15 Simple Ways to Share The Branded Content of your Company

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The marketing of one’s content is certainly a daunting task. That is one of the primary reasons why most of the business owners tend to elude one such choice. Yes, social media can turn out to be a positive move for you, but it all depends upon the fact whether you have the quality of time to invest or not.

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Infographic on content sharing tips:

Infographic On Content Sharing Tips - ThoughtfulMinds

Here, I would like to share with you 15 simple steps that will help you to endorse the branded content of your company in the easiest manner. Let’s know how to make content marketing really effective.

  1. Email the list instantly: Each time you release a new post, make sure that you share it along with your email list. The individuals who tend to appreciate your blogs on a timely basis would certainly like one such gesture. An email sent along with that would explain why they should continue with the reading process. The structure that you could use is as follows-

– The general introduction

– The Subject of your post along with the link

– The Citation of your Post

– The Final call to action

2. Incorporate latest posts within your Newsletter: It is a matter of fact that if you tend to post more than a weekly basis, then you are also required to create a summary email revealing your plan for the week. It will facilitate the subscribers from eluding a crowded inbox and acquire the complete summary for the week in advance. Giving choice and preference to the customers will automatically enhance their happiness index and will make a lot easier for you to share your content. This is another important tip for content marketing.


3. Provide a Link within your Email Signature: You can execute the task in the old fashioned way, through a manual update of your signature on per week basis. But if you don’t have the time for the same, then avail the help of the services such as Wisestamp. The best thing about this service is that the RSS feature will automatically extract the recent blog and post the same to your signature. Each time you dispatch an email, the signature automatically gets attached at the footer. The best thing is that, you can avail the services of Wisestamp absolutely for free!

4. Incorporate link on the page of your social profile: If you have successfully created a piece of content that you are proud of, then you can certainly share it on the social media. It will help you to attain definite, meaningful traffic, from the social media and leverage the profiles available on them to your advantage. 

-LinkedIn Portfolio Links

-Your Facebook Cover Photo

-Twitter Page Bio

So, just try to share something special and close to your heart, and it will increase the reach automatically.


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5. Participate on Reddit: If you get involved in the Reddit community, then you will certainly find the remarkable place to share the content, attain feedback, as well as drive traffic. Firstly, it would be best for you to locate the Sub-Reddits concerned with your topic and try to post the content that is not self-promoting at all. Participate in the voting process, commenting and sharing of the content belonging to others prior to promoting your own.

6. Prefer to write multiple posts over social media: It is quite obvious that you too wouldn’t like to share the same update again and again. Make sure that you develop at least 20 snippets that could be crafted in every single social media post. Please note that these snippets might include: 

-Title Variations

-One liners from the content

-Quotes belonging to the influencers

-Any kind of study or statistics


7. Note the peak times for content sharing: With the help of the effective tools such as Tweriod, you can get familiar with the right time when your post will reach the maximum number of people. It is quite obvious that you tend to look forward to the time when you avail the maximum number of shares, clicks, likes and re-tweets. Make a visit to the respective websites, and create social sharing calendar on the basis of the times when the maximum amount of traffic is observed on these websites. You can avail the services of the tools like Hootsuite or Buffer in order to schedule the updates and enhance your chances of reaching down your targeted users when they are active.

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8. Take the help of the tools such as CoSchedule: It is an undeniable fact that most of the updating tools that are resent over the social media, make the process of content sharing a painstaking process. First of all, you are required to locate the old post, then fetch the URL and thereafter proceed to the tool and then carry on with the update work. The process of following all these steps certainly consume much of the time and effort 

CoSchedule will enable the sharing of the branded content of your company a lot easier than ever. You can simply commence by linking your blog direction with the tool. Thereafter, whenever you wish to share the particular segment of content, whether old or new, simply click on the blog on the editorial calendar and the tool CoSchedule will generate the update on an automatic basis. 

9. Publish the best content and be consistent: The online competition has become more intense. Therefore, in order to succeed and standout you must publish the best that you have got. It is always better to publish one outstanding post rather that 5 ordinary posts. Set your quality bar high and keep meeting to this standard continuously.

Producing quality content takes, time and effort and there are no shortcuts to it.

Content Marketing - ThoughtfulMinds

10. Try some of the unique content discovery platforms: Paid discovery platforms are worth a try. Go for the services of Outbrain, where promoted stories appear at the bottom of the renowned media outlets and blogs. These are normally generated by the platforms such as Outbrain. The websites like them facilitate the user with the cost-per-click model. At the initial moment of time, you can kick start with a little cost such as $10 for a day or so. If you have additional budget with you, then you can surely share your content among thousands of new readers on a daily basis.

11. Curated content to drive the traffic on the web: The content curation technique is used by Sniply in order to drive the targeted audience back to your site. The process is quite simple- 

-Locate a piece of content that is relevant to the content you formed.

-Just put a message along with a call to action.

-Now, link to the content that you wish to promote.

Thereafter, the tool utilizes the message to form a post over your profile on social media and when a user click on the same, he or she will be redirected to the related content. There, the concerned user will observe the call to action carrying the link back to the content of yours.


12. Scoop.It!The best place for your content: That is another platform meant for the curation of the content. It is one of the websites that can drive a load of traffic. The best thing is that, most of the pages of this concerned site are enjoying a high page rank. It could turn out to be a decent strategy to avail backlink building. 

You can implement this tool and explore for the pages that are relevant to the content created by you. It is important for you to find the people who are having the maximum number of pageviews, along with an active account on Twitter. Just follow such people.

Once the creation work of the content has been completed, it is the time to promote the same. Avail the services of the relevant Scoop.it! pages in the same regard and “suggest” content in order to scoop. The recommendation provided by you will notify the owner and they will decide whether they wish to add your content or not. The sharing of the content is also done from Scoop.It! to Twitter making the application tool far more powerful than one could ever imagine.

13. Promote the latest posts over your blog: Try the approach of the SEO along with the social media marketing in order to bring the older blog posts to the attention of the general public. It will help you to maintain the use of the older blogs and give the audience an opportunity to taste your best content again and again. There are certain post plugins that would help you to optimize the content.

14. Content Repurpose: It simply means the modification of the content, so that it can be used for a new website or medium. There are some of the effective ways available to re purpose your content online. Since you have already formulated the core content, it would not be hard for you to reinvent the same.

Content repurpose-ThoughtfulMinds

15. Create a free portfolio on the website, Contently: It is a matter of fact that free portfolio can easily be created by authors, journalists, writers, etc. If you wish to display your content for the new audiences, then Contently is the place where you should be. Once formed, the portfolio can be accessed by anyone. In that manner, you can easily share, display and distribute the content, aiding you to get the best out of the content you have created.

Try the above mentioned 15 ways and attain most mileage in your work. Feedback to this blog is highly solicited and if there are suggestions and recommendations to brand the company content, then kindly share the same.