75 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website

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In the present-day environment of heavy online competition, just building a site and waiting people to visit it is not enough. Effective site promotion demands you to be proactive to develop strong online presence for your brand.  Website traffic is essentially important to make your services popular and enhance the chances of conversion. In this case, the good news is that you can promote your site in numerous ways and attract traffic without heavy burden on your pocket.

75 Ways To Boost Traffic - ThoughtfulMinds

To help you in this process, we are here with 75 strategic ways to get traffic to your website. So, let us begin:

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  1. Identify the core keywords that go well with the goals of your business, website and the services that you are offering to customers.
  2. For getting better search engine ranking, it is important to have an optimized website and on-page content, better known as landing page content.
  3. Find the list of online site directories and submit the site to them. Some of the options include Annir’s list, Yelp etc. along with many others.
  4. Search for the sites of Q&A such as Quora, look for the questions that are relevant to your industry and create content for them.
  5. Do not ignore content optimization and make use of relevant keywords in this process. You can go for long tail keywords that help reflect the objective. You can boost traffic with keywords with ease.
  6. Spend time on blogger to identify the thought leaders and influencers of industry you can extend to and like to your website.
  7. Search for the relevant discussions for your industry on the sites such as Reddit and Quora and join them. But joining is not enough, you should know how to drive traffic through Reddit.
  8. For getting ideas about the trending topics and keyword ideas, keep monitoring the Google trends to find subject matter that you can write about.
  9. For improving the mobile search rankings of your website, assure the fact that it is mobile optimized.
  10. Write striking headlines that can catch attention of people and encourage them as well for clicking on the links of your articles.
  11. For getting attention of visitors on the other pages of your website, follow the practice of internal linking for getting good traffic.
  12. Your site should also be optimized for local search. For this purpose, you can have the target keywords in which your state or city is also included.
  13. Image optimization is another significant factor that demands your attention. For enhancing discoverability of images on your site on Google images, make use of alt tags.
  14. Optimize your title tags and meta-descriptions to make sure that they are not reduced in result pages of search engines.
  15. Every page of your site should have your local address in the footer section to assure that you are discoverable to the local searchers.
  16. Make your entry more clickable on the result pages of search engines with the help of proper use of the rich snippets.
  17. Follow the recommendations and guidelines of Google to enhance the page speeds of your site.
  18. Make sure that the content you create and post on your website is valuable, useful and shareable.
  19. For getting links from blogs having high authority to your site, search for the opportunities of guest posting.
  20. Create infographics featuring industry statistics roundups so that their chances of getting viral increase.
  21. Begin with a regular series of content that the audiences are searching for. It might include Tip for the day, or did you know facts.
  22. Take care of regularly updating your blog so that traffic on site and rankings can get the desired boost.
  23. Host a podcast or webinar regarding your favorite topics and that are in support of your business as well.
  24. Invest some of your efforts and time in the video content as well and upload them to the YouTube to get video benefits.
  25. Write an offline or online column for your local community website, magazine or local paper.
  26. Search for the other blogs online that have relevance with industry and submit appropriate comments on them.
  27. For developing interest towards your brand, initiate a free-eBook and offer it to users in the form of free download when they sign up for the newsletter.
  28. Develop a press kit so that you can share it with the bloggers, influencers as well as the other businesses.
  29. Develop e-brochures having links to your blog and site so that the audiences can share them.
  30. With a blog on the great content platform, Tumblr and this is especially useful if you target young audience.
  31. Improve the discoverability of your site on search engines by using healthy blend of trending content and evergreen content.
  32. Create a Facebook page for going big on this platform and generate visibility by joining Facebook Groups’ discussions.
  33. Attract website traffic by leveraging the social media challenges on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  34. You can also develop online presence on Pinterest and Snapchat in case it is related to the target audience.
  35. For uploading your products’ high-quality and clear images, you can make use of popular platform such as Pinterest.
  36. For attracting massive traffic towards your site, make use of trending and relevant hashtags on Twitter.
  37. Begin with an account on Instagram and assure that your bio is completed and features the URL of your site.
  38. For raising your brand awareness and engaging the audiences, you can make use of Instagram and Facebook stories.
  39. Encourage your employees to share your account on social media with their own network by giving them a day’s control on your stories.
  40. Create an official channel on YouTube and use it for sharing the videos of your services, products and brand.
  41. At the short bursts, you can also make use of the ads on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for boosting site traffic.
  42. Link together your official channels on social media while assuring that your site URL is there on all profiles/pages.
  43. Get advantage from the streaming live platforms of Instagram and Facebook to show personality of your brand and encourage visits on site.
  44. Do consider LinkedIn if your target market is B2B since it is the most effective platform of social media as per the ratings from marketers.
  45. Create your own slideshows on SlideShare, optimize it for keywords and to the beginning or final slide, add URL of your site.
  46. Get the name of your brand out in the world of academics by collaborating with the academic institutions.
  47. Add your print collateral (post cards, posters, flyers etc.) with QR codes to attract people towards your website.
  48. Make sure that your site and brand is popular in your community by offering the local organizations with your support.
  49. Organize events like flea markets, garage sales, concerts and workshops for brand promotion.
  50. Assure the visibility of the URL of your website on merchandise of the company.
  51. Search for the newspapers and magazines that offer opportunities of free press release.
  52. Pay for placing local ads on benches, newspapers, sports events etc. if your budget allows for this.
  53. Donate some part of your earnings for a cause or sponsor an event for offering a local charity with your support.
  54. Get in touch with your station of local news for presenting you as your industry or field expert.
  55. Take part as resource guest on local radio program to get opportunity for promoting your site.
  56. Make sure of marketing your site athwart all your owned online channels such as newsletter, social media, blogs etc.
  57. Develop an official signature for email while assuring the fact that your website is also included in it.
  58. Do not avoid email marketing. Begin with a newsletter and present incentives with signups in the form of discounts or offers.
  59. Encourage your customers so that they can give reviews on your website and other pages of social media.
  60. Get benefits from content that is user generated through competitions or contests. Allow submission of user entries on your site.
  61. Do not make your site drag that same old design. Boost user interest by redesigning it at the time of relaunching.
  62. Allow easy sharing for users by adding your landing pages and blog content with the social buttons.
  63. While searching for the influencers, go for the ones having relevance with your brand as well as engaged audience.
  64. Do not make attempts for selling to the audience. Instead, try to educate them with useful information as this will be more beneficial.
  65. Get reviews from customers to find their expectations from the brand and this information can help in creating content or improving products.
  66. Use striking call to action in the blog content and posts of social media for driving huge relevant traffic to the site.
  67. Search for and grab the chances of appearing on the webinars or podcasts of other people to gain benefits.
  68. For maximizing the discoverability of your site, make sure that its appearance on all the devices is great.
  69. Encourage the internal stakeholders for spreading the word regarding your website and the brand.
  70. Be attentive towards actions of your competitors on their sites and do something unique that help you to be notable.
  71. Get advantage from the seasonal offers so that your chances of being visible on these occasions increase.
  72. Begin with a loyalty program in which users are required to fill a form available on the website.
  73. Send thank you emails or cards to the existing customers while making sure that you place the site URL in them.
  74. Begin a referral network encouraging users for referring your site in exchange of deals to their friends.
  75. Offer your existing customers with free gifts by adding them with material for site promotion.