snack or do some quick yoga. Take short break after every hour.

Set Boundaries –

With freedom comes responsibility to ensure that you actually work. Remote work requires discipline. Hence, setting boundaries from your kids and family is crucial.


Work From Home – Don’ts:

Working on Bed –

It is uncomfortable and leads to pains and aches. According to reports very few can work productively from bed. Additionally, not working on bed will improve the quality of your sleep.

Don’t Neglect Your Health –

Sitting for a longer period increases the risk factor of your health. Hence, you must take out time for small walks throughout the day. Also, you should eat right and healthy to stay fit.

Don’t Get Carried Away by Household Work –

Create a chart and distribute work to avoid doing all of it yourself. Everybody is working from home now to avoid the spread; hence it is important that everyone contributes.

Don’t Take a Nap During Your Working Hours –

A 10-15 min power nap can do wonders. It recharges and boosts energy. But you should never overdo it during your working hours.

Don’t Feel Isolated –

The current situation is stressful and weird for everyone. So, it is important to keep spirits up and not panic. Make some time for casual conversations with your team members.

It is important that you remain motivated, productive and engaged. For all the first-time remote workers, having a routine and communicating with colleagues is essential. Maintain social distancing by staying indoors and stay safe. Together we can all get through this tough time.

Stay safe and healthy!

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