Drive Traffic through Reddit-Best Digital Marketing Tool and Promote Your Blog

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Attracting the traffic by using reddit is not an easy task as compared to other bookmarking sites available online. But then also reddit can be a large hit and it is surely the best digital marketing tool. It has not yet been mastered to be used by every marketer like Tumblr and Pinterest but if one learns to use this in the toolbox present in SEO then it surely can drive large traffic to the website or to the blog. Here we are sharing how to use reddit and why it is included in every proposal of digital marketing services in India by even the top digital marketing companies.

Intro to Reddit



Reddit can be introduced as a power house of internet it serves as a news portal, power community, social network and last but not the least a book marketing directory. Reddit introduces itself to the world as the first page of the book of internet using “subreddit “users can submit their content in their areas of interest in an organized way. After submitting the work, voting, sharing, commenting will be done by the other users this is a way of interacting with each other. This is the way reddit works.

Historical Background of Reddit


To know the background of Reddit we have to dig deep into the history. It was founded by two roommates in the year 2005 .The name are as follows Alexis Ohanian  and Steve Huffman. The area ‘subreddit ‘ i. e  where the users submit their content  on topics like fitness, gaming, books , news, music, food, movies  photo sharing and many more. If the statistics of 2015 are to be believed reddit is visited by nearly 542 million visitors per month. It is ranked as the 36thy most visited site in the world and ranks 14th in the list of most visited site of US.

Drive Traffic to your Blog using Reddit



Reddit can be described as one of the most popular and best social bookmarking site. If used effectively than thousands of visitors can pay visit to your site and that in turn can result in increased earnings. Driving traffic through reddit is done in a very organized way.


  • Reddit is very customer friendly and super easy to use. Just have to follow these east steps:
  • Create an account on reddit and creating an account on reddit is just like a piece of cake.
  • After creating the account you can post the content with your name and if lucky enough the post may even make it to first page which in turn will bring you creditability.
  • The account is known as reddit handle and once you establish it you can even submit link.


It looks very complicated when you visit reddit for the very first time but it functions really great once you are well versed with it.




You can share contents from other websites as well on reddit.  For a few days after creating the account it is better to share content rather than writing your own blog. You can submit from other websites and get viewers voters and karma. When your votes and karma have reached up to 150 than only submit your own blog.

SEO Toolbox

Reddit is very useful for building links but this shouldn’t be the focus or primary goal. It is safe from spammers and prevent them which is very beneficial for those who intent to create and share valuable matter.

Avoid Spamming of Sub Reddit

Spamming is considered as a very important part of reddit and it has spam filters across the site which automatically works and removes spam. This can be prevented by learning about rules of submit. Then click on “New” tab and check your link .If the link is not present there then it is the custody of Spam Filters.



Everything is about karma on reddit. Karma is negative and positive points of an individual which are given by the member of the site. Each member has to give Karma. Every link posted by an individual’s is up for karma and can be voted by both member and visitors. Everyone’s vote carries the same value. A positive karma is believed to be a good link or post and vice – versa. Those with the most positive one will be on top. Timing is also considered as an important factor in marking the posts.

Title and Submission

The title should carry an interesting and attractive name so that it catches the eye of the viewer, as on reddit you can title your link k and not write a whole summary in the link. Try to submit your link in the sub –reddit which is more specific to your link. Also, it should be submitted in the sub-reddit with the most subscribers. The link should be submitted on time i.e. when people are active.


  • Some things should be kept in mind while submitting the links they are mentioned below :
  • Never cheat and try to buy the positive karmas i.e. Buy the Up votes as they can be spotted.
  • Never try and submit too many blogs or posts from the same /single URL to a same sub –reddit.
  • Never post spam and content that is beneficial to you and promotes your products.
  • Don’t auto-submit as users can spot activities of these kinds.




Finding out the relevant subreddit is a difficult task but if done correctly it can fetch you amazing results. Find those subreddit that will be relevant for your blog by using the subreddit search engine.



You can submit many interesting things on reddit by just being a little creative about it. You can ask questions about various topics and can get a lot of comments on it. You can also upload videos as they easily become very popular can drive a lot of attention. Drawing cartoons and sketches is also another way to bring focus to your link.

One should also follow other users so as to get an idea what is really going on in the world and what made their link so popular.

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